Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Flower Designs

Beachaven Garden Club met recently for its yearly August Workshop on flower arranging. A very big part of garden clubs is not only the social aspect of meeting up with good gardening friends, but also of flower arranging.
I must admit my favorite part of flowers is growing them. But I good naturedly try to arrange some flowers into some semblance of a bouquet which will please me. The fun part is cutting them and finding out you really don' t have as many flowers as you thought you did-especially in August!

Here are a few examples of the beautiful designs we ladies come up with at our meeting. Ann is fortunate her husband grows an abundance of marigolds. She designed the first picture of the sunny marigolds. I am pretty sure she also designed the second flower arrangement of Rose of Sharon, crepe myrtles, and zinnias. Zinnias were in abundance in everyone's gardens and are a great flower to grow for summer interest.

Bet you can't guess who designed with the hydrangeas. Just kidding, that should be an easy one. Sandra, our resident expert and blue ribbon winner designed the arrangement with the pink hibiscus. Her category was 'One blossom' and yes, she did take the blue ribbon with that cool design. She is so artistic and has been a good mentor to me.

I think Bernice designed the above design with a bunch of neat flowers. The textures and different varieties of pinks add so much interest. Faye designed the above design with pentas in the 'Unusual Container' category. Can you see the cucumber she placed the flowers in? Pretty neat huh?

Thanks all you good gardening friends in Beachaven. The yearly workshop is an opportunity to socialize and work together on our designs. Last year my mother was able to come to the workshop and this year I missed her very much. But I always look forward to our monthly meetings to see what new designs you gardeners will have and what beautiful flowers you have growing....

in the garden....


  1. Hi Tina, since I can't have flowers inside due to Hazel the plant eating cat I can only admire the work of you all. The marigolds are fantastic, I would never have thought to use them as cut flowers. Glad you gave it a try, you are such a fireball!

  2. What a very talented group! The arrangements are all fantastic. How unusual to have a cucumber base!

  3. Tina, Aren't people incredibly artistic? You are too! The flower arrangements are fun and lovely. They are all just right!


  4. Morning all! Frances, I love the nickname. I may just have to try that garnier to go along with fireball and maybe I'll get some energy back. Not sure where it all went:(

    Cindy, Thanks! It was fun and the gals are very talented. Not my cup of tea but okay I guess.

    Gail, Thanks too! An awful lot of work and vision go into flower arranging.

  5. what a fun day!

  6. what a fun day!

  7. I admire your arrangements. I usually wear the flowers out before I get them arranged. :)

  8. That was the first thing I said, love the orange and yellow! But I like orange and yellow in anything! Most of my flower arranging is with dried flowers, is it very different?
    School tom., Nikki may be staying home. Esp since we told her there was a staggered start! Dads fault, read the newspaper backwards!

  9. I'm so impressed, Tina; I have trouble arranging the rare roses my husband gives me! These are all lovely--who would have thought a cucumber would make a great flower vase:)

  10. Lovely arrangements Tina. How neat that you get together like that and make your own flower arrangements. I love to cut flowers from my garden for vases. I give my Grandmother a handmade arrangement every year on Mother's Day. She loves it.

  11. That is really interesting Tina. I could definitely use a crash course in flower arranging.

    The one in the cucumber with the asparagus? is very unique. I like that.

  12. For it not being your cup of tea, you did a GREAT job as it looks wonderful!!!

    Thanks for missing me. When I started reading it, I thought to myself, ohhh, I was there for that last year. LOL

  13. The flower arrangements are lovely, love the pinks more than anything else. Can't wait to try out Faye's cucumber base arrangement at my next get-together! What a unique idea!!

  14. Sounds like a lot of fun making flower arrangements with friends. They all look beautiful!

  15. Jillybean, It was nice and with a potluck too!

    Mother Nature, My problem too. There are tricks to preserving them but I leave them for the experts.

    Rose, Thanks! The ideas these gals come up for the design categories are really really creative. That is the fun part for me. A new way to use those excess cukes.

    Dawn, I think dried flowers are not too different, just the water and preservatives require more effort. I hope Nikki has a good day at school. Jimmy is liking his school. Tell Jack of all Trades don't read the paper backwards!

    PG, Does your grandmother live with you? I am thinking you and her might have fresh flowers in the house each day. I know she loves your creations each Mother's Day.

    Marnie, Fay is very a very talented gardener and designer. They have been teaching me for four years now and I have only really learned to soak the oasis ahead of time! I must be a slow learner. Anyhow, it is fun and you would do great. Loved Toby's walk on the wild side.

    Mom, Yup, thought of you. This year it was on your birthday even. All the ones who came last year also came this year. No talk of scandalous plays though:)

    Kanak, I looked at my banana flower and sadly it is only a stalk now. I will have to try that banana flower recipe next year. Do try out the cuke, it was pretty cool. Asparagus too!

    Gisele, Thanks!

  16. Great arrangements! I like to toy with arranging but cannot do much as my fur babies will eat them! My flowers mostly stay in the gardens…

    I have been around flower arranging all my life. My grandmother was very active in a Garden Club in Clarksville and won many ribbons for her arrangements. The Saints mom ran her own floral business since I came into the picture but retired a few years ago. Although she did a Flower Demo this past week and said she had fun but does stress this time of year with few flowers in the yard.

    ½ inch of rain yesterday and calling for more pop ups today…

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  18. Tina--That looks so fun. I think it is an art to be able to put together and design flower bouquets. I don't think I could do it. I would try to combine anything pretty and put it together,lol.

  19. Skeeter, Your grandmother sounds like a gem and that must be where you got your talent from!

    DP, That is me too-that is why I always 'win' last place. lol

  20. That looks really cool. Good job

  21. Finally, blogger is working.
    Great job Tina. It does sound like fun. I could never put flowers in a vase & it look like anything.
    2 days now, no rain. Wheewwww. Water still laying in ditches. At least I can walk in yard in some places.
    Not to fast to jump out there as I saw a snake in the back yard by the oak tree as I was at the sink. It was standing up & looking around. By the time Young'un got out there he couldn't find it. Hopefully it has gone by by.They are looking for dry places. People have found them in their garages. Even in their homes. No thanks.

  22. I'm not really into the flower arranging unless there is dirt attached, but those look great!

  23. These are beautiful Tina! How wonderful to be part of a group like this!

  24. Sarah, Thanks!

    Lola, Stay away from those snakes! Glad you are drying out. We need some here! At home I do not arrange flowers either. Any old vase will do.

    Dave, Surprise Jenny one day with a homemade bouquet and tell her Grace made it! Even have Grace to help out.

    Meadowview Thymes, Garden clubs are fun for sure. I would rather these be in dirt though-like Dave said. lol My club knows this I promise you!

  25. Lola, the snake probably went into a tree to dry out. Poor critters on the run everywhere from all the rain....