Thursday, March 8, 2012

Silverberry Berries

BY SKEETERLook at what I spotted on the Silverberry Bushes here in my Georgia Gardens. Finally, Berry's just as Tina said they would give me! The bushes were filled with them but by the time I got around to snapping some pictures of them, most of the Berries were missing. I can only assume the birds had a wonderful treat. I was able to find a lone ripe berry laying on the ground. Look at how large they are compared to my hand.

This one measured in at 3/4 of an inch!
I just love the little spots on them. Spots are a trait of the Silverberry as their leaves, blooms and now berry's show me spots. Click HERE to read about my discovery of their blooms. I read theBerries are edible so I gave one a try. I spit the thing out the second my taste buds reacted to the tart thing. The birds can have them as I will refrain from ever putting another one in my mouth. Yuck, they are not for me.
I just love these bushes and they are doing just what I had planned for them to do.

Hide the Ugly from next door. I wish I had planted more of them back in 2008 for additional screening from neighbors. It looks as though nature is taking care of at least one more new bush! While picking up downed limbs from all the crazy high winds of late, I spotted this sapling which I believe is indeed a Silverberry Bush! I am happy with this discovery and hope to find more in time. But for now, I love my Bushes, Blooms and now SILVERBERRY BERRIES, In the Garden...

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  1. I am glad they are growing in and hiding the neighbors. Keep an eye on them though as you don't want them to take over. I have not had that issue here and never seen a red berry! I have seen small silver ones and had one volunteer under the bush. Was this volunteer near the bush? I would worry so much if they spread to your woods and became a nuisance. It's good the birds like them and they do serve a purpose!

  2. I think 'hiding the Ugly' is a shrubs best job. That berry is really kinda interesting. It almost looks like a bean. The flowers are pretty spotted like that, this is a shrub I did not know..

  3. Good Morning everyone!

    Tina, Yes, this bush jumped the creek and is in the side woods verses the front woods. I hope they do take over as they have plenty of room to fill in and hide even more from next door. I love these bushes and cannot thank you enough for introducing them to me!!!

    Donna, These shrubs are indeed working shrubs hiding the ugly for me! This was a small berry compared to the ones I had seen earlier but as I said, I missed the Photo op. Those birds had a wonderful treat but not for my taste buds....

    Everyone have a good day...

  4. Neat! I have never seen silveryberry before. I love having some fruit just for the birds, but that never stops them from helping themselves to what I want to eat, too!

  5. They are very neat berries and I LOVE the blooms. When Tina posted about them I wrote the name down and have here on my desk. One of these days I will research them as I would love to have some but do not know if they grow in this zone. Glad the ugly mess is getting covered up for you.

  6. Hiding the ugly! That is exactly what I need my shrubs to do in the backyard! Grow shrubs, grow!

  7. Good evening everyone. Has been a long day. I rode with my neighbor (The one with the pretty yard) to Athens to the Universary of Georgia Medicine for Animals. We picked up Harley her horse and our buddy. He had to have his eye removed from a terrible disease. Poor baby but he is doing great and adjusting all ready. He came by our yard to endulge in some soft Rye Grass. I hope he will have no issue's with his other eye. He is too young (4 years) for this to happen...

  8. That's a new shrub for me. A little tart is definitely good. Too much not so... based on your trial test, that is.

  9. Maybe your fruit was not quite ripe yet. I would keep an eye on this plant though, other members of its family are quite invasive.

  10. I'm sure the birds appreciate you leaving these pretty little berries for them from now on, Skeeter. Looks like the shrubs are doing great in their new spot and will soon provide that much-desired privacy screen.

  11. Turns out this shrubs has many wonderful things to offer..highly nutricious..for humans and soil

  12. Do Silverberry's occasionally die in part of the bushes. I have several along the back and sections are turning brown and dying.
    I have cut back the areas that were dead when I was trimming. Now there is another dead spot.

    1. Not normally unless a branch was broken off or damaged. Trace the dead part back to where it joins the bush and see if there is any damage. Also, silver berries are susceptible to vole damage so check the roots to see if a rodent is girdling and eating away at the plant. Good luck.