Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hot One in Georgia on this Super Harvest Moon

By SkeeterDid you all see the moon last night? A Super Harvest Moon was in the Georgia sky!We have not seen a Super Harvest Moon in about 20 years. The last day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and now Autumn begins. The Bad Moon was arisen folks! Click HERE for more information on the Super Harvest Moon...
I am glad to see Autumn arrive! It has been a hot summer in Georgia this year. In 1993 there were 114 days with temperatures in the 90's or above which holds the record for the hottest year.

Well, that is, it WAS the Record until today! We surpassed that record today with a high of 93-degrees being day number 115 for this year. We have not been receiving any rain either. (Oh no, I hope we are not on our way for yet another drought, Sigh) This young Buck stopped by yesterday to get a sip of water from the birdbath.

Hopefully this video will play for you to show you more deer at the birdbath. I must fill it along with another bath near by each day as they drink them dry. I should get the deer a water trough! Ha, I don't think so...This Hawk perched on the large oak tree out my window as I was typing. It is always a treat to see this majestic bird of prey perching within view. I was leery of him being so close to the bird feeders. The Saint noticed something strange in this picture. Can you see it? The Hawk is standing on one leg with the other leg held up to his chest! Look closely to see his talons barely showing. I was shocked this squirrel was in the birdbath as the Hawk sits above him. I was waiting to see what would happen next. The Hawk was not interested in the squirrel but kept looking below to the bird feeders. He was waiting for an unsuspecting bird to fly by for a snack. Then he would get a meal! I thought about shooing the hawk off but after all, he has to eat too. I was so happy the Hawk dropped to the ground without grasping a bird in his talons. I know it is nature but it would still break my heart to see this happen. I have seen it way too many times and it never gets any easier to witness one of my feathered friends become a meal for a hawk.

The Hawk was not around when this Blue Jay stopped by for a sip and bath. On this day, I saw more Blue Jays then ever in the bath. They had me singing the song Splish Splash I was taking a bath, long about a Saturday night, Rubadub..... (I hope that song does not stick in your head today, hee hee) Hopefully the video will show you the splish splash...My little Cheetah girl has been enjoying all the activity at the bird baths this summer. The Saint made her a shelf to perch and enjoy her version of TV. The heat upstairs had us move the computer and desk downstairs to the cooler sun room. As I sit and type, my little fur-ball is at my side soaking up the sunshine and the views.

Yesterday as I was getting this blog together in my head and downloading videos, I was entertained by the Hummingbirds outside my window. Tina mentioned to me recently how she witnessed three female hummingbirds fighting intently. I have also been witnessing intent fighting like never before. I was splashing in our small pool practicing my snorkeling and while taking a break, I was about hit in the head by two hummers fighting. They were literally using their long beaks as if swords and fighting each other! I could hear the beaks hitting each other! I thought I was going crazy seeing and hearing this action. I felt like I was watching an old movie with two guys fencing each other for the damsel in distress! I found it a bit unnerving seeing this as I was trapped in the pool below them and at one point, they took each other to the ground. They had no idea I was just beside them and watching with amazement. I feared they would poke me in the head as they buzzed off. I wished for the camera as this went on for about 15 minutes or so. They usually just run one off but this time, they were really fighting and each one was standing their ground. I hope the video works so you can see a little bit of what I consider normal territorial fighting. If the video works, notice at the end, the other hummer came back for more...

Back to our Hottest Temperature topic. We should hold this record for some years to come. The weatherman is reporting 3 more days of 90-plus temps. So we should hit 118 days for a new Record! The year 2010 will go down in the records books as a HOT ONE IN GEORGIA, ON THIS SUPER HARVEST MOON, In the Garden...

Note; The Saint has the Boom Machine on reserve for this weekend. More trees will fall to the ground. If only the cold front would arrive sooner, Grrrrrr...


  1. I love this post, several topics! You ain't kidding about this heat...I heard the weatherman say we had big changes coming though. I have to go listen to the rest of the forecast to see what he is talking about. Our hummers are acting crazy too, they get more aggressive as they are getting ready to migrate and fight over food. How cute is the deer sipping out of the birdbath....Great photo of the Hawk, glad the birds were safe, at least this time.

