Thursday, January 24, 2013

Smithsonian Museum

Today we are still chatting about Washington DC instead of my Georgia Gardens. One thing we enjoy about going to DC is visiting the many Smithsonian Museums. Did you know the Smithsonian is the largest museum and research complex having 19 museums, 9 research centers and more then 140 affiliate museums around the world? Click HERE to learn more about the Smithsonian Museums. These are the most wonderful museums I have ever been too and FREE! You can see some fun things such as Kermit the Frog! Did you know that Kermit has been around since 1955? Click HERE to learn more about this fun frog.  
The Ruby Red Slippers that Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz.
Archie Bunkers chair from "All in the Family" Click HERE to see more.
One of the first home computers! 
Bones of a Wooly Mammoth.
Bones of Dinosaurs. 
 A whale hangs over your head.
A Mummified Animal.  
A mummified Human!
A stuffed white fox.  
Now ya know. 
 The Hope Diamond. 45.52 carrots! Click HERE to see more about this famous Diamond. Photo is not that great due to lighting and glass. Most items are not easily photographed.
I mentioned the First Lady's dresses on Tuesday. Here you see Lady Bird Johnson's dress and coat.  
Lady Bird was instrumental in getting the highways filled with wildflowers. I saw her work along the roadways of Texas.  
Fun Quartz piece.  
Nature at its best don't ya think?  
This is where my Aquamarine birthstone comes from. 
And look mom and dad, this is what your hip may look like!  
The Air and Space Museum is the best ever! The main branch is in downtown DC while the annex is near the Dulles Airport. Click HERE to read about the worlds largest Air and Space Museum in the world!
Click HERE to read about the Enola Gay and the dropping of the first Atomic Bomb on the island of Hiroshima.  
SR-71A Blackbird.
 Wow, What a Design! And created in the 1960's! Click HERE to learn more about this awesome air craft.
 When I look at air craft such as this, I cant help but think, "Those Daring young men in their flying machines"!
I have seen the Concord in air as it use to fly near the Saints family house when they lived in Fairfax, VA. Click HERE for more. 
 Charles Lindbergh's "The Spirit of St Louis". Click HERE for more.
The Space exhibits are awesome!  
 They even have Jet Packs!
I remember an episode of "Gilligan's Island" Where they found a jet pack. As a child, I thought that was the neatest thing ever. And now I know they actually did have them back then!
The Space Potty! Yikes, this thing is scary.
 The high light of the day of course was seeing the Space Shuttle Discovery! Click HERE to see a wonderful video of the arrival of Discovery to the Museum.
 I am amazed at the size of this thing! It looks so much smaller in the air riding piggy back on a Boeing 747.  
Just amazing to me.
 Another wonderful museum is the Marine Corps. This is located south of Washington DC near Quantico, VA. Real close to where the Saints family now reside.
 On this day, we had our good friend and Marine, Stacey with us. She and her hubby arrived at the museum about opening time. The Saint and I met up with the his parents for lunch as we had recently been to this museum. Later we met up with Stacey and hubby at the museum and we closed it down. Yep, they had spent the entire day at this museum!  
This is a wonderful museum and the displays are so realistic that you have to look twice. At times, I think they are going to get up and start walking towards me! I cannot think of a better place to go for a great Lesson on History about our Country. The SMITHSONIAN MUSEUMS, are the best, In the Garden...

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  1. What a wonderful place! I've never been to Washington DC but I'd love to go. When I do I will definitely go to the museum. I think my favorite part would be the section where things like Dorothy's shoes are exhibited. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Each museum takes up an entire city block! They are huge and will take you an entire day to truly enjoy each building. The American History is my favorite...

  2. Wow on all the cool things. I've seen that computer before-it looks just like my first one! The quartz and bits of Americana like Archie Bunkers chair are really most interesting. One of these days I plan to get there! Thanks for sharing all of these-so wonderful to see. That Discovery is HUGE behind you.

    1. Tina, I have said this to you before and I will again, as a Veteran, you really do need to go to Washington DC. You have faught for all this place stands for...

  3. I've only been there through your lens. What a great tour. Now I know where my stone came from. Great pics of the air ships. It's been a great read & will have to go back later to finish. Thanks Skeeter.

    1. Lola, Am glad you enjoyed the tour with me today! I learn so much with every visit to DC and the Museums. So much to take in and luckily for me, the Saints family all live in the area so an easy vacation for us...

  4. Oh this is interesting. I had heard of the Smithsonian and knew it was large but didnt realise it was many museums. I am enjoying your washington posts - would love to visit one day

    1. Pateintgardener, A lot of people are not aware of the many different buildings. But this way, one can stroll a museum a day rather then be rushed to see it all in a day...

  5. DC is just up the road from me and I still love the museums. :o) The Newseum, which isn't in the Smithsonian family, is my favorite DC museum. Looks like you had a great time! :o)

    1. Casa Mariposa, We love the Smithsonians and yes, we heard of the Newseum with this visit. We had lunch with one of the Smithsonian care takers and he informed us about it. We shall check that one out some day...

  6. I'm still trying to absorb the information about the size, sorry. I kept wondering how that old PC would fare with today's fast broadband and add-ons? :-)

    Thanks, that was a beautiful post.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Cuban, The size of each museum is amazing to me. You think you are at the end then turn a corner and another wing awaits your visit! So many people were snapping pics of the computer. It was funny to see the younger generation (that have probably never seen one of those before), checking it out.

  7. Now you are in my favorite place the Smithsonian...all of them! I love history and could spend months combing these museums...I had not heard of the Marine Corps

    1. Donna, The Marine Corps Museum opened Nov 2006. A lot of people have not heard of it as it is outside the DC area in Quantico, VA. Well worth the 40 minute drive to check it out....

  8. I love the museums in DC. There is so much to see...and there is something for everyone! One day my oldest daughter ditched school....GRAD school.. and she and a friend drove into DC to go see the Muppet exhibit!!