Thursday, August 18, 2011


By SKEETER On Tuesday, I showed you the Rock Garden here in my Georgia Gardens. From this angle, you can see a rather large clump of green plant to the right bottom of the above picture. See it? A Coleus is popping out of it.
Okay, I shall go in closer for a better peek. Here, now you see it?
Okay, a closer look then. I discovered this same plant in the Semi-Formal Garden last year. I posted about it and asked you commenter's for help in identifying this mystery plant for me. Click HERE to see that plant from last year. Oh, and it returned in the same spot this year as well.
No one could ID the plant for me so when I found this second one growing in the Rock Garden, I decided to do a bit of research. As you can see in this picture, it is soft and fuzzy similar to lambs ear. It also blooms a cute tiny white flower which the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds enjoy.
This is one single plant and I did not put it there even though it looks as though I planted it, I did NOT plant this monster.
I say monster as it is taking over the Rock Garden on the East side! It is growing like a ground cover and overtaking things such as the turtle in the pot. Can you see him in the above picture?
Here is the cute little turtle. I have clipped this thing back twice to reveal the turtle but today, I cannot see him again. Yikes, this is an invasive plant for sure.
As I type, I can no longer see this ground squirrel in the garden as it has been swallowed up by the Little House of Horrors type plant for the third time!
Can you see a spot of red in this picture? That was once a healthy Salvia plant until this plant took it over. Some of you Florida Bloggers may know this plant as it is common in your area. If I am correct with my identification that is. I believe this plant to be "Mexican Clover" from the Rubiaceae Family. Click HERE to see if you think I am correct.

Guess what else is in the Rubiaceae family? IXORA as Tina guessed on the post from last year! With 7000 plants in this family, difficult to narrow down to Mexican Clover. The info says this plant can be found in Zone-9. Funny as I am in Zone-7B to a possible 8. Also it should die when in temps of 20 degrees. Ha, we had ice and snow in January and it still lives in the Semi-Formal Garden! Amazing how some plants do as they want no matter what the books say. Ha, kind of like me some times.

I like this plant and thus far, I am able to keep it at bay. It is easy to prune as I just pluck it off with my fingers. I don't even need a cutting tool! I find it strange how both batches of this popped up on its own and in gardens as if I planted it there!

I like this pretty lush ground cover and think its A KEEPER, (for now anyway) In the Garden...
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  1. I am so glad you got an identification on the mystery plant. I checked it out too and I think you are right. I did find that it grows in Zone 8 as well as 9. You are in Zone 8 so you got it too. I read where it is not a big problem-yet-in Florida but is quite weedy. It's good you can easily hand pull it out. I'm surprised I guessed a similar plant as I really know nothing about tropical plants. Not many of them survive in Tennessee. It is pretty and if the butterflies love it I'd watch it for now. The seeds are easily spread I think and that's how it can move around.

  2. Did not know it's name although I pluck it out all the time here in North Florida.

  3. You know, there are times when I welcome a good invasive plant! :) Like now... when there are far too many bare spots in my garden! It is a very attractive plant... and since it draws hummers and butterflies... I say it is a keeper! That's just my two cents worth!

  4. Good Morning everyone! Humidity is on the way back to GA. Sigh....

    This is a most interesting plant I discovered in the garden. Thus far, it is my friend but with an invasive, that can change in a day...

    Tina, that was my thoughts too, if butterflys like it, then don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Sorry, had to use that one. The Saint and I were talking about that saying yesterday and I was dying to use it. hee hee. I was happy to see that you were on the right track with identification of this neat plant. Being in Georgia, I am learning more about tropical’s then ever before. And this one a volunteer! Me likes free…

    Darla, Knowing you live in Florida, I was wondering if you have ever seen this Clover. I am happy to see you now know its name! It is a happy plant in my garden. Well, for now that is. It may get tossed in time though….

    Stacy, your two cents is always welcome! I too like plants that are simple to care for and attract the buzzers. Volunteers are always welcome as well as long as they behave. If I find this clover to get out of hand, then it must go but for now, it will stay put…

  5. Sure is a happy plant!! Glad the hummers love it.

  6. so funny how we are blessed with these volunteers that show up...I often smile and scratch my head in wonder when I find one. Wonderful that it is loved by the critters too

  7. Glad you got an id and it sure sounds like a keeper to me. Maybe the birds gave you a present for taking good care of them.

  8. Hello All.
    Skeeter even tho it is pretty, I also pull as it is invasive in my garden. I didn't know it's name but considered it a weed. It is also in my grass.
    I too think your ID is right on.

  9. Mystery solved. Well done skeeter. I must say I'm leery of invasive type groundcovers. Us Norwegians are not to keen about agressive border crossing neighbors. :)

  10. Ha, I love the photo of the little ground squirrel peeking out of the plant, though he does look a little distressed:)

    I'm glad you were able to identify this, Skeeter. It does look like a pretty plant, though invasive doesn't sound so good. I have a mystery plant, too, that I'm pretty sure I need to pull, but I as soon as I do, I'll probably find out it was something I wanted to keep:)

  11. I agree!! I think it is definetly a keeper!

  12. Seems I have more "volunteers" than ever this year! Wish all of mine were as attractive as yours :)

  13. It's pretty, but keep an eye on it!

  14. Usually if something shows up that you didn't plant and grows like crazy I've found it is a weed. It's pretty but don't let it choke out the other plants.

  15. I'd rather restrain than coax any day.

  16. If it doesn't need your help to grow, is pretty, and attracts wildlife, it is absolutely a keeper!! It sounds like this native plant decided your garden is a keeper, too. :o)

  17. Hi Skeeter, there is also a weed here in the tropics which looks like a malnourished cousin of that one! If it will be allowed to seed, more problems will show up in some areas. But i agree with you it looks like a nice companion for the red coleus.