Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2011 Lily's

By SKEETERLilies thrived in my Georgia Gardens this year! This post is a bit late in coming but I reckon we can say, Better late then never...
I have only been growing lily for about 3 years. I can only wonder why it took me so long to get the Lily Bug? I say "bug" as there are so many different lilies out there and I want to have them all! I have shades of yellow which glow at night. This yellow is not the same as the previous yellow lily. I have so many different lilies now that I can only guess at the names of them. I just call them things such as; the yellow lily, the peach lily, etc. This one is so pretty but the camera just does not capture its true creamy colors. But still a pretty picture to me.
The little butterfly loves this Peachy colored one.
This is a smaller lily but blooms for a long period of time in my gardens. I saw one blooming a few days ago in this heat. Wow, I was shocked to see one blooming so late in the year.
The lilies started opening up for me in late May. With having so many different types, I am rewarded with staggered bloom times thus, lots of lily time.
This one reminds me of my High School colors of Purple and Gold. Go Wildcats!

The fancier ones are in the Semi-Formal Garden. This year I did not plant an accompanying flower with them and their planters are bare looking right now.
I do not know too much about lily but am learning as I go. That is the way I roll in my garden. I pulled the dead foliage from below the plants and also the long stems of the flower once they are completely dried out. I don't know if this is correct or not but that is what I do for a cleaner look to the beds.
They are all mulched with pine straw or leaves from the trees above. I do not fertilize them. I don't fertilized much in my gardens. I go with nature taking care of its own.
I wonder why this year, these lilies were smaller in size but lots of them on this one plant.
Why would they grow such as this when last year I had less blooms but huge in size? This year more blooms but smaller in size? Hum, anyone out there in blogland know the answer to my puzzling question? Do I need to divide them?

I divided some other lily plants and moved them to other spots not expecting them to bloom this year. But guess what? They did bloom for me! It looks as though every lily I moved survived.I was lucky to see so many lilies as we have had little rain and extreme heat this year. Today's 7 day forecast has pretty much been the forecast for some time now. I had to be sure to keep the plants moist even back in the month of May. It has been one hot year...

I had such joy with my 2011 LILY'S, In the Garden...

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  1. My lilies didn't hardly produce any blooms this year. They were planted by the home's previous owner. I too am wondering if they needed to be divided. I look forward to the advice that will surely follow in other comments to this post.

    Beautiful flowers. Lilies seem so forgiving of these torturous temperatures! Gotta appreciate 'em!

  2. Your lily collection are so gorgeous. I am tempted to have a go this coming spring.

  3. Probably the weather making them smaller this year Skeeter. You have so many pretty colors in your garden. :)

  4. what a lovely multicoloured view. I do like your lilies - I have tried them but they didn't like me.

  5. I've been growing lilies for only a couple of years now, so I'm in the middle of the 'bug' myself! Very pretty! I would think the heat would contribute to the smaller blooms, too. I know it affects a lot of other plants' bloom size.

  6. Good Morning All.
    Skeeter your lilies are so lovely. I love the different colors. I am slowly adding to my collection, if one could call it that. Mine didn't bloom very well this yr. Most were here with the house upon purchase. They were all the same. I like the purple ones in your garden.

  7. Good Morning everyone! I added one last pic to the blog this am. The 7 day forecast. It has been the norm around here and I thought I would share a pic of it. Yesterday while in the car, our temp was reading 103. Just plan crazy hot stuff here in GA.....

    I have a slight headache this morning but must get to some yard work. I will be out there early and come in before noon to miss the higher temps. But the humidity is so bad I will be melting with in minutes of walking out the door…

    Stacy, Hello there and welcome to “In the Garden”. Yes, you will find lots of information from other bloggers comments. That is the main reason for my enjoyment of blogging. I learn so much from others. Maybe we both will learn a bit more about our lily…

    MKGirl, I got started when my wonderful hubby came home with my first lily. I enjoyed them so much I added a few more later that year. Then last year a neighbor dug up many lily and pasted them on to me. I had a blast creating new gardens for the wonderful gifts. Now I add lily as I spot them at bargain prices. They seem to love my garden conditions as I don’t do much for them…

    Racquel, I am wondering about the weather conditions making life different for the lily. It has been a super hot summer starting in late spring and very little water. But most of the lily were huge and really tall. Just this one plant was full of smaller blooms. Hum, yet another mystery in my garden…

    Catmint, I am sorry the lily do not like you, sigh. I know that feeling when I see beautiful things in other gardens that I cannot seem to keep happy in my gardens. My garden conditions must be perfect for them as I don’t spend a lot of time on maintaining my plants. I let them to nature except for mulching. I just wish they would bloom all year long. I love them…

  8. HollyG, Ah, so you know the “bug” I am talking about. hee hee. They are addicting as there are so many out there. That is one thing I have learned about blogging, so many different types of the same flower! I use to think that there were only a hand full of lily in different colors. Since blogging, I have learned differently…

    Lola, Stay tuned for Thursdays post. I have a surprise lily for you! When I got the free lily last year from our wonderful neighbor, I thought they were going to be all the same lily but once they started blooming, I found different colors of the beauties. He sees them in bloom in my gardens and cannot believe they are the same lily that were in his yard. They love my gardens…

  9. For someone starting late with the lily bug you sure have caught up! They are all so beautiful and look happy. That smaller one has so many blooms! This is what I look for in daylilies when I get new ones. Love all those blooms!

  10. Oh so many lovely pretties. We started our spring with rain 28 days in April and a very cold and still rainy month of May and then June was still below normal temps but dry. July was still dry but HOT. Too darn hot, very close to your temps and I HATE it. I am also lugging the hose every place, every day. Miserable!!!!

  11. Lilies, lilies, lilies ... bring 'em on ... I love them!

  12. Whew, just came back in from mowing the grass. It is hot out there! My neighbor came by to chat a minute and I thought she was going to pass out on me. She had been in the heat shoveling horse poo and needed water. She took off on her wagon and home for cool and drink....

    I still need to take care of another outside chore but cooling down a bit before I head back out. Sitting under the fan while on the puter keeps me in place....

    Tina, I do have a good collection started for a newbie. All the free ones last year really added up and I am always on the look out for bargain ones at the garden centers in late spring. I hope to divide and share with others as time passes….

    Jean, it has been an abnormal hot summer a lot of places up North. At times your temps were higher then our temps! That is just crazy I tell ya. I still am not looking forward to winter though. We have about 5 more weeks of brutal stuff then it should cool off down here. I just hope we have some decent rain and soon. A tropical storm is approaching FL so hopefully, we shall get some rain from that. I don’t wish any harm on anyone for my rain though…

  13. Joey, I have become a lover of them as well. I have so many more to collect though...

  14. What a lovely variety of colours! I have plans for a lily bed sometime in the future when I get around to organizing the front yard.

  15. Your temperatures have been like here. The rain seems to always go around us with other areas getting plenty more!

    Lilies are so lovely and you have quite a nice display and collection of varieties!

    Take care. Stay cool!

  16. I think daylilies are indestructible. The other lilies are so temperamental, but I just split some daylilies in this heat and it did not faze them one bit. Your varieties are beautiful. The smaller ones may need splitting, that is why I split mine. The flowers looked crammed.

  17. I have the lily bug, too, Skeeter. It seems once you start adding a few to your garden, you can't stop:) You have a lovely collection of them.

  18. Wow Skeeter, i almost call you Lily because of Lily of The Suburban Gardener.You have a lot of colors already and very very beautiful. They surely look prettier than the bottle gourds and squash, haha! If only i am near you i will try to breed them and play around those colors. How delightful.