Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blooms in August

There is still quit a bit of color in my yard considering it has been a hot summer under drought conditions here in Georgia. I spotted this Flying Flower sipping nectar on the white butterfly bushes. The two shades of purple are still blooming as well. I found two old tags from the butterfly bushes! The white is known as "Silver Frost" and the deep purple one is "Guinivere". Now if only I could identify the pale purple one... I found a shock in the chimney planter. A Drumstick Allium was blooming! Not to be expected in July much less August.

Another shocker for me was to find the Dwarf Lily in bloom during the month of August!
White blooms are adorning the Spider plants. They were babies which fell off hanging plants and started to pop up in the planter below the front porch. I transplanted them to the backyard and they return each year as a perennial plant here in Georgia.

Purple Emperor Sedum continues to blooms. I am struggling to keep the deer off this one. Pink and white Begonias are thriving in this heat and drought. My first try at Begonias and I am really happy with them. I believe we will plant them again next year... Of course the Southern Belles (Crepe Myrtles) continue to show their colors of light and deep pinks.

The Belle in the driveway island has had a hair cut since our last showing of her.
Purple Queen is blooming tiny purple flowers which the bees and hummers enjoy.

One of the Jimsonweed has bloomed and the second one has huge buds on it as I type. Thanks for the seed Tina. This is an awesome flower!

Blue Saliva continues to attract bees and butterflies in the chimney planter.
The Lantana's in gold and the orange-gold combination, continue to attract butterflies, hummer and bees with their beautiful blooms. They thrive in this heat and lack of rain.
The purple Homestead Verbena, gold Lantana and Coreopsis are beginning to intermingle. Ah, Purple & Gold, my high school colors. Go Wildcats!

Lantana and Verbena are similar to me but the Verbena stays with us year round when the Lantana goes dormant for the winter months.

Purple Wave Petunia is still blooming although, the foliage is starting to look a bit scraggly!
Marigold still blooming profusely and enjoying the heat and drought of these Georgia Dawg Days of summer.
Pink Wave Petunia, Blue Daze and Allyssum are so pretty together in two planters and a pot! Ah, that sounds like a good title to me. Stayed tuned...

Trumpet Vine is still showing off bright orange clusters of blooms. It has given me more blooms then ever this year. I wish I had counted the blooms but I will take a stab at it and guess around 75 or more from the two plants!

Black-eyed Susan's continue to bloom even though about half of my pretties have a horrible virus. See the bee?
Purple Sage is still standing tall and attracting bees.

White Saliva is standing tall next to the sage and enjoying the buzzing of bees as well.

The Cosmos seed you gave me Tina, are still blooming! Here is a picture of the orange.
And here is a picture of the yellow Cosmos! Thanks for the fun seeds! I look forward to them reseeding for next year!
The Liriope blooms were in full bloom for the past month but now fizzling out on me. I am surprised the deer have not munched on them because they ate some last year. It was towards the end of their bloom time so I let them have the treats as it was another drought year and I feel sorry for the wildlife during drought times.

The drought tolerant Periwinkle (Vinca) in colors of purple, pink and white keep blooming and blooming more each day. I only planted purple in this planter this year and the others self seeded from years past. I love this stuff as much as the bees, hummers and butterflies.

Mexican Heather continues to show her pretty little purple blooms! Bees and butterflies surround her daily.
Catnip has such pretty tiny blooms that the flying flowers and bees enjoy. My cats enjoy the foliage, stay tuned for that Nippy bit of fun...

I took the Catmint out of the ground and put them into pots as the drought was taking it toll on them. They are once again doing great and still blooming!
I never know just how much color I have around the yard until I grab my camera and take off for a walk. I was shocked as to how many BLOOMS IN AUGUST, I found while In the Garden...


  1. Hi Skeeter and all, you do have a lot of color going on, good work on keeping it going despite our dry conditions. You must have had rain by now, hope it wasn't too much to cause any problems though. Now if it would only come visit us!

  2. Wow, you do have alot...and in all this dryness to boot. Are you getting rain from the storm? We haven't had any like they thought we would.

  3. Your flowers are so gorgeous! I don't have a green thumb, I live in TX and I, well, embarassingly, give up trying to keep flowers alive outside. the heat is too much. But I love yours! All are beautiful!

