Tuesday, August 9, 2011

House Plants

I added this pretty plant to the front porch of my Georgia Garden 2 years ago. It enjoys staying on the front porch from Early Spring until late fall. During the winter months, she stays inside the house.
2 years later, she is thriving. I have no idea the name as I just call these type plants HOUSE PLANTS, In the Garden...
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  1. I like seeing other peoples' "house plants". I don't have too much luck with any myself--only a philodendron or two....

  2. It's a pretty one but I can't help with the id sorry. :)

  3. Good Morning All.
    Sorry Skeeter the name escapes me at present. It is a lovely. I've had them before. Certain indoor plants help clean the air. They do throw off oxygen too.

  4. It's a beauty! So lush and full and such pretty colors too. It looks great on the porch.

  5. I never know the names of plants like that either, but this plant is distinctive because it is patriotic. And I'm intrigued that you know it is a she? after 2 years of inside and outside you must know it very well (lol)

  6. Good Morning all... I am waiting for the countertop people to arrive. We get sinks in the bathroom today. Yippeeeee.....

    Rebecca, We dont have too many houseplants due to our cats. They like to nibble so the house plants must stay high above little paws reach. We too have what I thought were phillys but once Tina came for a visit, she corrected me as to my plants being Pothos…

    Racquel, 5 comments so far and no one has id’ed this beauty. How funny we know the names of our outside plants but not the house plants. I am glad to see I am not alone with this:-)

    Lola, I have always had house plants in my life. Even if only a few. The cats keep me on my toes with plants in the house. Our boy Skeeter did not bother house plants too much so we had many more when he was with us. I miss a house full of plants but I love my girls more so…

    Tina, I love me porch plants! I wish they could stay out there year round though. A large tree frog has lived on this one for most of the summer. I have not seen him lately though and missed the opportunity to snap a pic to share. I only have the pothos on the porch this year to keep this plant company. Decided they were enough to keep watered this hot summer…

    Catmint, Ha, I refer to most of my plants as he and she. This one just calls woman to me. Hee hee, probably because of how a frog has been calling this beauty home most of the summer. Kind of like the neutering of a mother, the plant took care of the frog…

  7. Dieffenbachia. Your plant is a dieffenbachia, poisonous as all get out. Common name is dumb cane as it renders one mute when the leaves are ingested (tongue swells and it's not a pretty sight).

    I shy away from house plants because I don't want to damage my maple floors. Watering the plants scares me as I think I'll see a "moisture ring" which would not be good.

  8. Glad Wendy answered it for you, I would have had to do spell check for the botanical name. I knew Dumb Cane.
    I am starting to think about paring down the number of our houseplants....maybe. Right now they are living on the screened porch.

  9. It sure does look happy as can be. I love my house plants. So far in the last month I have made 5 new ones from cuttings with at lest a hal of dozen more pots ready to go. I just got to find a spot for them all. Names are not all that important to me for the house plants.

  10. I just checked my new ones and change that 5 to a 7 but I will give a couple away.

  11. Skeeter, glad it was ID'd for you. I was going to say Dieffenbachia {Dumb Cane}. I had a brain freeze earlier. lol. I had a plant like that at one time. They are pretty.

  12. It is a pretty thing isn't it? Well you got an ID, a little scary isn't she?

  13. I have issues with houseplants. Maybe you should tell me your secret to a thriving one. Carla

  14. Good evening everyone! Been a long busy day but happy.....

    I have a Dumb Plant! LOL, Yikes, and a scary plant indeed! Better make sure that she stays away from chomping kitty mouths for sure....

    I dont have many houseplants due to the cats but this one was so healthy looking that I could not let her perish to the winter weather so she came inside the past two years. Now knowing how toxic she is, hum, I may think twice before she comes back inside....

    Anyone want a nice house plant after fall???