Thursday, March 15, 2012

Busy Busy Busy...

BY SKEETERSpring is a busy time here in my Georgia Garden. I am currently working on cleaning out all of the planters and adding fresh Cypress Mulch. The planter above is the Angel Trumpet Planter. Click Here to see this Planters Beginning. I added granite rocks around to hold the mulch in place. I also added the birdbath as to have height. Once the Angel Trumpet gets large enough for height, I may remove the birdbath. If the Angel grows around it, I shall keep it in place. Lilies and Salvia are growing taller each day.
I also enlarged this planter. The Azalea's were starting to grow outside the planter.
I added this piece of wood that the Saint found and saved for me. It looks like a piece of Drift Wood but it is not as we do not have a lake by our yard.
He is such a sweetie pie to think of me when finding such things.
This little planter has been enlarged a bit as well. The Royal Princess Nandina is giving me some saplings so I made room for them to grow. I also dug out a couple and placed them into the Semi-Formal Garden. This is where my beloved Skeeter Kitty is buried.

Today I worked in the yard for 7 hours pulling weeds, mulching, planting annuals, etc. I am working so hard as we have company coming in a few weeks. During the week of The Masters Golf Tournament, we have 2 couples coming to stay with us from England. We want to open our home and show them some good old Southern Hospitality. I am working really hard to get my gardens in a state that I can be proud of them. I know they will not compare to an English Garden but I am sure they will enjoy the surrounding beauty while relaxing at the patio in between golf games. So needless to say, I will continue to be BUSY, BUSY, BUSY, In the Garden...

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  1. Yesterdays official high was 85-degrees! Calling for 86 here today. Wow and it is still Winter. Wonder what Summer will have in store for us?

    Everyone have a good day!

  2. Your company will feel like they are right at home!! You are a great host. The gardens look great-where do you find all the energy??

  3. Ditto with what Tina said except for the energy part since she makes me tired like you do.

  4. You all are making me tired. lol It's looking great Skeeter. Your guest will be amazed & will have a wonderful time.

  5. How lovely this will look for your company!

  6. Thanks everyone but Tina, you have way more energy then me girl. All you do plus raising a teenager!

    I picked up 20 bags of mulch today but stayed out of the garden due to the nasty headache. It left me once home so the paints came out and now I have fresly painted sea shells and a crab for the Beach Planter. It looks all new again with fresh sand and cleaned rocks....

    Hopefully, I shall get back into the garden tomorrow as it shall not be so hot and I will make sure to drink lots of water. I shall take the timer out with me to remind me to sip every 30 minutes or so. I loose track when playing the gardens....

    Everyone have a great evening....

  7. Spring is a very busy time of year!!! You have been busy with all the mulching and expanding those garden areas. wow.

  8. Skeeter,
    I know about being busy, you have been going at it very hard. Good for you! Your going to have fun with the house guests. Tonight in our third night in a row having windows open all night, this morning the house was 72 degrees when we woke up.

  9. Can't believe the HOT weather! You've certainly been busy with your garden and it's looking great. I'm sure your guests will love it.

  10. Hi Skeeter, you certainly have been working hard. I find there is the most work in spring and autumn in the garden. It's going to look perfect for your english visitors and I am sure they will adore your southern hospitality. I look forward to seeing what that entails ... cheers, catmint