Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Garden Tour

Do you remember my garden tour posts? I posted on six of the seven gardens on this year's Montgomery County Garden tour back in June. Well, this is the seventh garden and it is a very colorful, full, and stunning garden. You would think you were at a palatial mansion with professionally designed landscaping and stunning perennial borders when you pull up if you did not know better. The two gardeners are pictured above. I am not really and totally sure which is the gardener. You see, Mr. Davidson is a funny guy and really pulled my leg over there when I visited his garden. All along I thought it was his wife Nancy who planted the gardens, only to find out that it was him who planted and she who designed the garden! How is that for a good pairing? Their design and garden was so seamless that to this day I am not really sure who gardens here but it is evident someone does. Do you see all that beautiful garden phlox above? That is just a small sampling of the flowers visitors were treated to on their tour of the Davidson's garden in June.
Jimmy was able to send me a picture of his and Nancy's pond. Remember, the entire garden was designed around this pond. If you look closely, you can see the ginormous koi toward the front of the pond. The waterfall has a very nice sound and adds to the ambiance of the garden.

A specialty of the Davidson's is container gardening. The many unique and incredible containers were to die for. I have never seen such gorgeously designed and meticulously maintained containers as here. Jimmy explained that he and Nancy order specialty containers from a Kinsman Company. Instructions come with the containers, but you still have to be diligent to wind up with such stunning presentations as is pictured above. Isn't it awesome?

How is this for a pergola? This Greek style freestanding pergola was surrounded by lovely plantings. It fit in so well with the landscape and was just the right scale for the rather large property and garden. See all that color and plantings? You would not believe this garden is not very old in terms of well established gardens. Jimmy and Nancy began gardening less here less than ten years ago when they retired. The garden started with a super great koi pond which features a rushing waterfall. The koi were huge and there were quite a few of them. From that one pond everything else evolved out and around it.

This is a view from near the pond toward the pergola. The pond is located fairly close to the house so that all can be easily enjoyed from the house. See the classically styled fountain leading the way to the pergola? Can you hear the rushing water of the waterfall behind you while you traverse this path to a comfortable seating area under the pergola?

There was a lot of whimsy and small personal touches in this garden. One could not help but notice the inscribed stones intermingled in the hardscaping around the pond, the numerous statuary and the special brand of design this gardening couple incorporated into their yard.

The garden is also lit up for nighttime enjoyment. I can tell you I was impressed as were my friends who toured the garden with me. The Davidsons were kind and lots of fun and I thank them for sharing their garden with me and the community!

Special thanks to the Davidsons for taking all of the pictures and sending them to me. You all did a great job!

in the garden....


  1. Wowee kazowee! That is an amazingly beautiful garden. It sounds like the Davidsons are a happy couple, and who wouldn't be after creating that paradise? I have ordered from Kinsman, that are a top rate company with lots of coir lined planters that do well here, they cannot break from the frost and keep the plants at just the right moisture level. Highly recommended, as if the Davidson garden weren't enough of a plug!

  2. Wow! How beautiful, lot of time, energy, blood, sweat and tears. Retired from a career to a job FILLED with 23 1/2 hrs of work.

  3. What a gorgeous and well maintained garden. I love the Pergola, the flagstone pathway and all the beautiful urns & containers. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh, wow. I would kill for that pergola:) And talk about nice phlox. I really like those colors. I want one of those purples.

    Tina, that is a really nice garden.


  6. AWESOME!!!! As one that loves phlox and esp the deep purple I sure enjoyed those pics. But, I would be remiss if I did not say, I would liked to have seen the pond also.

  7. Good morning all!

    Frances, Dawn, PG, Marnie and Mom-Thanks so much! This garden truly speaks for itself and should be on the garden tour every year!

    Frances, Thanks for the info on Kinsman. I had never heard of them.

    Dawn, You know working in the garden is work of love and really play:) Or so I tell myself.

    PG, You would love this garden. He has a special double oakleaf hydrangea that was super!

    Marnie, Not sure what kind of phlox-maybe Jim will let us know? They are doing super but so are yours! Mine sadly are not. Need to change varieties.

    Mom, Maybe Jim will send a picture? It is a lovely pond with waterfall.

    Jim, I guess the cat is out of the bag then! It must be you-with a bit of help from Nancy then! We'd both be rich if I was your agent as I am a fairly good marketer.Thanks-I'll be looking for that call:) And thanks for sharing your garden.

