Thursday, April 5, 2012


My house and Georgia Gardens are good enough for the Queen of England to visit right now!
She is not coming for a visit but rather some Golf Playing folks from England will enjoy a Southern Easter with us. We met these nice folks while staying at a Bed & Breakfast in Charleston, SC a few years ago. We really do not know them but want to show them some good ole Southern Hospitality. I have always wanted to open my own B&B but that dream never materialized. So this is my chance to play host and pretend my home is indeed a B&B for the week.
The azaleas are about gone this year for The Masters Golf Tournament as the heat has brought everything out way too early. But there is still lots of colors in and around my house.... HAPPY EASTER, In the Garden...
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  1. It all looks lovely and I'm sure your guests will have a wonderful time.

    Happy Easter ~ FlowerLady

  2. Love your Easter decor! How nice of you to open your home ! You are braver than I. Curious to hear how this all plays out.

  3. Have fun! I know they will surely enjoy your hospitality in your beautiful home and gardens!

  4. Good Morning everyone! Just taking a moment to pop in here and say hello. Our guest are enroute to drop off one couple at the Augusta National Golf Course. They only have 2 tickets for the four of them and are sharing them with each other. So one couple shall partake in the event today and the other couple will attend tomorrows event. The same goes for Sat and Sun which are the Real Big days. Storm passed through yesterday but was not enough to keep us from grilling burgers and eating them on the patio. They have been so easy to entertain as they love to chat and so do we! They insisted on walking the gardens even in the wet grass. They have gone on and on about how beautiful the gardens are and how quiet it is here in our woods. They asked what my secret was to keeping weeds out of the garden. I had to laugh as I have been pulling my little heart out daily to keep the weeds at bay! I told them to feel free to pluck a weed if they see it. It is fun to hear the names they call certain flowers compared to what we call them. It has been a delight having them with us. They seem very comfortable and are making themselves at home. Now I am enjoying relaxing and visiting.

    Everyone have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

  5. Skeeter, you have prepared a royal welcome for them--everything looks so inviting! Have a great time and Happy Easter to you, too!

  6. It all looks grand, Skeeter. Have a great visit with your guests.
    Happy Easter to you.

  7. As always, everything looks great and I know all will have a great time. Happy Easter to all.