  4. Skeeter they are all beautiful and the combinations are simply great! The petunia, blue daze and alyssum is my favorite combination. Might have to try that sometime. Sure wish I could see it all because you have quite the green thumb. Sigh, no purple queen this year and I do miss it. Yours is great.

  5. I see you are from Yennessee. I live in Knoxville! Love the flowers. My sister in law raises Goldens. Slodea Kennel. Kathy

  6. Hi Kathy! Thanks for visiting us. I love goldens. They are the best! I will have to look out for that kennel.

  7. Wow you do have alot of great blooms in August! I like periwinkle too Skeeter, it reseeds and is so drought/heat tolerant. The jimsonweed is a pretty flower too, never seen that before. Great post!

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  9. Exactly what I was talking about in my last post -- you still have lots of color to enjoy in your garden. Summer's not quite over yet.

  10. Hello everyone...
    We are still in Atlanta so we dont know if we have had rain in our area or not. Over here in Atlanta we only had a bit of drizzle so not expecting much to find much in the holder when we return to Augusta.....

    See y'all later, must get back to visiting..... Oh, and I was shocked at all the color remaining in Aug, since the drought...

  11. You must work really hard to have all those good looking plants Skeeter. But I am not surprised at that. LOL Great job!!

  12. Hi there, Tina, haven't been around much lately and are just stunned with the abundance of pictures of your garden. Take care, Andrea

  13. Loads of beautiful flowers Skeeter. You really have a lot. All are gorgeous. I can now see the results of all your hard work.
    Hope you did get some of this rain in your garden.
    Yes, we are still getting it. So bad burial of deceased cannot happen at this time. Ground is too saturated.
    Kermit & Uncle Martin are still sitting under the Purple Leaf Plum tree taking it all in.

  14. what a great amount of blooms you have for august with the heat and drought. the lens of the camera does unveil things we might otherwise miss. great job at capturing all of these.

  15. What a lot of blooms. Everything looks great, but I like the hummer best.

  16. Quick weekend trip to Atlanta and now back in Augusta! Nice visit with our friends....

    Upon our return home, we found limbs in the driveway that we had to pick up before getting the car to the house. Argggg, so we had wind while away. Rain Gauge had one inch of rain in it so we had a nice rainfall. Butterfly bushes are falling to their sides and hopefully upon drying out a bit, will stand tall again. Picked a few veggies from the garden but I will save that for Sept 20th veggie update....

    Glad you survived the storm Lola, I know it was a bit touch and go there for more days then should have been.... Bless those poor souls that need to be buried. So sad....

    We stayed up laughing and playing cards until 4:00 in the morning and was up and at em' by 9:00 this morning so really tired now but need to spend some time with our furry girls. I will sign off and chat more tomorrow....

    Hope everyone had a great weekend.

  17. Skeeter ~ Beautiful hummingbird picture. You have lots of great color and blooms still. It all looks great!

  18. Great color --see all that watering has paid off:) A really great day here --spent all day doing kiddo stuff --swimming, walking, bike riding and church. Glad you had so much fun on your trip --it's nice to get away once in awhile. Night everyone:)

  19. Hi Skeeter- Wow, look at all the color in your garden! So beautiful and so many varieties of flowers too. I love the begonias. My favorite are all those white varieties of flowers that you have. Just great! :-)

  20. Cindy, I was snapping pics of flowers when the hummer just buzzed up and started sipping nectar next to me! I captured that shot in 3 tries! I was excited as the hummers are so difficult to catch on film....

    Anonymous, sounds like you had another fun filled kiddos day! Hope you are not too depressed when with them in school today. I know you will really miss your Sidekick...

    DP, I never knew how much white flowers bring color into a garden until I started to plant them! I do like the color we have this year but it has been a struggle with the drought....

  21. Hello, your blooms are just beautiful today! I enjoyed looking at them!

  22. Thanks Annie Fannie! Some are staring to fade now.. Sniff sniff...

  23. So many pretty things blooming in your garden Skeeter. I do like that combo of blue daze, petunias, and alyssum.

  24. I was happy at how pretty that combo turned out as well Garden Girl.... I was going for the Red, White and Blue theme but they did not have red petunias the day I went hunting...