Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Say Hello to the Newest 'Pet' in Tiger Gardens

Keep your eye on the big brown hairy spider....
You never know what a tarantula is thinking....
Or when it is hungry....
in its very own garden....
in the garden....
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  1. YIKES! Have you held this hairy monster? No way for me.

    Hope he doesn't escape and climb where he shouldn't during the night. Having dreams about a huge spider climbing on my stomach while I'm sleeping is bad enough. I wouldn't want it to become a reality.


  2. Good morning all!

    Flowerlady, I have not held Scarlett (as she is called) but am not averse to doing so. At one of the garden events I attend they had a few tarantulas there and the kids were able to hold them. They are pretty neat-not so bad. Spiders don't bother me at all but I would not like to meet Scarlett in the garden that's for sure! Everyone have a great day!

  3. Tina, you are such a good mom:) Seriously, I don't mind spiders, and I probably would have let my kids have a tarantula if they had promised to take care of it and made sure she stayed in her home. Now a snake would have been a very different story...

    Just thinking--I wonder if Scarlett enjoys Japanese beetles??

  4. I think our kids will stick to cats and dogs! I like spiders just fine, when they are much smaller than that of course!

  5. WOW! Mr. Tarantula is really something!

    Thank you tina for your kind advice about the banner the other day! I successfully installed one!

  6. Spiders do a lot of good but she is huge. I assume she can not climb out of that bowl but it looks like she should be able to. I kinda like the fuzzy, furry look that she has but what I like best is the way Jimmy looks. He looks great and looks as if he has buffed up some!

  7. Oh Wow, how exciting for you to have a big hairy spider in your house! I try my best to keep them out of my house. LOL... I am a bit fascinated by Tarantula’s and would like to meet one up close and personal. Not in the wild though as I don’t trust those like we saw in Texas. I tried to pet one at Gatorland but they would not let me as the show was moving too quickly as to startle the thing and it may get defensive. We don’t want a mad spider that’s for sure.

    Hey, I am excited about your new house guest but more so about the Jimsters new look. Love the new hairdo! He is looking so darn grown up now girl…

  8. Rose, He's had it for almost two months and so far so good. She eats crickets; which the Jimster is breeding in the garage. It works well so far.

    Dave, She's a big one for sure.

    sapphire, So glad you got it installed. There are all sorts of neat things out there to help out bloggers.

    Mom, I think she can climb up the side but Jimmy made a screen. She can go upside down but can't get out. Not sure if he has buffed up but he tries. He is sunburned due to working outside. It's hot down here!

    Skeeter, So now you can meet a big tarantula up close! Jimmy actually took this one to school and I think most of the kids thought it most cool. I think it is cool too.

  9. Oh wow, Tina, don't know if I would like one of those. Been leery of spiders since one bit me on my face & I have a scar from it. It decided to do it's deed while I was sleeping. Oldest ggs was a baby sleeping with me. So glad it bit me instead of him. It was determined to be a Brown Recluse. I know they are good for our gardens so I give them a wide birth.
    I do like the new Jimster. You got a good looking boy/man there. He sure is growing up fast.

  10. so cool but I don't want one in the house...yikes

  11. I think it is cool too. But are there guidelines for tarantula gardens? It's a bit sparse and maybe Skeeter could provide a touch of whimsy?

  12. Hi Tina, I'm a bit confused because I thought I commented but it doesn't seem to have stuck so I'll say it again. I think the spider is cool too. But I think his (her?) garden is a bit sparse and am wondering whether Skeeter could provide a bit of whimsy?

  13. Oh Wow tarantula own garden also looks cool.