Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More on Our Riverbanks Trip

Our tour in the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens found in Columbia South Carolina continues in the garden. 

A major feature of the winter garden at Riverbanks included some striking potted plants. I think these plants were in the heuchera family but did not check for any labels so I can't be sure. I was too interested in the neat pedestals the pots were resting on. The pedestals were actually PVC pipes painted with a faux finish in an eye catching chartreuse color to match the plants. The idea was simple and easy and really looked nice. 
In another part of the partitioned garden lined with boxwood there was a huge stand of amsonia. I think I have never visited a public garden without seeing this wonderful perennial. Located behind the straw colored amsonia are some yellow blooms of mahonia. The mahonia was quite an eye catcher this December day in the garden at Riverbanks.
The color scheme of blue and yellow really showed nicely. Between the blue pots was a long stream that flowed gently downhill. Can you see the streams of water squirting up from the stream? The whole water feature was really the centerpoint of this garden.
Tucked into little niches along the brick walls were triangular gardens filled with all sorts of sedums. Skeeter; who has visited Riverbanks many times; told me the niches were a new feature. They were quite a neat and useful feature to make use of little used space alongside the brick walls.
I have no idea what these little seedpods were but thought I'd take the picture anyhow. The orange is a super nice color here.
This last picture is one of the pavilions in the garden. Inside were little balls planted with what looked to be grass. The balls resembled Christmas ornaments; which was of course perfect for my December visit to Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens....

in the garden....

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  1. These gardens are so beautiful! I really like the pots on top of the posts. I just might feel another project coming on!!

  2. I used to live in Columbia...for 4 years back in the early 80's. Mostly, what I remember of it was the HEAT! I found it difficult to do much gardening in the summer months...but I've learned a lot since then and would probably handle things differently if I lived there today. Those large container plants DO look like some sort of Heuchera. I believe it's a native to SC so it could be! Those leaves are HUGE!

  3. Marvellous views! As usually you have really provided a visual feast. :-) Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  4. Ah, I did not realise you had snapped so many pics. I recall a battery dying on ya girl. :-) I do love this garden and going in the winter month was fun as it was new to the Saint and I both! Our next visit will be next spring...

  5. Those leggy pots are really fun, a great way to add height to a border but I really like sedum corners best. Might have to copy that in my front garden

  6. It's nice to see blooms and greenery on this bitter cold day in Maine. Thanks for sharing more highlights from your trip.

  7. Loved the heucheras in the pots and the blue and yellow garden much to see

  8. wow looks like its warm there as well...

  9. Fantastic. I enjoyed the tour with you all. I love those blue pots.

  10. So interesting to see all that is still growing in this garden. The structure of the plants is interesting and love the water aspect.

  11. Thanks for your 2 part tour. I have always wanted to visit Riverbanks and for some time have heard about their plant collection. I think the plant with the orange fruit on it is Solanum quitoense or bed-of-nails. The fruit is edible and has a pleasant flavor, but there are better things to eat.

  12. Yes, I need to get over there. What a great garden.