Friday, March 2, 2012

Some Daffodils and Blooms in Tiger Gardens

The early daffodils are blooming like crazy so I thought I'd share them with you in a mosaic. At some point I really need to identify them but for now I'm content to see the blooms. Picking a bouquet of different daffodils makes for a most interesting bouquet. I wish I could say some of these daffodils were fragrant but these early ones don't seem to be. There are still several late bloomers to come in another month or two that are not included in this post that are fragrant though. If you'd like a sneak peek of some of Tiger Garden's late bloomers check this post from last spring. 

While walking the gardens I spotted colors other than characteristic yellow and white of the daffodils so I snapped some shots of the other bloomers in the garden. Sometimes blooms other than daffodils tend to fade into the woodwork in the shadow of the daffodils. It's a shame because these other blooms are just as fantastic as daffodils-and some smell good too! The hyacinths smell quite strongly. It is a scent I love but in prolonged exposures I tend to want to get away from it as it seems to become too cloying after a bit.
There are several different types of daffodils from the daffodil classes as classified by the American Daffodil Society growing in Tiger Gardens. I can't decide on a favorite but honestly I truly like the ones that have the reflexed petals. Can you see the third one from the left on the bottom row? The petals are turned like a pinwheel and I really like that effect. I think I have eight of the classes represented here in the gardens, but they all aren't blooming right now. The 'Tazetta' class and 'Jonquilla' types I grow are a bit later than the above pictured daffodils. Can you see the far left one on the bottom row? This is a double daffodil and I think it is not an attractive daffodil at all. It has done well here though and I do like daffodils so it stays around.
The hyacinths are blooming quite well this year.
Daffodils in the Driveway Garden still steal the show.
I planted 200 scilla last fall in hopes of adding some other colors than the yellow. I love the blue of scilla blooms but the flower itself is so diminutive you can barely notice them in the garden. I hope they naturalize and spread everywhere so the blue will really show up in the garden.
The snowflakes are ever so reliable. I love these flowers very much.
The Greenhouse Garden has some daffodils.

And finally the Helleborus niger, aka Christmas Rose is turning pink. This plant has a great deal of interest when in bloom which makes it and all the other blooms so special....

in the garden....

Also blooming in the garden: mahonia, iberis, bloodroot, chionodoxia, muscari, camellia, pulmonaria, 'Rolly's Favorite' silene, spirea 'Ogon', quince, hellebores, crocuses, jessamine, violas, pansies, reticulata irises, and edgeworthia.

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  1. Spring is just around the corner! Love all the Daffs.

  2. Tina,

    Non of our daffodils are stealing the show, a few are bunching up, others not so much. Glad your snowflakes are doing great, I planted a package of them and now I'm down to one plant. Good think 80% of our crocuses are doing pretty well.

  3. Oh so pretty! You are sure getting the hang of that new camera girl. Your pictures are so awesome and the mosaic is too cool and I can see all the daffys in one spot! I am adding more and more daffys to the gardens each fall now. I love the way they cheer me up in the spring. Like little smiling faces to me and they just glow in the sunshine....

  4. Oh my, it really is spring at your house, Tina! What a show all your spring bloomers are creating! I love any kind of daffodil, but I agree the double ones aren't as attractive as I thought. I was tempted by their photos in bulb catalogs and planted several a few years ago, but they don't look as good in person as in their photos.

    Now you have me excited--my bulbs are showing some foliage, but no blooms here yet.

  5. Tina,
    It looks like your garden has sprung! Lovely daffodils. Those remind me of my childhood! Carla

  6. Your spring garden is lovely. Daffodils and hyacinths are a great combinations, especially if the hyacinths are blue.

  7. I planted a few Scilla two years ago and only one is remaining. Think I planted on top of some of the others. You have a wonderful collection of!

  8. Can't wait for mine to come up. That is, if they come up after this so warm winter and now a snowstorm. I LOVE the daffy's but I do agree the double ones do not make the cut. Any flower is pretty in my humble opinion but the double daffys just do not have all the awesome looks of other daffys.

    On a down note I do not like this new format for the comment section as I can't find the little box to get the comments in email. I have always enjoyed the comments almost as much as the post but hate having to go back to post to get them. Please, what is the secert to getting them? Thanks.

  9. I also meant to say that I agree with Skeeter about you and your camera. Also, that first picture is just stunning.

  10. Mom, Try it now and see if works. I too could not find the subscribe section. I did not change things Google is reformatting and changing things with Blogger. This box does show the 'Subscribe by email' however. Let me know if this works.

  11. wonderful spring blooms...can't wait to see daffs and hyacinths....and my scilla is amazingly gorgeous in the garden

  12. Nope I still see no box but I will hit Preview before Publish as that used to work. Thanks for trying. Darn sites for changing things around.

    1. Okay I hit the subscribe so I think that will work, I hope. Thanks a bunch.

  13. Your driveway garden is stunning. You just inspired me on what I should do with a portion of my driveway edges. I do love bloggers like you. Thank you so much for your lovely blog.

  14. Donna, It won't be long now! After this week's highs of 70s we had a low of 34 last night but I can see the strong light of the sun! It's coming your way.

    Mom, The subscribe by email link is what you need to hit. If it does not work I will add you to the subscription button within my blog settings-but you would not be able to control the emails at that point. But if it is easier for you and something you'd like just let me know. I get all of the comment emailed directly to me this way, but still have to subscribe to get them all at once for some reason.

    Mary, Welcome to In the Garden and thanks so much for your very kind comment. I'm looking forward to seeing your daffodils progress. They should do fabulously in Michigan.

  15. I have done the same thing as you---planted hundreds of daffodils in the garden and not kept track of the names. There are so many daffodil cultivars that I don't know how we would ever go back and figure it out. I planted Scilla siberica about 15 years ago and it has spread everywhere. You just have to wait for it to hit critical mass.

  16. What an array of daffs. I love them but they are so short-blooming here. Our weather makes them drop the flowers so fast. It is so nice to see so many of them planted like that. You have some nice images of the spring bloomers too.

  17. Your gardens are certainly looking bright with all of that yellow. I guess I'll be starting over with the daffs next year. Moving back too late this year to plant any. I'm getting excited just thinking about plans for the yard. SAM says I'll have to be conservative for now buying perennials, but I can certainly brighten things up with annuals and passalong plants and seeds (hint).

    I hope your weather hasn't been too stormy. We had a tornado warning this morning, and it's still thundering in the distance. I say enough already!

  18. Just turned the computer on for taday as at 7:30am a car hit a pole and we have had no power till half an hour ago. They had to set a new pole. Anyway, I had the emails in gmail so I am all set for now. If I have a problem again I will let you know. Darn gmail and facebook for messing with things!

  19. I love your daffs. Things are breaking loose early here as well.

  20. what a lovely display of daffodils. I have a growing collection but I am terrible at remembering the names

  21. I love daffodils. Thank you for sharing.