Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Loquat; No More

By Skeeter The very first thing I planted in my Semi-Formal Flower garden, was this Japanese Loquat tree! I had never seen them before moving here to Georgia. Click HERE to see the post on how this tree got its start in my Georgia Garden...
The Loquat is very happy where I planted her, next to a bench.The Garden has changed over the past 6 years all the while, the Loquat was thriving with little attention. The Saint and I often sit on the bench in the evenings and enjoy all the butterflies, bees and hummingbirds swooping down on the beautiful flowers. During the winter months, this beauty is full of green for us to enjoy. In the spring time, she is full of new growth as you can see in this picture above, snapped on March 21, 2010. She survived the rare 7 inches of snow we had this winter. Look how her green makes the white fence pop!
I love this Loquat and her scented blooms in mid-October. I was hoping for her to bare fruit in time.
Imagine my surprise when I returned from a 10 day visit to TN to see this in my garden!
Yep, my once beautiful thriving Japanese Loquat is now dead! I have no idea what happen to her. One day she was fine and the next, gone! I have several things in mind.

1. The snow from winter damaging her. I find this hard to believe as she looked so healthy up until now.

2. A really hot spring until now. We have had the hottest Spring, Summer and early Fall in the 10 years we have lived in Georgia. But the Loquat has survived hot drought conditions for 3 of her 6 years with us.

3. A bug of some type may have gotten to her like maybe a Pine Beetle type bug. I do not see any signs of a bug but will investigate as I take her down.

4. A Vole eating her roots. I doubt this would happen but there are Voles in this area.

5. Maybe the main root found an air pocket in the ground. I am suspecting this as there were once 8 large trees in this area. I fear that the old roots rotted and left air pockets in the soil.

My Garden is full of mysteries this year. I will be taking down this once glorious tree and hopefully, I will get some answers. I am so sad about the LOQUAT; NO MORE, In the Garden...

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  1. Sorry to hear about your beautiful tree, it really anchored that area of your garden.

  2. That is so darn sad and hard to swallow losing such a big beautiful tree. I remember that first post and that I didn't even know what a loquat was and how I liked this evergreen beauty. Maybe it might come back from the roots next year? Is there hope? Did you peel some bark back near the large branches to see if it is really dead? Sometimes plants like to play dead. Perhaps it will surprise you and come back? I hope before you cut it too:)

    Christine closing on her house today-busy busy busy day for us. Everyone have a great day!

  3. Skeeter I'm so sorry about your Loquat tree. It's like losing an old friend. I know as we lost a huge fir (about 80 ft. tall) a couple of years ago and had to fall one the other day as it was going to go in a storm and mess with our drainfield and really cost us.
    Maybe Tina is on to something and it's playing dead and will possibly come back. Gee, I sure hope so.

  4. Skeeter, That's terrible news! It's always frustrating to lose shrubs and trees and not know why. It was a beauty, too. gail

  5. Aaah man! I hate it when things die. :(

  6. Good morning everyone, I have the windows to the house open today! The cats and I are sniffing fresh air. Calling for 93-degrees today but with no humidity, that's a winner in my book!

    Raquel, It was the perfect tree for that spot for sure. I will get another Loquat as I loved this one but not sure it will go in the same spot, unless I decide why it perished…

    Tina, No, I have not investigated the bark or the branches but the leaves are falling off quickly. I am afraid she is a goner, sigh. I loved this beautiful tree and picked it from the garden center due to her easy care. Even if I don’t get another one for that spot, I will get another one for somewhere else in the yard as I loved it. It is about time Christine is closing on that house! Oh boy, Bella will be happy to have mommy all to herself! Congrats girl…

    Raingardener, I sure hope that Tina is correct and she is only playing dead. I will check on her more this weekend when we go to take her down. I will not let the Saint cut from the bottom until I know she is totally dead on me. It is like loosing a good friend but plants we can replace when people and pets, we cannot, sigh, if only we could…

    Gail, this was one of my favorites in the entire garden! She provided blooms in the Fall, Green in the Winter and was easy maintenance with me doing nothing but giving her a bit of water during drought times! So sad to loose her and yes, the difficult part is not knowing why I lost her…

    Missy, a pure bummer indeed for me! She was a beauty and I will miss her so much, sigh…

  7. Oh that's sad! I hate it when trees die, especially when you can't figure out why and do something about it.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll sprout new leaves and green up again.

  8. Sunita, I am hoping that she is still alive at the base as Tina mentions. It was so sad when I found her in this state of death....

  9. I know how your feel about the Loquat. I've had favorite plants to die for no reason. Sometimes I wonder if they just get tired- like we do sometimes. Hopefully she is still there just resting.

    Tina, glad Christine is getting her new house. Bella won't know what to do.

  10. My bet would be voles. They are the only thing I know that can kill a seemingly healthy plant in that short a time. So Sorry!

  11. Oh no Skeeter. It was so pretty. I hope you can find the reason for it.

  12. These tree's are beautiful and I am sorry that you lost it. I can say that at least from my own experience with them that they grow very quickly. I wonder if mine will even try to bloom here in Lexington?

  13. Skeeter - that last photo leaves me speechless! To go from healthy to completely 'gone' in 2 weeks is almost incomprehensible. Whatever effected it was vicious and swift... so sorry.