Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yippee, we had 2 and 1/2 inches of rain fall in my Georgia Garden from Sunday to Monday! I am so happy about that and also the fact we were able to get all the trees cut to the ground before the rain damped our plans. Not one limb hit the house so it was a most successful weekend. Now the Clean up begins, Sigh...

Look what popped up in my Triangle Planter full of Perwinkle. Cleome and I actually grew them from seed! Seed passed along to me from Tina and Nina. I put the seed into the ground and up came the Cleome! I am so happy as I rarely have luck with seed planting but this year has been the year for me. I have had a little luck with seed.
I say a "little luck" as some of the seed planted produced beautiful flowers for me while others did nothing. I counted my empty seed packets and have a total of 34 paper containers.

Of those 34 packets of seeds planted, I see results from only about 12 packets of seeds! That does not seem like good odds to me. I have said before, I don't have much luck with seed planting. I don't really know what I do wrong but something for sure.

I did have luck with the Cleome this year though. This one above is planted in the Semi-Formal Flower Garden. She was so tall and heavy that she fell over. But falling over did not hamper her blooms.
She continues to grow today and provide me color in the garden when most color is missing this year. I have been an absentee gardener where this garden is concerned. I must do better by her next year. I have said this twice now on the Blog so I MUST keep to my word next planting season. Here this plant was when standing tall. I don't know why I never snapped a picture of her from a long view but she once stood tall as you can see with the yellow Susan in the background. I spotted those seed pods (bean type) as soon as they started to grow and have been keeping my eye on them.
As they started to pop open, I begin to collect the seeds.
Oh my, have I collected the seeds on this beauty! I will scatter these seeds all over my gardens next spring in hopes of having them surround me. I just love these beauties! Thank you so much Tina and Nina for bringing CLEOME, In the Garden...

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  1. You will have cleome self seed everywhere too. This is one of the easiest flowers to grow from seed for me too. Mine have long given into the heat for this season. They can take quite a bit of cold too.

  2. Cleome are pretty flowers and I love the color of yours. Glad they did well for you. I'm thinking of taking all the different seeds I have and scattering them over my main garden. Some will come up and some won't. It ought to be interesting, and it will get the seeds out of containers sitting in the house, they aren't going to grow there. You'll have a lot of seeds for scattering next spring, then have wonderful cleome filled gardens. Cleome does not like our heat and humidity.

    Glad the rain didn't come until the trees were down, and that you had no mishaps. Clean up is always a lot of work. Hope that goes smoothly for you too.


  3. Yep I agree with Darla, the Cleome will be more than happy to self-sow for you next spring. :)

  4. Holy smokes! That is like the most seeds I've seen anywhere! You'll have a great stand next year but I warn you, once they get going they really get going. They love rocky and gravelly areas and may wander where you don't want them so beware:) I have some seedlings that are coming up in my veggie garden where they should not be growing. Whenever we get rain I might work it. So glad you got some rain!!!! And the trees down! Don't worry, those trees will disappear quickly.

  5. That is a lot of seeds! I love collecting seeds, there is something very rewarding about it all.

    I grow many, many annual and perennial flowers from seeds, but cleome hates me for some reason! Everyone says it is easy. I'm going to try winter sowing for next year!

  6. Isn't rain magical? It seems to perk up the blossoms like nothing else.

  7. Good Morning everyone! 60 degrees and no humidity in the air. It is down right chilly this AM....

    Darla, This must be an easy flower to grow from seed as I had luck! LOL The heat nor dry weather seem to bother these beauties this summer and that’s a good thing…

    Flowerlady, Hum, the heat and humidity did not seem to harm these Cleome. And boy did we have the heat and humidity this year! Wow, it was the hottest year on record and I survived it as did these flowers. I was so happy with them that I will scatter seeds all over the place next year in hopes of having lots of Cleome in my life…

    Racquel, I allowed some of the seed to fall natural so it will be interesting to see just where I end up with Cleome plants next year. Probably in places I really do not care to have them such as the Perwinkle does…

    Tina, I have a big plan for the Cleome and hope they do take over a certain area of the Semi-Formal. I am sure in time they will be filling the gravel pathway with seedlings as the cosmos do then I will be regretting them. Na, just pulling them. LOL. I so wish those trees would disappear over night but not going to happen. But with cooler weather, the clean up will be a breeze!

