Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yellow Delights

I have been out playing in my Georgia Gardens a lot lately. With this beautiful early Spring weather, where else would I be? Above is a picture of the Vinca that is really starting to fill in for me. This Vinca was a 3 sprig gift from my dad a few years ago. Here are those sprigs back in 2005. With our mild winter this year, they never went dormant! They should really multiply for me this year.
I had picked up several packages of Daffy Bulbs last fall. I was late in getting them into the ground but they finally were covered in December. All the daffys from the past have long gone but the newly planted Bulbs are still opening up here and there. The Bulbs I purchased were just plain ole Daffodils and nothing special or fancy. But look at the surprise I spotted in the garden today!
Somehow this beauty got mixed into the bulb package. I looked around to see if I spotted any more but no such luck. This was a nice surprise and I hope she multiplies and gives me many more Yellow Delights, In the Garden...

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  1. Oh wow! What a beauty that daff is. I sure wish I could grow them down here, but alas.

    Happy Spring Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  2. Skeeter,
    Lucky you getting such a beauty in that package. I don't know about the vinca, I see it everywhere.

  3. Love the double with the white tips! I hope she does multiply for you.

  4. Great luck with getting a double daffodil! Love it. I am not a fan of the vinca....spreads too vigorously.

  5. A surprise like that is always a happy find. It is gorgeous and sure looks happy! Whe I was out a few days ago I fould a crocus in full bloom in a spot I had never planted any. Funny thing is, is that the other ones I have had for years are not even budded out yet. Here is to hopeing we all find a good surprise like we have.

  6. I normally don't care for the double daffys but yours is sweet! The vinca, I don't grow it here. It takes over everything in sight-but it does have a pretty bloom. Glad it's working for you. Everybody have a great day-I'll be in the garden!

  7. Hello everyone! Rain is starting to fall so I have some time to chat a bit. i ran to town to pick up mulch. I ran out as usual. No matter how many bags of Mulch, Pebbles, Sand or Pine Straw bales, I am always a few short. I needed at least two bags to finish up my planters and found only one lonely bag in the store. I did not run across town for a look elsewhere as I am sure they will restock soon. I can finish the planter later. Sure would be nice to complete one project before starting another one though. I so get sidetracked these days...

    I love the Vinca but I have a large space for it to roam. I keep it at bay from the patio but let it go crazy the other direction which is nothing but bareness. When i look at it, I am reminded of my dad which passed it along to me...

    Jean, Surprises are the best! Your crocus should be up and at em soon...

    I shall go visit with you each now. Have a good day...

  8. Lovely surprise...almost looks like a dahlia

  9. Love your surprise. Do hope it multiples for you. Mine are just now blooming. Seems like Spring has sprung all at once.

  10. I never saw one like that, it really is a pretty one. I would love to find that variety.

  11. That is such a pretty double daffodil! I have a few double white ones, but they aren't nearly as pretty as this one. I'd love to know the name of this variety!

    It's been unseasonably warm here, and I've been out in the garden quite a bit the last few days, too. Boy, am I tired:)