Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Swamp Jessimine mingles with Honey Suckle

BY SKEETERThe Calendar now officially says Spring. But the HEAT in my Georgia Garden says SUMMER out there! I am trying to get the fast growing weeds in control but the heat is getting to me. Headaches, heat rashes, sunburn, etc. And it is just Spring? Geesh...As you can see, by the weeds, I have yet to get to the Semi-Formal Flower Garden. I am slowly working my way around the yard with this being the last Garden to tackle. 6 Bricks are laying by the entryway making it a bit longer and inviting. I shall get those bricks embedded into the ground and add more pea gravel. But this will have to wait until the weeds are pulled.
The Swamp Jessamine is doing great on the Arbor! The bright yellow flowers seem to glow in the sunshine. Heck, they glow without the sunshine.
The lone Honey Suckle plant that I added last fall survived our mild winter. The Red and Yellow look great together and I hope the Honey Suckle will work its way across to the other side.
Here is that other side. A bit difficult to see but the Dogwood is in full bloom in the background.
Ah, now we can see the Dogwood in the background better. Also a boat that continues to wait for the lake to rise. Our past two years drought has the lake so low. We are having some nice spring rains and hopefully, they will continue. Not only to raise the lake but to make SWAMP JESSAMINE MINGLE WITH HONEY SUCKLE, In the Garden...
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  1. Me encanta ese jazmín!!!! Y las pequeñas casitas de pájaros es un detalle precioso!!!

  2. I love that jessamine of yours, really wonderful. I'm sure that lovely honeysuckle wlll mingle and spread just fine with it.

    I know what you mean by it feeling like summer already, don't work too hard out there.

    Happy spring gardening.

  3. Oh gosh your gessimine is stunning. I was trying to snap a photo of mine but yours way puts mine to shame so no need for me to photograph it now:) It's beautiful and blends nicely with the honeysuckle.

  4. It surely does look like summer down there, Skeeter. I'm worried our way early spring could mean a killer frost up here later...

  5. Skeeter,
    It's so pretty! AND what a wonderful idea for an arbor!

  6. Good Morning all. I shall head to town to renew tags on the car and do some garden center peeking. Ha, like I have everything already purchased in the ground.

    Lola, We have wild Jessamine here in Georgia and I see it climbing high in the trees of the wild. So pretty...

    Flowerlady, It is hot out there and getting that ocean air blowing our way is making things a bit sticky as well. Not looking forward to that Summer Humidity. This Jessamine really seems to enjoy that spot I chose for it. I am so happy but only wish it would bloom all summer long. Such a drawback to Spring Bloomers as they are short lived. So I enjoy them while I have them…

    Tina, Great minds think a like with the picture snapping. Most times you beat me to the punch. Blogging has us with a lot of the same plants now so to be expected. Still nice to see the difference with Zones though…

    Troutbirder, our Frost threat is always up until the Master’s Golf Week which is always the first week of April. I think we are safe though as we have not seen any thing close to freezing temps for a month now. Still a bit of worry lingers in the mind though…

    Randy, I found the panels at the Rehab store! Turned them into an arbor of sorts. Just playing around a bit and using my imagination for something unique in the garden. I will trade ya for your bottle wall. LOL…

    Everyone have a great day!
    Off to pay car taxes….

  7. Skeeter your jasmine/honeysuckle look divine. My jasmine is not blooming yet. It is white & smells the whole neighborhood. I do have some very small peaches. Must remember to cover the tree so nothing will make off with them like last yr.

  8. I am in South Alabama and it surely feels like summer here. The heat, humidity and mosquitoes...yay :/

  9. Funny, I have a coral honeysuckle on the umbrella-shaped arbor with my Carolina jessamine. Bought two honeysuckles and one was supposed to be a yellow variety...both were coral.

  10. Skeeter that Jessamine is absolutely magnificent!!

    This weather is really something. I plan on planting peas this weekend and I might even do it tomorrow but probably need to have Terri-Lynn help me so will probably have to wait till the weekend.

    I would have thought your last possible frost would be a lot sooner that that as ours is the 15th of April.

  11. Oh, i love that combination! How beautiful! Along with the blooming dogwood - just glorious! I think your semi-formal garden area is going to be gorgeous - and relaxing. I know how you feel - this spring has been HOT. I'm a bit worried what summer will bring!

  12. Good evening everyone! I had another successful day in the Garden. I knocked out the driveway island and created a neat thing I shall show on Thursday. I am excited about it and can hardly wait to share it….

    Lola, This is the Jessamine in yellow color. The Jasmine is the white bloom and yes, mine can be smelt from across the fence. My neighbor has commented as to what the wonderful smell could be. I told her my patio! LOL. Yep, get that netting on those trees or the birds will indulge for sure. We have more blooms then ever on the crabapple tree this year but they faded quickly with this heat so I never snapped a pic. I hope the blooms produce some apples for the birds. The squirrels are lacking in our yard these days due to us no longer using shelled seed in the birdfeeders. So the crabapple was left alone this year. Yippy…

    Bama Gardener, I don’t believe the mosquitoes ever went away here this winter. I can deal with them it is the dang chiggers that love to get me. Grrrrr, I am putting medicine on them now as I have many itch spots already and it is just beginning. Going to be long summer….

    Janet, don’t you just love it when the tags are not correct on pots. I sometimes think a young kid working in the garden center changes tags for fun just to mess with us. LOL. I am seeing something come up from the ground from a bulb I planted and cant wait to see what it is as it is not a Daffy for sure…

    Jean, we normally don’t have frost from mid to late March but there is always that chance and usually we get one just before Masters. But not really a hard one though. I would be leery of your temps though since you are upper North. Peas would be fine though…

    Off to bed now…

  13. Holly, you chimed in on me while I was in the process of writing to all. Thanks, Yep, I do think it is going to be a crazy summer. I just hope we have plenty of rain as we are so far behind from the last two years. We so want to splash in the lake this year. May have to resort to lake side beach rather then the boat. Sigh….

  14. That is a very pretty hardy plant you have near your arbor. Very cheerful.

  15. We have Carolina Jessamine mingling with Lady Banks rose as you come in our front door. The smell is intoxicating right now.