Monday, August 8, 2011

Success at Growing Bellacamda, aka Blackberry Lily

Walking through the garden while barely breathing in the stifling heat of this summer I was stopped in my tracks by a surprise bloom; that is the bloom of blackberry lily or Belamcanda chinensis.

I have tried for years to get blackberry lily established in my garden because the beautiful flower are followed by shiny black seed pods that look like blackberries. These seeds are wonderful for using in flower arranging and for interest in the garden. I enclose the long shot so you all can see that blackberry lily resembles an iris. I had started these lilies from seed about two years ago and planted them in the garden last year. The area I planted them had caused them to be shaded by some peonies so this spring I moved them to outside the vegetable garden on the southern side in order to provide them with more sun. While walking along I noticed the plants were knocked down (Mr. Fix-it drives in this area:(. I bent to pick up the plant when I spied the beautiful flowers.
What a feast for my eyes and the success of growing this is even more sweet since I started them from seeds-seeds I probably received from a fellow garden blogger. Thank you to whoever gave me those seeds!
The new buds have a unique curl to them and make the plant even more interesting to me....

in the garden....

For my local readers who have access to the military base I have to let you know the plants at the PX are marked down 75%. The PX normally has nice varieties, many Proven Winners plants, and unique selections. Check them out if you are looking for new plants to fill some spots in your garden. The plants won't last long-so hurry!

I am going to be taking a little break from blogging but you can bet I'll still be in the back soon. 

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  1. I've never seen these! Love the curly blooms. Awesome plant!

  2. The flower bud is really unique. You did well growing them from seeds and very patient:).

  3. Good Morning All.
    Thanks Tina for answering my questions. Now I know what to expect from my little seeds. Can't wait to see the results.
    Have a wonderful restful time off. We will be here.

  4. That is a beautiful flower Tina! A new one for me. I would sure like to see a picture of the pods sometime. Love plants you can use inside after blooms are gone!

  5. What a unique bud all curled up! They are as neat as the bloom itself…

    Did you have luck with the Tiger Lily I passed along to you? I know you mentioned you had no luck with them in the past so I was just wondering…

    What did you pick up at the PX at bargain prices?

    Enjoy your time off …

  6. You're welcomed Lola.

    Skeeter, The tiger lily is still growing but not blooming. It's in a sunny spot so it should catch on. It may take it awhile to get caught up. I bought three shrubs (variegated dogwood, 'Shamrock' holly, chokecherry, and three perennials-all for less than $17. What a steal. Love that PX.

    Everyone have a great day!

  7. What a pretty bloom! My Blackberry Lilies are orange with orange polka dots...hmmm? Do love the seed pods later in the summer.
    Wish I was closer to the PX!! I did promise myself I wouldn't buy any plants in August. I have bought SOOOO many plants since moving, thought I would give the checkbook a hiatus.

  8. What a very pretty flower. It makes me think of a pinwheel which I think can make anyone smile. The leaves do look like an iris and some iris have black seed pods that are fairly large so are they maybe in the same family? The best part is the awesome buds that curl, just amazing. I love, love them!

  9. Have a wonderful break, Tina! Hope it's something fun that you're doing while away from blogging.

    I grow the lily from seeds. It took two years to get the blooms (last year), but are even better this year. The deer (maybe it was the rabbits) may sample these.

  10. Masz powód żeby się cieszyć, bo kwiatek jest śliczny. Pozdrawiam

  11. I love finding a surprise in the garden! Beautiful bloom Tina ~ I can see why you tried to establish them. I'm glad it was finally successful. Hopefully your garden will never be without them now.
    ps I agree, even sweeter because you started them from seed! Enjoy your blog break too.

  12. How cool that you started them from seed. Congrats Tina! I love Blackberry Lily, I have the orange like yours and I have the solid yellow one called 'Hello Yellow'. :)

  13. enjoy your break tina, that lily is beautiful, in one of the photos I thought it looked like an orchid.

  14. Tina, good deals girl... My MIL gave me two azaleas and the Confed Jasmine when we visit the PX here one time... This are the only azalea I seem to be able to keep alive that I planted... LOL...

  15. Tiny but pretty. I have those also, which I started from seed. What's nice is that the foliage is attractive once flowers are spent.

  16. Good job growing those lilies from seed. They are definitely unique and beautiful.