    Cameron, I find that difficult to believe when you have such luck in your gardens! I do wonder if my waiting to sow seeds in the spring may be my issue with little seed luck. I sometime think I should just let them go over winter in put them into Mother Natures hands. I scattered some of the Cleome and poke some into the ground. I am not sure which ones produced for me but I think the ones I poked into the ground as I only did a few of those and a few is what I have…

    Meredehuit, Hello there! Rain is most magical expecially after a bit of a drought. My gardens are happy as can be right now...

  8. So glad that you had rain, too. Your pictures are beautiful...what a wonderful flower! Carla

  9. Wow are you going to have cleome everywhere! Those look great Skeeter some times seeds don't germinate the first year - I'm not sure how it is with cleome though. You might get seeds popping up for next spring that you planted this year.

  10. So happy you got some much-needed rain, Skeeter! And congratulations on the cleome--I love this plant. I have one that grew absolutely huge, but I think I'm going to pull it to make way for a new perennial. I hate to do it, but I'm going to try to collect some seeds from it, too, and sow them elsewhere next year. Seed sowing is sometimes a hit and miss project. We had such a wet June that I think a lot of my seeds drowned:)

  11. Skeeter I love your Cleome. One popped up in my garden last year and everyone told me what it was and that it would come back. Unfortunately it didn't. Don't know where it came from either but it sure was beautiful. Guess I'd best try and find some.

  12. It sure is pretty and that is a mega bunch of seeds.

  13. hi skeeter!

    i came over from carla's place to see your
    garden. the cleome is gorgeus and loves
    the hot weather. such a great late summer

    but, oh those wicked thorns!

    thank you for the visit.


  14. Wow. I need to plant some of these next year as I'd forgotten how beauiful they are.

  15. I just love Cleome. And I haven't attempted growing it in CO yet. I used to grow Cleome in NE, where is flourished.
    It is good you were able to collect seeds. Now you can enjoy more next year!

  16. You make cleome sound easy to grow. I've never tried it but it sure looks nice. Maybe next year... :-)

  17. Looking good, Skeeter. Cleome is one of my favorite flowers, even though I haven't grown any yet! How do you find the smell? I know some people don't like it. I do, though. I took a few pods from my neighbor's to try next year.

  18. Rain, magical rain (pouring here today and lovin' it)! Adore handsome cleome, once a must in my garden then ran out of sun room :(

  19. I love Cleome! I didn't have any come up for me this year, but plan to try it again next year. I love how unusual the flowers are.

  20. I'm still laughing about the line saying that no tree limbs hit the house, so the project was a success. Well, I guess so! That would have been a disaster. Thanks goodness the cleome will be easier to remove if it reseeds somewhere you don't like.

  21. Hi Skeeter,
    Love that Cleome. I had it several yrs. ago but it has finally gone bye-bye. I did have 1 volunteer that was very small last yr. Tried to save some seed but that didn't work. A couple came up {volunteer} this yr. in my big pot where I put a sweet pepper. Go figure. I did have some in N.C. One was like a tree. It came up in big rocks on bank.
    Glad you got some rain. It is doing that as I type. We had already gotten some short showers before dawn yesterday. It did pour down yesterday just when I had to leave for Dr's. Rain does do wonders.

  22. I have been a busy gal today so am a bit late getting back on here. Thanks for all your comments and I will drop by to see you all in the morning over coffee.

    Dave, You may be onto something with that thought :-)

    Jean, Mega bunch indeed! Greetings to Dawn from me :-)

    JGH, Can you believe I never sniff them? Ha, I must run out to get a whiff....

    Lola, Rain is a good thing! As I wrote that I had to laugh. Have you heard that song about Rain Being a good thing? Rain makes Corn, Corn makes Whisky and Whisky makes my girl a little bit Frisky! Or something like that. Ha, too funny.....

    Night everyone!

  23. Don't believe I've heard that one.

  24. Congrats on the rain - and the Great Cleome Success Story! I fell in love with them a couple of years ago, when friend gave me a beautiful white one. This year I grew some deep magenta ones, though in our climate I had to sow them in trays inside and plant out once largish plants. Only took them out two days ago, they flowered for months, but I could do without the thorns - and the tendency to keel over after a wind! They looked mad! Hope they self seed for you, though with all the seed you collected to scatter too, I think you could wind up with a grove!

  25. LOL, the seeds in the final photo, where you can't really tell scale, remind me of dry cat food, ha! :)