Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life after the Flood

By Skeeter I once again left my Georgia Gardens for an unexpected trip to Tennessee to be with my family. It is becoming a bit tiresome to tell of our trying year but such is life at times. It is how we deal with these moments that make us who we are and stronger people from our trails and tribulations known as life...

What was to be a normal Same Day Surgery for Gall Bladder removal, turned sour for my father. He ended up in the hospital for 4 days thus my unplanned trip home. We were on the edge of our seats for a while but things are back on track.

The positive side of being home, I was able to check out the progress of their house renovations from the May Floods. (Click HERE to view that Blog) The kitchen is coming together with a new floor, new dry wall, paint and new cabinets in place. The counter tops were under construction as of this photo being snapped. Wood Flooring and paint colors the wall of the bedrooms.
The Guest Bathroom has a new tub and tiles in place. I can hardly wait to try out that tub!
A custom seat to make showering more easy on replaced hips.
Bathroom vanity's are in place while the tops are being constructed.
New panel doors are throughout the house replacing outdated dark stained doors.
The Great room is much brighter now with lighter wall color and wood floors that should be sealed by the time of posting today. I am crossing my fingers that they will be back in their house within a few weeks. Looking out the Great room, one use to see a beautiful Glass Green House surrounded by a manicured garden.
The Floods damaged the glass Green House to the extend of removal. Money will be the factor in what will go here in the future. Imagine my parents surprise when they discovered this little garden popping up this summer!
By the time I saw this garden, it was starting to play out with the summer heat. Just look at the beauty surrounding an empty shell of a patio! My parents did NOT plant one single flower this spring as the flood arrived before their planned planting date. All these flowers came up voluntarily and put a smile on my parents face.
The Green House may be gone but there is LIFE AFTER THE FLOOD, In the Garden...

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  1. Glad your Dad is back on track...the house is looking so nice..and oh la la, that volunteer garden!

  2. I hope they can get back while there is still time to enjoy nice weather on the patio.

  3. Glad to see that things are starting to look up for your parent's house. What a nice surprise from Mother Nature giving them that volunteer garden. You know what would be nice there is a pergola to sit under. :)

  4. The patio just needs a comfy chair to view the volunteer garden. Glad your dad is doing better~I've never though that surgery should be a one day event, but his really sounds scary.

  5. Glad your father is better.

    The house renovations look fabulous! What a wonder nature did with those flowers!

  6. Things are looking up....that is a good thing.


  7. That little garden is MOST pretty. We should all have Mother Nature plant our gardens huh? The house is pretty and wow-what a change. I love the sage green on the walls!

  8. The colour of the wall is soothing. It will definitely soften the fear of flood. Voluntary garden is doing great!! ~bangchik

  9. Good news! And volunteers. Gosh my garden doesn't look that good with careful planning. :)

  10. Good morning everyone! We need rain here in GA, Anyone like to send some our way???

    Darla, Thanks, we like it when dad is on track as well. He was out and about before I left home and hopefully, I will be back up there soon for the move in. Volunteers are the best…

    Les, We will all be glad when they are back in the house. They have been enjoying that little garden each time they drive by the house and dad has been keeping it watered as well…

    Racquel, I am trying to talk them into a sunroom. This way, they have another room they can enjoy year round. The Glass House was too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. On the cheaper, I was also thinking of a pergola but they have a screen porch and deck and not sure they would use this patio if not climate controlled. Something to think about though…

    Gail, yep my dad has to do everything to extreme. The doctor has been doing this surgery for 27 years and said he has never seen a gall bladder is such bad shape as my dads was. It is gone now and life is better. I so don’t like being put on the edge of my seat though. I gave my mom a new ceramic table and chair set for Mothers Day and I think that would work on the patio to perk things up a bit for now…

    Cameron, Thanks and yes, Mother Nature was brutal for the flood but nice with this garden. Funny how some good can come from a tragedy, a new house and pretty garden to enjoy as well. Just not the way my parents wanted to renovate though…

    Rosey, Such a good thing indeed girl :-) I cannot wait for the move in date as I am excited to help my mom and dad get their house back! It will be a wonderful day for sure…

    Tina, The sage green is cool and will go great with the beautiful bed covers mom has for the bed. The little volunteer garden was awesome but I only wish I could have seen it at its peek as I know it was gorgeous! Still looked fairly well but was playing out big time. Dad was out watering it just before I snapped the pictures. He was doing what he could to keep it alive. He so enjoys his flowers. We had to make him stop watering though as he had only been out of the hospital for a few days….

    Bangchik, Yes, the new colors are wonderful in the house! I do hope they keep another flood as well as any more negativity out of the house. My parents have had their share of bad experiences this year and time for some good luck to come their way…

    Troutbirder, I know what you mean! We carefully plan and tend our gardens and they may not thrive no matter what we do for them. Then Mother Nature has a garden planted and it does so well. Makes one wonder at times for sure…

  11. Hope your dad continues to do well. The house is looking good. Nice to see they're using the chance to custom a few things. The flowers around the former greenhouse are awesome. Plants are amazing. Such a nice surprise.

  12. Sorry about all the bumps in your families' lives this year! But your attitude and story are inspiring. Really!

    I have been hankering for a shower similar to the one you show here! I want a shower ROOM! Something you can just hose down. An entirely tiled bathroom with a drain in the middle...

    Really sorry about the green house. It was so lovely.

  13. I'm sorry to hear about your father's hospital stay but am glad he's back on track. The flood and rebuilding is also such a headache, but again, the positive is that you practically get a new house! It's beautiful! Nice volunteers, too!!!

  14. The house is looking really pretty. It'll be like having a brand new house. The garden looks great, what a nice surprise.
    Glad your Dad is recovering now.

  15. Everything looks really nice and fresh. Love the wall color and the bathroom tile. Love the tall dark red celosia in the garden.

  16. Thank you everyone! I talked to mom last night, she said that counter tops,s inks, toilets, first coat of sealer on the wood floors and a few more things are in place. She and dad are now finally over the fact of loosing the house to a flood and now excited about getting back in soon....

    When mommy and daddy are happy, I am a happy child.....

  17. So good to see your parents' house almost completed--they will feel as if they have a brand new house with all the nice updates! And what a pleasant surprise to have the volunteer garden; it's almost a sign to remind one that life indeed does go on. Sorry to hear your Dad had a rough time with surgery; I hope he is doing better by now.

  18. Great news Skeeter. Sounds like the move will be very soon. Awesome!!