Monday, August 25, 2008

Cow Days of Summer

Who says it is the dog days of summer? These wading cows would beg to differ. What a great way to spend an afternoon-wading in the cow pond.

Can you all hear the wind? It was a lovely day with a nice breeze!

Thank you Cindy for the delicious recipe for "Mock Crab Cakes". I made them for my family recently and even Mr. Fix-it had this to say, "They aren't half bad" in a very surprised manner. They were actually quite good and that was a compliment coming from Mr. Meat and Potato man!

in the garden....


  1. Tina ~ Thanks for the link. I'm so glad you and Mr. Fix-it enjoyed those Mock Crab Cakes.
    Those cows crack me up!

  2. Nice to see cows. If they are close like over the fence there would be potential manure for garden.
    Crab cakes look yummy. Would like recipe.

  3. Thanks Tina for the link to another great blog that I hope to explore real soon. Those crab cakes look good. Nice video of those cows, lol.

  4. Cow days of summer--I like that, Tina! All in all, I have to say we have had a wonderful summer--enough rain most of the time and not too hot. At times it even feels like fall.

    I chuckled at Mr.Fix-it's comment on the mock crab cakes. That sounds like something my husband would say. I will have to check out Cindy's recipe.

  5. With the eternal August lack of rain I can see why the cows moooove over to the pond! The crab cakes sounds good!

    Let's hear it for Fay coming our way!

  6. Morning all! Those cows are a real treat and I am glad you all enjoy them-better than dog days and we need the water too.

    Lola, The recipe was so easy and that is why I liked it so much. I will email it to you.

  7. Hi Tina, don't laugh but I thought the cows in the pond was a precursor to cow patties in a pan! Gross, I know. No rain for us, how about you all?

  8. I like Dave's comment! Too funny! and for the first time, I got a video! neat! Crab cakes look yummy!

  9. The cows are too cute, lol. Those mock crab cakes look so yummy. Cindy does have some great recipes on her blog!

  10. Tina,

    Are you getting some of the rain? We did this morning...not sure if enough has fallen or will fall but it is a nice change!

    The patties, I mean mock crab cakes look delicious! So sorry, the cows did that to my brain! I have enjoyed Cindee's recipe posts but since I quit cooking for the summer, I haven't gotten around to trying have tried several if I remember correctly. Now I'm hungry!


  11. Frances, never thought of that! Yes, we got nearly one inch! Garden day today for sure. Back to school tomorrow so I need to work today.

    Dawn, Yeah the video finally!

    DP, These were good and easy. Key word being easy for me.

    Gail, Yup, nearly one inch. I'll be in the garden planting today. Those cakes or zucchini patties if you will-were ever so good!

  12. Thank you Cindy and Tina for the mock crab cake recipe! I already have everything at home so I can try them tonight. And Tina thanks for Cindy's site. I want to check out her other recipes.

    I have fond memories as a child of riding the horses to the creek and swimming with them on a hot August day. We midwesterners (and cows) live a long way from the beach:)

  13. I was also thinking that burgers were in the skillet! LOL... a true Tennessee sight, Cows around and some in the pond! Great video and post and I will try the recipe as they look so yummy in the pic and with Mr. Fixit’s review, who could resist… lol…

    Another overcast day and the humidity is back with a vengeance! Nasty I tell ya... Temps in the mid to upper 80's but with humidity feels like the 90's... ick... Pop up showers expected all week long…

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  15. Cute video and the crab cakes look great so will have to try em. However, what I wanna this a record for your shortest post?!!! LOL

  16. I throughly enjoyed that cow video. It was so peaceful. I copied the recipe for the mock crab cakes too and Billy saw it laying on the table. "What on Earth do you need "mock" crab for? Go catch you some".

    But he doesn't understand. I like trying mock recipes. My favorite one is using Ritz crackers in the place of apples for a pie. It's been around forever and is very good. Mock coconut cake, poor man's caviar...all very good.

  17. in tn it is definitely cow over dogs everyday of the year. cute video.
    you will have to give mr. fix-it some meat by the end of the week. i know i three sons and dh who are meat and potatoes kinda guys.

  18. Marnie, Let us know how you like them and hubby too. They were easy and fast (my kind of food). Pond swimming is always a treat-for man and beast in hot summer:)

    Skeeter, Kind of okay today and overcast. I know the humidity is returning-hopefully with some rain because I am busy planting. Ah-so much work! Sounds like you got lots of rain. Let us know how the cakes turn out.

    Mom, Trying to shorten posts. So much time spent on them and I start school this week and so on. We'll see. Less info, less talking, I guess.

    Billy might be surprised to hear the cakes are made from zucchini-good for you and not crabs. I love seafood, not much of here. Hubby doesn't like seafood so for him to enjoy these was great. Ritz crackers go good in everything to me and I think I have had mock apple pie. Now I am hungry!

  19. Hi Marmee! I rectified the situation with Mr. Fix-it. Lots of chicken. lol Looks like rain is coming-yahoo!

  20. Even tho the day is not quite over so far we haven't had any rain today. Hopefully it will start to dry out some. I need to get out in the garden & plant some Fall veggies. Or do something outside the house. lol Being shut up is not my cup of tea.
    Had to watch them cows one more time.
    Hope all have a lovely night & a great day tomorrow.
    Thanks, Tina.

  21. Hi Gisele!

    My pleasure Lola. No rain here:(

  22. I just found you through Faire Garden. I see many things I will enjoy learning about! Your love of flowers is one we share!
    The mock crab cakes look really good right now too!! My garden is producing like crazy right now and cooking dinner is a treat!!