  8. What wonderful gardners! This is what retirement is all about! I enjoyed each and every garden on the tour with you Tina but I think this one may be my favorite. The pergola is wonderful and what I cast my vote on! I was looking for the Koi pond also as I love the water surrounding me while in a garden. I get such inspiration looking at this garden but wonder how one keeps it lush and happy during a drought season.

    Yesterday I dug out the two Elvis hosta and Catmint and put them in pots so I can give them some TLC. I dont want to loose them like I have so many other plants. When I dug them out, the soil was really dry. I had watered with the hose on Saturday and already dry on Monday! Soil is sucking up the water I am putting on the plants... Crazy I tell ya... Calling for rain today and tomorrow so hopefully we will get a few drops.... Lake has fallen a half foot since we were out there on Sunday! Argggg…

  9. Tina, hi, what a beautiful garden! It's exciting to see what couples who work well together can create...I am imagining what Mr Doesn't Garden would add to my already interesting style! Thanks for the tour...the pergola is wonderful and I imagine it's stunning when the wisteria blooms!


  10. I think this one is my favorite so far...I LOVE their walkway and their pergola

  11. Lovely, lovely garden. It's great you got to visit all the gardens.

  12. Beautiful garden! Love the colors of the phlox. A really nice day today --should be out weeding the yard. But, Sidekick and I dropped off some boxes and will run a few errands. I planted some orange cosmo seeds and yesterday one was blooming --so pretty. Thanks Nina or Tina --can't remember who gave me those particular seeds. Girl Model loves the color of it --she is on an orange kick right now --wearing orange shoes to school today, lol. Yes, orange maryjanes with a cute jumper with orange ricrac. Ah, I love dressing the girl model:) Have a great day!

  13. Very nice! I really like the pergola and the stone pathway around it. I think those small circular gardens are a neat idea.

  14. what a lovely tour! sounds like not only did you see an amazing garden but were entertained by the gardeners, themselves. what a treat.

  15. Skeeter, I hope you get some measurable rain finally! It is starting to look like last summer-my water bill knows it too. Good news though, had a problem with the heat pump and Action Air is fixing it at no charge. How cool is that? Gotta look on the bright side somehow. Water bills...lake levels...droopy plants-has to end somewhere!

    Gail, Mr. Doesn't Garden might just surprise you someday and take over the garden. Mr. Fix-it and I joke the real battle starts over real estate at that point! Think I like it I am the only gardener-so it just might be a blessing he doesn't garden and of course he lets you no problem. What a gem!

    Jillybean, The hardscaping was very nice indeed. Easy garden to traverse with the paths. Behind you would be the pond.

    Sarah, Visiting gardens is my thing. I learn so much that way and have seen some very nice and different gardens. No two are ever the same. Never. Even with the same plants they will be so different so it is a life experience.

    Anonymous, I don't see how you can weed as it is so dry. I have been trying to stay out of the garden, relaxing some more now that the Jimster is back in school. I am betting you are missing yours too much! Girl model sounds darling in orange. Glad you have an orange cosmos blooming. They are pretty tough plants and the butterflies will love them. Say hi to everyone for me okay?

    Dave, This is an awesome garden. I can see yours looking like it one day too.

    Marmee, Sometimes it is the gardeners that are truly the treat and not the gardens. Funny huh? You hit the nail on the head. I just wish I could've stayed longer and had my camera!

  16. Forgot to say, Marmee you had some special visitors to your garden too and it looked like fun.

  17. Wow, that is an amazing garden and so much pretty color!

  18. Dee/reddirtramblingsAugust 12, 2008 at 3:29 PM

    Thank you so much for the tour. I went to the Kinsman site. Wow, what cool containers. This is a wonderful garden.~~Dee

  19. Wow!! What a beautiful garden, I am so jealous lol. I love the pergola. Looks like the perfect get away place to me. And the fountain is wonderful too. It all looks just great.

  20. I got a peek at this lovely garden a year and a half ago. It's even more beautiful than it was then -and it's hard to believe that's posssible! Coming from central Iowa, it's fun to see how others garden - and garden well!

  21. DP, Tons of color everywhere. I liked the larkspur which was in full bloom when I was there. It was bright and colorful.

    Dee, Thanks! That Kinsman site seems nice and the best part is they send step by step instructions for even novice container gardeners (like me). Seems failsafe and Frances likes it alot.

    Doris, Thanks! I hope you are staying cool down there and maybe getting some rain too.

