Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Critters Are Eating Well

By SKEETER What do we have here on top of the fence by our driveway?
A closer look reveals a half eaten apple!
Excuse the quality of this photo but it was humid out there and I did not spend too much time snapping pics. I am showing you this one though, due to you being able to see how strategically this apple was placed in between the fence diamond shapes. Perfectly balanced don't ya think? Now just how did this apple get on top of our fence? I know exactly how that apple got to the top of the fence. One of these little critters put it there and had a great snack. This squirrel is getting a drink from a birdbath in my Georgia Gardens. With a drought, they have been utilizing our birdbaths.
The apple tree does not belong to us but rather our neighbors. These are the neighbors which I tolerate living next door to me. They don't properly tend to their pets, fence or yard and they allow junk to pile up outside in sight of my eyes. They have planted an "Orchard" as they call it. Their orchard consist of about a dozen fruit bearing trees. I am not sure what all they have (I try to not look over there much) but apples and pears for sure. They do not take care of the trees and lose at least one, if not more each year due to our summer droughts. They never water the trees and I am surprised they have lasted this long. Look in the background and you can see one that looks as though it is dying if not already dead.
The trees are loaded with apples and pears and they are not picking them. I am not even sure they know the trees are full of fruit as they are never in this area of their yard.
They are ripe for the pickings' and the squirrels are the only ones picking them.
While snapping these pictures, I spotted this pear on the ground. Half eaten by the squirrels and now being nibbled by Ants.
And nearby, I spotted another apple! If you look closely you can see ants and a wasp taking advantage of the fruit. The Saint and I spotted one squirrel running up a tree with an apple in his mouth. We got a chuckle from that sight. I found another one in the middle of the driveway today while mowing. I find it funny how they grab a piece of the fruit then come into our yard to indulge in the spoils. The Saint and I are plotting a Night Maneuver over the fence. But until then, THE CRITTERS ARE EATING WELL, In the Garden...
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  1. Well at least someone is taking advantage of the trees being there. I wonder why your neighbors planted them if they don't care for them or even eat the fruit. Squirrels are funny creatures and provide lots of entertainment for sure.

  2. I must say those fruit trees are doing very well considering the owners haven't tended to them. Wow on all the fruit and it looks good too. It looks good. So glad the critters eat well there!

  3. The critters are very well fed. They won't be going anywhere else. Nice to know trees that are neglected are still thriving very well.

  4. It's good to know that someone at least is enjoying all this fruit! I bet the squirrels are happy the owners have forgotten about these trees. If it were me, I think I'd be thinking about a night raid of the "orchard," too:)

  5. We are constantly battling wits with the Squirrels to keep them out of our pear trees. Soon you will have fresh apple/pear pie want you? lol

  6. Sounds like you need to hop the fence and do a little fruit tree maintenance! Get yourself some apples and blame it on the squirrels!

  7. I have to agree with Tina, the fruit on those trees look really good considering noone is taking care of them. Fruit trees are very messy, but at least someone is enjoying them. ;)

  8. Glad to see some of the fruit is being enjoyed. What is wrong with some people, sigh, sigh, sigh. I have been so very lucky with never having a bad neighbor in my entire life. We started building our present house 30 years ago next month and did not have a close neighbor till 6 years ago and they are GREAT!!!!

    I hope you carry out the nigh maneuver and let us know all about it. I bet it will bring back childhood memories and make you feel like a kid once again!!!!

  9. Afternoon All.
    What is wrong with people. People are hungry & that fruit would help from starvation. At least the critters are having good meals.
    I hope you do a night maneuver. Please make it worth your while. lol
    Young'un doing ok. Got him from hospital yesterday. Prayers answered again.

  10. Good evening everyone! I had a busy day today and just now time to sit and say hey. So Hey!

    I will try to pop in to chat with everyone soon. Until then I must get my night vision goggles cleaned and ready for night stalking. Hee hee....

    Everyone have a great evening...

    Oh, We had a Earthquake reaction here in GA! I did not feel it but the Saint did at work. The Saints parents were in the middle of it and lost tons of stuff off the walls of their house! Nothing broke but it frighten the dog and she ran away. Luckily, they found her.... Wow, that is something that does not happen in this area....

  11. Yes! I'd be sneaking over there during the night and pick me some apples and pears for jellies and jam! Do it, do it! Don't get caught though.