Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Blooms

                                                          BY SKEETER
Yellow Knockout Rose

Ever think you don't have much going on in the garden then after a little stroll, realize you have plenty going on? Just because you do not see vibrant colors in thick masses, does not mean much in my GEORGIA GARDENS. After a little stroll with Camera in hand, I spotted many things in bloom.
First time I have had luck with them in my garden. 
Again, another annual that I don't seem to have much luck growing. But this year, these gold ones took off.
Self-seeder but only a couple plants verses the masses I would prefer.
Yellow 4 O'clock
More Self-Seeders that I enjoy especially the sweet scent of these small beauties.
These beauties pop up all over my garden in many different styles.
Bright Pink Penta's
An annual that had a slow start in my garden this year with too much rain fall this summer. Once the rains stopped, they took off.
A new Lantana I planted this Summer. Hopefully, it will become a large Bush for me some day.
I enjoy Tropical Plants in my garden until late Fall.
This Pink Geranium gave me a good show this summer.
Angel Trumpet
I snapped this pic a day before our first visit of Jack Frost. Angel did not fair too well after that visit. Sigh...
Red Penta's
I love the continued blooms of Penta's and so do the Deer! This time of year, I let the wildlife enjoy the garden as I feel for them with winter approaching.
Red Sage
Autumn Sage putting off a Glow with bright Red Blooms. Tiny but the bees love it.
All Perwinkle in the garden were volunteer but one this year. I love the way they reseed year after year for me.  
Cardinal Vine

  The Lily I showed you last week continues to bloom. I do believe this is the last bloom of the year for her though.
Pink 4 O'clock
Self seeders Rock!
Pink Penta's
I like Pink and Purple together.
Dragon Begonia
 This Dragon Begonia keeps on giving and giving to me! I picked up this beauty over a year ago and over wintered it inside last winter. She came back like gangbusters and was so tall this summer that it fell over from being Top Heavy. I lost half of the plant but once clipped, I set her back into her spot and just look at her shine! I love this plant and plan to over winter her again this winter. 
Purple Salvia/Sage
Purple and White calls in the Bees.
 The Bees are really enjoying these blooms!
Ruellia (Wild Petunia)
The Ruellia has done well this summer and I have taken some shoots and transplanted them in other gardens.
 I just love the constant blooms of Ruellia..
This Lantana has finally become a Bush for me! I am happy as I have been waiting for several years now.
Mexican Heather
Heather returns for me each year but slow to start then takes off with Summer in the air.
The Cleome did not do so well for me this Summer. Too much Rainfall kept it yellowing but this one tells a different story. I have sprouts coming up now but doubt they will see full maturity as our days are now cooler.
Black Perwinkle
 I almost lost this beauty due to excessive rain fall. That has not been an issue the past month plus! So she sprang back to life. This is the one and only Perwinkle I planted this year. I hope to get some seeds to toss about for another year of joy from this one.
Black and Blue Salvia
The Bees are enjoying this one right now as it is a late bloomer for me.
Love that true Blue color of this repeat beauty. 
A pleasant scent comes from this little bush. The Dainty Blooms seem to never stop! 
Wild flower
Several Bees were hunkered down on this pretty wild flower that decided to pop up in my garden.
Snowball Bush

 The Snowball bush has decided to be a Repeat bloomer for me this fall. The blooms are not as large as they are in the Spring but pretty just the same.
 I love repeat bloomers.
And I love Volunteers plants as well. Such as this Pink Perwinkle that popped up inside the Wishing Well. I did not plant it there but sometimes, Self-Seeders spread their seeds in the most perfect spot! Ha, I don't have masses of blooming plants but with a little stroll, I found many OCTOBER BLOOMS, In the Garden...


  1. That's a lot of blooms and it is looking great! I like all of your different types of blooms. Having visited your lovely garden I can say you always have something going on there! Wonderful!

    1. I have been taking some notes on the garden lately Tina. I am noticing things do not look as happy as when first planted. I am thinking it is time to start adding Horse Poo to the plants. Would the best time be now and then again in spring or when. I have never really fertilized at all as I am more a stick it in the ground and let it go kind of gardener. Now I am rethinking that all my beauties needs some food... What ya think?

  2. Love the last hurrah that your garden is showing, Skeeter. Regarding that gorgeous begonia, if you want more than one plant, have you tried propagating it by cuttings?

    1. There you go, "The Last Hurrah" That would have been a great title for this one W2W. One day after all these photos were snapped, Jack Frost came for a visit. I have lost all the Coleus, Damage to Angel Trumpets and Banana Trees. I am not happy as I have company coming for the first time for Thanksgiving and I wanted everything in place for then. We normally do not see Damage until after Thanksgiving so this saddens me... But, they will come back stronger next year...

  3. Some of my things are blooming now. I guess they were waiting for the cooler weather. You sure have a lot of blooms going on there.

  4. We have had an early hard frost too Skeeter. All of your blooms look so pretty. Here I have had to pull up the marigolds already due to the frosts we have had. They almost always last until halloween. I love the orange and gold colors for this time of year. The salvias here are the only bloomers with anything to talk about now. Amazing how they can withstand some frost. Of course there is a lot of tree cover where they are. This helps. Have a great halloween.

  5. What lovely blooms you have! I've never seen the black periwinkle and just love it.

    Happy Autumn Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  6. You certainly do have lots of blooms in your October garden, Skeeter! I agree self-seeders can be great--I saved some money this year thanks to the salvia volunteers. Seeing your pentas makes me regret that I never got any planted this summer--oh well, there's always next year! My annuals have all turned to mush thanks to the frost, but I won't complain because they lasted longer than many years.

    Here's hoping next year brings enough rain for your garden...but not quite so much at one time:)

  7. How lovely to see all these blooms when the freeze killed all mine.