Friday, August 29, 2008

Front Door

Skeeter's Front Door

Eve asked us to post about our front doors and in the spirit of support that is what we are doing! Tina didn't want to show hers as she is working on it-as always.

My front door is probably what some would call a traditional entry. We had the new door installed about a year ago. The Saint installed the new light fixtures and I put the personal touches on the wicker tables. Plants, whimsy items, birdhouses, etc. Decorations change with the season and the tables disappear during the winter months for evergreen trees filled with birds and snow...

I like to think the front door is inviting and the welcome mat is always out whether coming into my Front Door or, In the Garden...


  1. I think an inviting entry is very important and not just for visitors. We and our families deserve a nice, welcoming area when we arrive home esp. after a busy day. I think your front door area is lovely.

    Always Growing

  2. Skeeter - You have a beautiful front door and it is VERY inviting. You'll have to post a wintertime photo, I'd love to see your evergreens. I bet they're really pretty.

  3. Very nice front door, mine always consist of just a wreath. And of course, a foot or more of snow. My 15 year old would never bother to be careful while shoveling!

  4. Hi Skeeter, your front door is wonderful as is your front porch which protects your front door so you can have those nice accents out of the elements. I was just getting ready to put the fall wreath up, use the old one or get a new one? I love the decorations of fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, harvest, etc. It's the colors I think.

  5. Frances-I agree that the falls colors are beautiful, I just hate racking and my yard is so little with so many trees that I get over a foot of leaves in it!
    Skeeter-You front door is very nice, and contrary to what my mother may say her isn't bad. I like the like "homey" things that you put out front. My front door is awful and I would never dream of posting anything on it!

  6. Edit: raking is spelled wrong! My bad.

  7. I love the way you have dressed up the area around the door.

    I've wanted one of those brass plates for a long time.

  8. Very nice front door with plants and a few important rocks. I love it! We have a full view door (it's getting ready to be refinished...the elements have been hard on it this last year) a small table and with my own collection of favorite rocks!

  9. nice to have out the welcome mat 24/7 for those of us who visit even virtually. it is fun to decorate around the seasons and change things up. we actually come in thru our backdoor the most.

  10. Good idea with the houseplants on the front porch by the door. Those are good ones to get outside during the summer. I like the rocks you added also!

  11. Jan, Inviting front doors are important. Stay safe with Gustav.

    Cindy, Skeeter is the epitomy of Martha Stewart when decorating for Christmas. I am sure she will post a pic of the evergreens and tell of the squirrels escapades stealing the fake snow.

    Dawn, Having a wreath on your front door always is a very good idea! Ah, those teenaged boys. I know your pain.

    Frances, Fall is the best season! For me it is a nesting time for some reason.

    Christine, Thank you so much for saying my front door is nice. P.S. I really didn't want to show all the dog slobber so I didn't use the photo. Yes, I know, I should've cleaned it but only when company comes, which reminds me... And your front door is not so bad, now that climb up the stairs is another thing:)

    Marnie, That brass does show up nicely. I wonder if it is a kickplate? I never noticed them before.

    Gail, I like your front door with the sporty sunglass wearing pig out there. It is sweet. Hope the refinish goes well.

    Marmee, Having the welcome mat out for friends; whether virtual or real is a real good thing. Skeeter is very welcoming. Backdoors are good too:)

    Dave, I don't remember you posting on your front door before? I have seen the house and love the porch so I bet your front door is nice too.

    The really good thing about having more than one person on this blog is we can backfill each other and I am sure Skeeter will not mind me helping her out today. Right Skeeter? Have fun at the zoo. They have LOTS of well marked plants there so take lots of photos!

  12. It is a very inviting door, and it is very pretty too. I love the glass in the middle of it.

  13. Your front door is beautiful Skeeter. I love how personal you made it with the wicker tables & decorative items. Your winter decor sounds fabulous too. Thanks for sharing your wonderful entry with us.

  14. You've got a very welcoming front door Ms. Skeeter. Those wicker tables add a lot of charm, and the greenery there (Pothos or Devil's Ivy if I'm not mistaken) sends the message: "I garden."

  15. Skeeter a great looking front door. It's also nice if you have a porch. Love the wicker tables, they look so fresh & has a suggestion of gardening. I would love to be able to do something like that but I have no porch. They do help keep the elements off your front door. As with so much blowing rain from Fay my front door stayed wet, so anything I would have had would be ruined. Plus the ramp doesn't help any.
    Tina, I know your front door does NOT look anything but gorgeous. So many flowers to choose from to decorate your front door.
    Dave, would love to see your front door too.
    I think the front of the house tells a story of the people within. Homey, friendly & always welcoming friends to sit a spell.

  16. Thanks all! Skeeter is enjoying some good R&R. We'll hear about it all soon.

    Lola, you are very kind. I do have tons of flowers showing the way to the front door, and a nice porch, but I need to pretty it up a bit. We use it always so it is a good spot for us and maybe I'll post on it later. Thanks!

  17. I love your whole setting!!! It is well designed and welcoming!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  18. This is indeed a very welcoming front door, Skeeter. I'd like to see it this winter with the evergreens, too.

  19. Hello Everyone, In Tennesse and getting ready to see Tinas front door in person! We had a really stressful trip up I-75 with running into two accidents which killed our great driving time to TN. Has anyone ever crossed the median to turn around after sitting in stand still traffic for 30 minutes? We did for the first time ever along with about 100 other people. I am sorry but when a gal has to "GO" a gal has to go! We met lots of friendly people in the gas station at the map station. Was too funny and soon we were on the back roads and back up the interstate. Then to the next wreck which had us trapped on the Exit ramp with nowhere to go... argggg...

    Nashville Zoo was nice but a bit small but just the right size to visit to stretch the legs after such a stressful day in the car. Tina, I dragged the camera around but it never came out for a snap. I was just enjoying the views with my eyes instead of through the lens of a camera for a change.. lol.... We kind of had our own private day at the zoo as the place was empty due to threat of rain and we met some great zoo care takers full of knowledge and fun chat...

    Rush hour traffic at 5:30 in Nasville was a breeze to us as it was nothing compared to 16 lanes in Atlanta which we find ourselve caught in at times...

    Came home to a happy mommy and daddy and house full of welcoming kitty cats!

    In bed at 2:30 my time this Am and slept like a baby....

    Thanks for all the kind words on our front door entry. Nothing fancy but I like to think inviting. You will see it change in time with the seasons... Next week, you may see the front porch in depth so stayed tunned.....

    Okay, now I am off to see Tinas front door. Dog slopper and all and I will be expecting some BJ slobber and his ball.....