  2. What a great post! Wonderful pictures and videos. I'd love to have more hummingbird action here and am working on it.

    Boy, you have had record heat, hopefully you will get some rain soon. We had a heavy rain for a short time in the middle of the night, that was it, but at least it was something.

    Enjoy the rest of the week and cutting down trees this weekend.


  3. Skeeter,
    Loved the Redtailed Hawk photos! Not sure on the heat records here, I do know it'll be 97 here today and the mid 90s the two days following today. In the past 30 days we have had .13 inches of rain......

  4. Great post Skeeter. I really like the clips. Love those little hummers. Regal looking hawk.
    I saw a white owl one time & it sure was pretty. I use to go sit in tree stand & watch the animals late in the evening. That was nice.
    Tina, Jean, Dawn, Anonymous & Nina, wishes for a wonderful day.
    Skeeter "yawl" be careful this weekend.

  5. I think Georgia is already really hot and this certainly confirms my suspicions. Wow! A record indeed. The deer drinking in the bird bath is great! What a sight. I too enjoy the birds bathing. Those hummers, they are really something. I hope it cools down for you quickly. Here the cold front is expected Friday night so I think it'll hit you sometime Saturday so you guys should be set for tree cutting. Have a good one! Wonderful hawk! I never see them up close.

  6. We are right there with you on the heat and lack of rain here in North Carolina. I am looking forward to the cool, crisp air of fall. I spent some time enjoying the harvest moon last night myself. Were you also able to see Jupiter? It was below the the left. Carla

  7. Cool photos Skeeter! I'm hoping the cool front drops by very soon - maybe this weekend? I've seen hummers to the same here - they get pretty violent!

  8. Hi Skeeter, what a great post! It seems the hot weather is at least providing you with some entertainment at the bird bath. How did you manage to get those great videos?! You are truly blessed with wild animals in your garden.

  9. I love the wildlife pics, Skeeter, especially that one of the hawk holding up his foot. Wonder what that's all about? Maybe he's doing his own version of Nixon's "I am not a crook!" appeal so the birds at the feeder won't be alarmed by his presence.

  10. That is an excellent shot of the hawk. It looks very hungry!

    I wonder why his leg was pulled up like that. Strange.

    Liked your videos, as well.

    And the moon was something else last night. I didn't even need to turn my brights on coming home at night through the canyon!

  11. Good Morning everyone! Going to be another hot one today...

    Darla, Weatherman promises cooler temps on Sunday for us. I am going to have a Cooler Weather Dance ready for its arrival. LOL…

    Flowerlady, Thanks, We have many blooms in the yard and 3 hummingbird feeders but only a few Hummers. Some people have so many they must fill the feeders daily but not so with us. I am happy with the few we have rather then none at all though but would like more in the garden...

    Randy, Our area had rain last Friday but not one drop hit our yard! Also a pop up shower in another close area and that time we had 15 drops, LOL. Hopefully with this cold front arriving, we will receive some rain. I am tired of dragging the hose around. My MIL says in her neck of the Virginia woods, they are under water restrictions due to lack of rain. They are 20 miles east of Fredericksburg so they too are dry…

    Lola, Thanks girl, we will be on our toes this weekend in more ways then one. LOL… I saw an owl a few months ago sitting on the fence of the growing gourd vines. We suspect hunting for frogs in the dark. I snapped a pic or two but he was too far from me to get a clear picture. The Saint and I were in awe of this beautiful creature…

    Tina, I was worried that by moving the computer from upstairs, that I would miss so much activity in the West side of the yard where the main gardens are located. Let me tell you, there is plenty of activity for me to see out the South facing into the woods windows of the house! The wildlife is abundant in our yard no matter which direction one looks. I am hoping for a Saturday morning front but probably not until later that day. Any break will be welcome though…

    Southern Lady, I was out snapping pictures of the moon and had a cat trying to trip me. I was so into snapping a good picture that I totally forgot to look for Jupiter! Plus being outside alone in the dark is not fun for me as I get a bit jumpy from the night noises in the air. I guess I fear a critter will haul me off into the woods, LOL…

    Dave, I have seen the normal territorial fighting such as in the video but never the intense fighting to the ground with them. They really meant business. I was afraid one would get really hurt but they finally took off and probably from exhaustion. Come on cold front...

