Thursday, August 4, 2011

Formosa Lily

By SKEETER Let's go to the beach shall we? Not the beach with water but rather the Beach Themed Planter in my Georgia Garden. I was worried about the Palm in the planter after the abnormal Ice Storm we had this past January. The tag stated that this European Fan Palm is hardy to temps of Zero after established. I had planted this palm less then a year before this winter storm. So you can imagine my worry.
As you can see, she make it just fine.
As did the Formosa Lily to the right of the palm. This Lily was a surprise lily that showed up as a bulb in a package of Canna that dear Lola sent me. Click HERE if you would like to go back and see the post about those Canna.
This makes the third year for this lily and I think it is safe to say, She is happy in my Beach Planter. Look how tall she is compared to my 5 foot 7 inch self.
She is full of blooms and they smell so sweet!
She is a late blooming Lily blooming in July or August. Sometimes referred to as the August Lily. This bloom must have just open as it has not been touched.
This one HAS been touched as you can see the pollen all over the bloom. The bee's and butterfly's have been busy. Thank you so much Miss Lola for the gift that keeps giving of this beautiful FORMOSA LILY, In the Garden...

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  1. I just love lilies and yours is one of the biggest I've seen! Well done :)

  2. That Lily is a giant, but a pretty one. :)

  3. glad the palm made it, maybe too scared to die with that lily towering bossily over it (lol)

  4. The beach planter is a neat idea. Love the lily! So gorgeous.

  5. Love your Beachy theme here. What a wonderful surprise with the Lily, she's a beaut!

  6. This corner at your garden is so cool!

  7. Wow! That one tall lily. And those day lilies (previous post) were just gorgeous. :)

  8. Good Morning everyone! Another hot one yesterday and no end in sight. Our car temp read 104 and you can only imagine the heat index on top of that. The state of GA lost two football players to heat while practicing outside. Be careful in your gardens during this icky sticky dog days of summer…Thank goodness for cool air conditioning....

    Tanya, Thanks. I am enjoying the addition of lily to the garden. They are easy and bloom really well for me with little attention. My kind of plant…

    Racquel, It is a biggie and just puts a smile on my face! 6 foot tall is normal for these lily so even though this lily looks like the Jolly Green Giants plant, it is not. LOL, when I think of giants, I think of Jolly…..

    Catmint, LOL, maybe you are right. I too would behave with something so large watching over me…

    Leedra, Thanks, I love the beach and thought of bringing a bit of it to my home in the form of a planter. I like themes and have them throughout the inside of the house but not so many themes in the garden. I should add more themes as they are fun…

    Darla, with you living in Florida, I would expect you to have a beach theme. When I think of Florida, I automatically think of the beach. I know there is more to FL then water but that is how my brain works. A beach theme is easy, some sand, shells, a fish net and viola, beach planter….

    MK-Girl, Thanks, I was trying to distract the eye from the air and heat unit on the left and the hanging water hose to the right. I feel success with this little planter…

    Troutbirder, thank you! I am a lucky girl as tons of them were free from a neighbor. And they are so easy to care for with little to no care! I only wish their blooms would last a bit longer then they do…

  9. Love the beach theme! Is there music playing in the background (waves crashing, seagulls screeching) to give it the full effect? That lily is amazing.

  10. It's a beauty! And I'm so glad you've updated us on the beach planter. It looks great!

  11. Love that lily! I may have to add that to my cottage garden. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Maybe the storm was good for the palm as it looks very healthy and looks like it has grown quite a bit. Now that lily is something else!!

  13. Morning all.
    Skeeter, your beach planter looks fabulous. It sure is filling out great.
    Boy, that lily sure is tall now. Mine has been roof high. Their everywhere. They are winding down now with their blooms.
    I love that little palm. More so with the snow on it. Looks cool.
    An alert here for being so hot out.

  14. What a cute planter Skeeter! Glad your palm made it. I didn't know there are palms hardy to 0. The lilies are beautiful, and it looks like the pollinators agree.

  15. Our palms came through just fine too. They are hardier than we give them credit.
    Love the height of your lily...amazing!

  16. Wow, they sure get tall in zones where they can survive winter!

  17. Formosa Lilies do get tall don't they? Love their fragrance.