Thursday, September 30, 2010

Moon Flower & Red Cousins

By SKEETEROne morning I looked out into my Georgia Garden and spotted something glowing on the swing Arbor.
Zooming in, I could see huge white flowers! Oh my, what do I have here?

Big beautiful Moon Flowers! I saw these on someone else's blog recently and could not help but agree with them on how the center resembles a Starfish! Sorry for not remembering who mentioned that but you know who you are.
Here is a bud ready to pop open in the evening hours.
The leaf of Moon flower is large as is the bloom.
I planted these from seed packets so I have the name. She is Evening Glory; Ipomoea. When I purchased these seeds, I thought I was getting the same flower that once adorned my garden thanks to Tina passing along some seeds.
The Moon Flower that Tina has in her Tiger Gardens is Datura. Click HERE to see that beauty. Funny thing; When I picked up the packet of seeds, I thought I was getting the same flower that Tina has. How surprised to find out I have a vine climbing Moon Flower! Looking on the seed packet, I see it says "Night Blooming Vine" at the bottom. Well, Duh, on my part for not paying closer attention.
She is a beauty as she opens up in the evening but with all moon flowers, they do not last long. Just look at how large this bloom is compared to my hand!
By mid morning, the beautiful blooms have succumb to a blob of white nothing. Sigh, so pretty but for such a short time...
Where the blooms were once, I now see these things.
I can only assume these are seed pods. I sure hope so as I have enjoyed this flower and would enjoy it to reseed for next year!
When the Moon Flower is gone for the day, the Cardinal Climber is blooming to keep me happy.
This flower has been keeping the butterflies, bees and hummingbirds so happy this summer.
Look how differently this bloom looks then the one above it. Hum, lets do some research here shall we? Ahhhhh, this is not Cardinal Climber but Cypress Vine instead! Thank you Nina for the seeds! I have been seeing the Cardinal bloom for a while now and wondered why the Cypress has not bloomed. Well, well, it may have been blooming all along. I just have not noticed it as the blooms are so similar from a distance.

After a bit of researching on the computer I found this info.

Cardinal Climber:




Cypress Vine:




Also the Moon Flower is Genus-Ipomoea. Ah ha, so these flowers are cousins! Learn something new everyday! The Climber and Cypress have been blooming like crazy and dropping old blooms daily! The ground by the swing is covered with them.
I also spotted this Scarlet Runner Bean blooming. It bloomed earlier in the summer but not for long. I was surprised to see this one blooming now. My seed packet says this one is edible but I will not munch on it and I don't see any bean pods anyway.
When that Grapevine covered tree fell (Click HERE to see) in our yard this past winter, I had a vision in my mind. I took that Wild Grapevine and turned it into an Arbor for this swing. (click HERE to see) That vision was continued with seed planting all around the base of the Swing Arbor. It is not often a vision in the head actually turns out as you plan but in this case, I am ever so happy with the results! I love that MOON FLOWER & RED COUSINS, In the Garden...

Note: Thank you Tina and Nina for the seeds to encourage me to try more seeds this season. Also thank you to all commenter's chatting with me. It has been a trying year for me in the garden as well in life. I will be Missing In Action for a bit. See ya when I return to the blog!

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  1. Just wonderful Skeeter. I posted Brugmansia and said the center looked like a starfish. I have the white blooming Datura seeds if you would like some. I have never had moon flower germinate here. The Cypress Vine pops up all it!

  2. I've grown both the moonflower and the cypress vine and loved them both. The moonflowers have such a wonderful scent. Your yard and gardens look oh so lovely. How nice to be able to have a high view of them like you do.

    Enjoy your time away, hope it's nothing serious.


  3. A perfect combination of the moonflowers blooming at night then the scarlet and cypress taking over during the day. You are a most smart gardener! Enjoy your time off! See ya soon and have fun!

  4. Very striking Skeeter. That is the ultimate for plants to climb & bloom like that. Red & white are so pretty together.
    You will be missed but we will be here when you return. Hope all is ok.
    Hi Tina, Anonymous, Dawn, Jean, & Nina. Hope you all have a great day.

  5. Great choices for your swing arbor Skeeter. I've grown Moonflower in the past and had to slip out in the evening or early morning to catch the blooms open. :)

  6. I love the moon flower. I have been looking for night blooming flowers. The arbor turned out great and I agree great job with the red and white flower combination.

  7. I'm a big fan of the moonflowers! I've planted them the last two years along our arbor and I'm always happy with the results. Have a nice break Skeeter and I hope to see you writing again soon!

  8. Good Morning all. Still drizzle rain here in GA but looking for the sun to shine by tomorrow with much cooler temps. Just in time for house guest to arrive....