    Barbara, thank you for your kind words! I am lucky that I have a sunroom with plenty of windows to view the wild. I keep the screens off during the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Plus I have a camera with a 10X Optical zoom. I can zoom right through the glass of the window to the creature in sight. I snap many pics to get that one blog quality shot. I only wish I could do better then I do but am happy with my results as I am not a professional by any means…

    W2W, You are too funny girl. I am guessing he is ready for the pounce and grab of an unsuspecting bird but who knows. We learn so much from observing the wildlife out our windows. Things such as a leg in the chest can only make us go Hummmmmm…

    Rosey, I love the brightness in the night air during a full moon. Living in the woods, it is pretty dark at night and full moon make everything glow, especially Moon Flowers!

  12. Beautiful photos, especially the moon, I was so disappointed, it was hidden under clouds here in Iowa last night..........

  13. I commented on the moon to my husband last night as well. We only saw it early in the evening as clouds moved in with nightfall.
    You certainly have a lot of wildlife visiting your gardens. I enjoyed the videos and photos. I hope you get some relief from the heat soon.

  14. Iowa, I wish for clouds to cover the moon tonight. And hopefully, rain clouds....

    Sherlock, We refer to our yard as a taste of Wild Kingdom! We welcome all critters great and small. Well, the Voles and Moles can go elsewhere. Grrrrrr...

  15. That second harvest moon pic is a keeper.
    Couldn't open the hawk picture for a closer view...guessing he's holding onto prey.
    Our hummers are do to leave sad.

  16. I sure hear you on the heat. We broken heat records for us all summer. It should be real nice crisp mornings now in Maine with somewhat warm days, It was in the low 80's yesterday.

    The hawk may have bee half asleep as birds very often sleep with one foot pulled up and their head under a wing.

    You bloggers just get the best pictures and videos!!

    I do not think I have ever seen a hummer on the ground, ever and I know I have never seen them fight like that.

    Lola, we have a barred owl that lives out back in the woods and he is awesome. Hopefully we will have him again this winter and it will be the 3rd winter. He comes and sits by a birdfeeder behind my daughters house next door to us.

  17. Patsi, No prey in the Hawks talons. I saw him from landing on the tree until he flew off. He was really close to me....

    Jean, Nope, the hawk was not sleeping. I saw him land and he was intently watching the birdfeeder below him. He was perched for about 10 minutes and then flew down to the ground in the Wishing Well planter. I think he was after a lizard but missed it on his landing. Each of those hummers meant business I tell ya...

    Hope things are looking up your way Miss Jean :-)

  18. Morning Jean, I hope your owl stays another winter. Hope you take a pic of it so we can see this beautiful bird.

  19. I've heard that hummingbirds are very territorial and stake out their own feeders. I've seen them swoop down and chase each other off, but nothing like the duel you witnessed! You could have used your snorkel to go underwater and waited for the coast to clear, Skeeter:)

    We've broken some records this summer, too; I'm hoping yesterday was the end of it! As I type this morning, a nice soft rain is falling...I hope it wends its way toward Georgia, Skeeter.

  20. Lots of activity there, Skeeter - and lots to keep your sweet kitty entertained, I see :-)

    I'm extra wary of hawks these days because I now have some young chickens. They're almost as big as the hawks and I've been wondering at what point they're too big to be attacked!

    BTW, I would be very happy if the Rub-a-dub song stuck in my head instead of the Justin Bieber nonsense my daugher played all morning.

  21. We broke a record here on Friday as well. Fortunately I don't have to worry about deer heading into my garden for a drink, or worse a snack.

  22. Aw, the deers are soooo sweet. But, WOW, the hawk is breathtaking!!