    Anonymous, Hello and welcome! What a small world it is indeed! I bet Jimmy and Nancy would love for you to go visit them again. I have a feeling this garden is stunning all year round. You know gardens just get better and better. I visited Iowa and LOVED the gardens up there in Cedar Rapids. My friend had an awesome veggie garden and it seemed everyone had a plot in their frontyard. Not sure how it looks now with the flooding in that area, but the black soil most impressed me.

  22. What an awesome garden. Loved the walkway, fountain & finally the most magnificent, the pergola. I would love to have one like that in my garden. Thanks for a wonderful tour Tina. All the tours have been great but I think this one takes the cake. My favorite.

  23. Wow! What an awesome garden Tina! Love the phlox, love the pergola, love the container, love the swing. . . what's not to love! Really, really gorgeous. What a beautiful place to retire. Who needs to go on vacation when you live in a place like that!

  24. Ran by the roadside market today for fresh GA peaches! They are about to play out and small ones showing up now but oh so sweet and juicy! I am putting some of them in frozen smoothies type drinks each night as it cools the body down form our hot days!

    Today was the first day in 75 days we were not in the 90's or higher! Yippee and a band of rain is moving our way! Calling for steady rain most of the day tomorrow! I will believe it when I see it.. LOL.

    The Saint jumped on my Red Rider and I walked behind the push mower. I wanted the exercise and the legs are feeling it.... I pulled weeds also and was thinking that I should do like Anonymous and wait for the rain as they come out so much easier! LOL, I will be pulling them again as I missed most of the roots! Dry ground was hanging on to them! Darn weeds…

    Tina, I forgot to tell you, I have lots of the orange Cosmos blooming and the butterflies and bees do like it! Thanks again....Hey the butterfly weed has a bean pod looking thing on it. Could that be seeds? I am hoping so as I will try to plant them next spring. I also found a bean on the Trumpet Vine, never had one before now... Hummmm....So many mysteries in the garden...


  25. Lola, Thank so much. It was my pleasure sharing all these gardens.

    Garden Girl, Not sure if they take vacations but I know it would be hard for me to leave that garden for sure!

    Hey Skeeter, It is nice you and the Saint change it up mowing. Funny too. Your pod on your butterfly weed is a seedpod. Let the seeds fall where they will or encourage them to fall close by the mother plant and leave them there. You probably could collect some of the seeds and plant them but I am not sure how it would work. I haven't tried it. I would think the seeds would need stratification though so that is why I leave them where they fall. Better chance maybe? Maybe somebody knows more than me. Just look for babies to pop up. My butterfly weed is blooming again! Can't believe it. Sounds like yours is doing well and I hope for rain for you. Georgia in August under 90? Gotta be a miracle. I felt like I was in Maine today, such nice weather for summer.

    Hey all, I added a picture of the Davidson's pond. Thanks Jimmy!

  26. Oh what an awesome pond and I love the turtle!!! Thanks Jimmy and Tina.

  27. The pond is awesome as the rest of the garden. I saw the koi--large. Love all the statues, frogs spitting water into pond. hehehe

  28. Love the pond --thanks for adding --I'd love one in our yard. Such a tranquil relaxing place after a long hard day.

    Oh Tina --I did weed --hehehe --my sprinkler gets everything wet so it's easier to pull them out and the kids help me out back with swimming --more water comes out onto the side gardens from all there splashing --now the backyard --well, it's full of weeds and very dry.

  29. Wow! This is a garden to die for! I love going on garden walks like these. Sometimes I come home and feel rather intimidated comparing my feeble attempts at gardening with others', but I usually get lots of great ideas. Now if my husband took an interest in gardening, maybe my garden would be a little more grandiose:)

  30. What a wonderful garden! I hope that's what we have one day!

  31. The pond is perfect! I love it and all the whimsy surrounding it! Thanks for sharing with us....

    I will leave the seed pod on the butterfly weed as is then Tina... I was going to pop it open and plant them but now will let nature take its course. I will have to mark this area as I almost plucked it thinking it was a weed! New addition to the garden so what did I know? I just felt something about that weed looking thing this time and left it. I can only wonder how many more things I have plucked thinking they were weeds! LOL...

  32. Skeeter, maybe keep a few seeds back once it pops open to try inside, but mainly let nature take its course. One warning, butterfly weed is late to emerge and can be easily overlooked and pulled as a weed so mark the location well. Good idea!

  33. I will mark the area with a stake or big rock... I do that to several things as the memory is not as powerful as in past. lol...