    Darla, Ah, it was you that mentioned the Starfish resemblance. Am glad to know as it was bugging me to not remember. They do say the memory is the first thing to go and boy is it going these days! Thanks for the seed offer but save the postage for someone else. I can pick some up from Tina the next time I am in her Tiger Gardens. Right Tina? LOL, of the hand full she gave me, only the one germinated for me. I tell ya, I usually do not have luck with seeds. Thank you so much for the offer, that is sweet of you…

    Flowerlady, I would see that birds eye view each time I sat at the computer but the summer heat took me downstairs with the computer. Sigh, I miss my overhead views but can go up there any time and admire the garden from above. I see wildlife with my sunroom views. Nothing bad for my being MIA just going to be really busy with activities the next month. Hopefully no more set backs but fun stuff instead. Thanks for your gracious thoughts on my behalf…

    Tina, That one actually worked out just as planned! Rarely does that happen for me but usually things work out okay just not as I had planned. Good thing I am a flexible gal. :-) Thank you so much for keeping my mind open to seed planting. I don’t have much luck but with your encouragement, I will keep trying and sometimes with the best results!

    Lola, just going to be having a busy month so must put blogging on the back burner for a bit. Red and White together are a great combination. Hum, with my patriotic ways, I should find a Blue vine bloomer as well. Maybe Morning Glory! Ah, you just gave me an idea for next year! Thanks and you too have a great weekend…

    Racquel, the Moon flower blooms are still tall in the morning but gone bye bye by noon. They are so big and awesome and glow in the dark under the full moon but I wish they would stay bloomed for at least 24 hours! Oh well, cant have it all I reckon…

    Char, thanks, the Arbor was fun to create. Creating unique things in the garden is fun as it makes for a one of a kind garden. Moon Flower is a most fun night bloomer. I just wish it would hold its bloom during the day as well. It’s a keeper though…

    Dave, Ah, I told you I had this post coming. I love the night bloomers as it gives the night pollinators something to enjoy. I hope the Luna moth gets something from the blooms. I will miss blogging but hopefully, I will be kept so busy that I will not have time to dwell on it too much. Back before you know it…

  9. Oh Skeeter do not cut yourself so short, you have had a lot of planted seeds do well for you this year. Can't fool me, I pay attention when reading. The arbor is stunning with those flowers. Have a good time and do not work too hard, take it slow and easy. I was going to suggest morning glories when I read you needed some blue and then you said it....great minds run alike. LOL

    Hi Lola, hope your day is great.

  10. Gorgeous Moon Flower- and aptly named! Isn't it inspiring to see the creamy richness even if it's only for a short day? Lovely images and gorgeous garden!

  11. What a great place to plant moonflower! sometimes we have perfect accidents in our gardens and flowers teach us well. To sit in the swing and inhale the sweet scent of the blooms at night... lovely! ;>)

  12. Skeeter, I love moonflowers. Not only are they big and beautiful, they smell so darned delicious. I hope to see a luna moth visiting and photograph it! gail

  13. I think the corkscrew-like buds of the moonflower are just as interesting as the beautiful blooms.

  14. Your arbor looks great, I love it!

    I grew Moonflower one year and your pictures remind me that I must try it again. The flowers are so elegant.

  15. I didn't get my red climber in the ground soon enough this spring so I couldn't enjoy this bloom in my garden this year. I'm loving your swing vine design. Looking forward to stopping back to see what you share next.

    Happy Autumn - Bren

  16. It is wonderful to achieve your vision as you did in the arbor. Maybe as we get more experienced we get more realistic visions? Skeeter, I'm sorry it has been a trying year for you - have a good break, you will be missed. cheers, catmint

  17. Thanks all for your wonderful comments. They are the high point during my down times of life...

    I will jump hurdles as they arise and be back soon....

    Everyone have a great Fall...

  18. I remember when you first showed the grapevine arbor, Skeeter. What a lovely mass of blooms you have on it now--I don't think you could have planned it any better.

    Hope everything is okay and that you're back with us soon.

  19. I love both moonflowers and cardinal climber; did not realize they were cousins.

  20. I would like to begin that the Moon Flower is really amazingly big, next are the pretty red colors of the cousins, and all of them are beautiful to be in a garden. But by putting them in the arbor is the best. I think i've seen your previous post when the arbor was just built and now it is already very inviting, to sit there with a book or a cup of coffee. Oh how nice life is in that little part of your garden. Just even that one is already very fullfilling for a gardener. I wonder if you feel it yourself, as i visualize it to be. hehe!

  21. I think I want one of everything in my garden every year. :)

  22. I found your blog this morning because I am searching for why my moonflowers would not bloom after coming out on the vine...really enjoyed your info and I also have cardinal climber and moonflowers in my yard...hope you are coming back, would love to see more...