Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Daughter and I Visit Yew Dell Gardens

My daughter Liz and I visited Yew Dell Gardens and Arboretum in early October 2012. The day was beautiful and I had a good time looking at all of the trees and gardens. I found the gardens were maintained wonderfully and quite pretty. There was also a long allee of very mature hollies that I enjoyed. The trees in the arboretum were a bit neglected I'm sad to say, but I did have a chance to see some nice mature specimens of some interesting trees and shrubs. Actually, the picture below was taken by my daughter on her phone as my camera battery died. The shrub/tree is a very mature PeeGee hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata). The blooms are quite attractive in the fall when they take on their pink color. Liz did a good job of taking the picture of one of my favorite shrubs. 

photo 4

One of the neatest things about Yew Dell besides its wonderful garden area was the entrance hall where you purchase your ticket. The hall is actually a glass building sited inside of an old barn. It was very cool, but again, no battery for the camera so no photos

Once Liz and I purchased an entrance ticket (sorry no military discount because this is a privately held garden) and walked through the entrance hall Liz and I came to this wonderful fall display; which my daughter only enhanced....


in the garden....

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  1. Love the Fall display and seeing Liz as well...

  2. Jest śliczna córka, a obok niej świetny pióropusz z traw. Pozdrawiam.
    It is pretty daughter, and next to it a great plume of grass. Yours.

  3. Too bad about the camera battery, know the feeling, happened in OKC last year. That PeeGee is really mature, the trunk is quite large!!

  4. Tina it sounds cool that entrance area...a garden I had no heard of but peaked my interest...

  5. That is one long lived PeeGee. I have one at my home and only hope it never gets that large. There is one at the farm that large though. It was planted maybe 40 years ago, I am guessing. I use the blooms in wreath making. I would have liked to see the glass building in the barn. Too bad on the camera battery. Your daughter is cute too!

  6. Bummer! No battery just when you need it the most. I do know the feeling. What a lovely visit you had with your daughter though. Are those Osage "oranges" in the display? You're right; your daughter is the highlight of the photo.

  7. Sounds like a fun trip. I love liz's top. Such a happy colour for this dark time of year. That Pee Gee looks great too. I had one in my old garden.