Monday, April 2, 2012

Crossvine Surprise on the Big PVC Arbor

You can definitely tell it is spring here in Middle Tennessee. The plants have gone wild and crazy!
I went out of town for a week and look at what I came back too. The crossvine, lilacs, and many more plants have simply exploded. That'll teach me to leave town during spring! It seems more like May than April here. 

Do you suppose it is an April Fool's joke that summer has started-temperature wise? The ten day forecast says temperatures should stay above freezing so that is a relief. If you plan to plant warm season crops now might be a good time. I've gotten mine in already and feel like I am ahead of the season but who knows what will come our way next. Strawberries in the vegetable garden are already berried up and everything is just busting out all over. More information on the vegetable garden in a later post....

in the garden....

One more thing, the weeds are very bad this year, perhaps every year, but this year with the early start to the season it seems they are much worse. Don't despair, just do a little at a time but be consistent and you'll get the job done. Enjoy this great weather!

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  1. What loveliness to come home to after a week away. Hope you don't get any more frosty weather.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Tina what a stunning vine...our spring is now back to normal with temps and late night frost and freezes...but it is drier than normal.

  3. I love coming back home after being away and seeing how the garden has changed. I was gone for two days and I couldn't believe how much everything had grown. I have two rosebushes about to go in bloom and I can't wait!!

  4. The Crossvine is blooming in the woods here too. I love the blooms high up in the pines, and so do the hummingbirds! Wish I could smell your lilacs....mmmmm.

  5. That was a great surprise on your return. Love it. It's about to get too late to plant things here. Found a Meyer Lemon today to replace the one that died. Next will be a Dwarf Lime to replace the one that died. Your garden looks scrumptious as usual. Have a great time.
    Hi all.

  6. Wowser, that vine on the arbor is amazingly stunning!!

  7. Love crossvines! Yours looks lovely on the arbor. How nice to come home to spring exploding! I agree the weeds seem worse this year. Good advice about consistency.

  8. Your cross vine is gorgeous. Mine doesn't produce quite so many flowers.

  9. What a wonderful surprise to see in the Garden! I so need one of those crossvines! How old is your vine now? It is sure a beauty...

    Our spring blooms are not lasting long as the heat is getting to them. The weeds were awful in my gardens this year. I have weeded the Rock Garden 3 times already! Those darn weeds just keep popping up on me! Another garden has been weeded twice as well but now mulched so hopefully, the weeding will be less on most gardens. I have one garden yet to weed and if I dont get to it soon, I shall just let it go and call it my weed garden! LOL...

    Ah, was that a wiff of the Lilac I just smelled? I only wish.... Pretty blooms....

  10. I love going away and then coming back to see what has changed. It's wonderful that everything's so healthy and flourishing - except not so wonderful about the weeds. I've never heard of or seen cross vine - it is beautiful. Like skeeter says, I can almost smell the lilac.

  11. Your garden knows how to welcome you back! You are lucky to have such a pretty mix of plants that are not afraid to show Spring's here. Being in the lawn maintenance Phoenix industry, nothing beats the feeling of coming home to a wonderful outdoor space as lovely as yours.

  12. Your garden looks magnificent ! I've never heard of a crossvine? It's very pretty. Sorry to hear about the bad weeds:)

  13. Wow! It's very pretty. Even I need one of those crossvines. I love it. And don't bother about the bad weeds this time. Keep smiling!

  14. Beautiful arbor!
    Today, in the northern part of Mississippi, I saw the first hummingbird!
    Happy Gardening!
    Lea's Menagerie