Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Really Neat Window Art


Window art is not a new thing in garden circles. Nope, one only need to look around to find all sorts of windows with art either painted on them or mosaic-ed on them. The windows on this post are unique in that they showed me that you could layer paint onto the window and have the window art look great from both sides-the painted side and the glass side (nonpainted side). 

Note the above window that shows the flowers as painted on top of the glass. Normally I would paint flowers so that the glass side would be the front and you'd look at the painting from the bottom of it. It is very hard to layer paint from the top of the viewed painting down so I always worried that graduations in the painted work would not show thru if you looked at the painting from the glass side.


But this picture shows the back of a painted window-the glass side or non-painted side and it looks fine. It is obvious the artist started his or her layering with white; which was not so visible from the painted side but still, I don't think that the merging of the paint took away from this side of the artwork at all.


Here is one last painting-again displayed from the painted side. The disadvantage of displaying windows in this manner if displayed outside is that the paint may wear off rather quickly. Looking at these windows in the Callaway Gardens Gift Shop though I don't think that there would be a big difference in the painting no matter how you displayed your painting. My compliments to the artist who did a wonderful job making these flower window art paintings attractive no matter which side of the window you viewed them from...

in the garden....

P.S. That's Mr. Fix-it in the second picture. He is trying to help me figure it all out with the paint layers. 

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  1. Thanks for the info. I may need to try this project next!

  2. One of my goals this year (I don't call them resolutions) is to try my hand at different artistic endeavors. Window art looks like a lot of fun. I saw some old windows in a resale shop the other day that could use a second chance. Mr. Fix-it looks very thoughtful in the picture.

  3. Beautiful windows and remind me that I have 3 windows in the storage closet waiting for me to do something to them! Dont know if I could do the backwards painting though. Mr Fixit's wheels are turning in that pic girl. He is so trying to figure this out for ya...

  4. "Window art" is new to me! What fun! Thank you so much for sharing these photos. Beautiful hyacinths are in bloom. Looks like spring has come!

  5. Those are lovely windows...I love the idea and what a fab addition to the house or garden

  6. I think reverse painting is really an art, to see the design in reverse order is amazing.