Thursday, October 6, 2011


Have I mentioned we had a drought in my Georgia Gardens this summer? Of course I have mentioned it and more then once. This drought continues to plague us in many ways. Here you see the tiny acorns falling from the Willow Oak trees.
In the middle of this picture, you see an Acorn from last years crop! This one is much larger then the tiny ones of this year. Yep, the drought has affected the acorn size. This shall have a snowball effect as the size of the acorns will surely be an issue for wildlife such as the deer that enjoy eating them. Note to self: Spray stinky stuff on remaining bloomers to keep the deer at bay...
Another drought culprit, the loss of this tree! It continued to die so it was replaced with a new Evergreen.
On a happy note, the second one seems to be doing well. Thus far anyway. But I do have a back up ready to replace this one if necessary.
On another happy note, one of the Angel Trumpets is finally blooming!
This one was given to me by a neighbor and we had no idea what color it would be. Ah, a pretty shade of yellow and it has the best scent that fills the air around this area.
The Angel Trumpet that Tina passed along to me has yet to bloom. But I have spotted two buds that may open before our first frost.
I will have to move the yellow one next spring as it is too large where it is currently located. I am thinking of planting it by the other one for a multi colored fest of yellow and peachy colored Trumpets. One happy Trumpet, one happy tree but no happy ACORNS, In the Garden...
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  1. Skeeter,
    Our angels trumpet does not look to make any blooms, too much shade and too dry all summer. We have tiny acorns as well.

  2. My angel trumpet is most late this year too. It is loaded with buds but none have opened as of yet. I really like the yellow ones for their scent. it's better than the pink one I gave you but they are all so pretty.

  3. Good Morning all.
    I love the angel trumpets. I have 2 that brother brought, neither has bloomed. 1 is in a pot, the other in the ground in my rose garden. I'm thinking it needs to be moved as it's in all day sun. Maybe too hot here for it.
    My acorns are very tiny also & the tree is dying. My only shade tree. Arrrrrrrr.
    Have a wonderful day all.

  4. We don't have angel trumpet. But I always enjoyed looking at them at blog that posted them. You are very observant regarding acorn size effected by the climate.

  5. I'm always amazed how many different kinds of oaks there are. This one doesn't grow anywhere near MI, but I Googled it. I don't know why the relationship between acorn size and annual rainfall never occurred to me before, but DUH! It makes sense. (Though some oaks (like red and pin oaks) take 2 years to produce mature acorns...) ANd now I'm confused because some sites I Googled say willow oaks take 2 years to make mature acorns, and some say it's annual. ???

  6. I haven't looked too closely at the size of the acorns here, I am starting to here that "ping" of them hitting the root and driveway. I know you know, but, you can cut your burgmansia and it will root very easily and overwinter in your greenhouse, then you will have many.. :)

  7. Good Morning everyone! It has been a lovely week but my energy level is low so I feel like I am not getting much accomplished. We are expecting some family to arrive on Saturday so I must find my mojo and get going with house cleaning, plant placement, weed pulling, etc...

    Randy, it has been a dry year and it continues for us. Expecting some rain next week so maybe that will help us a bit more…

    Tina, I love the pink one you gave me for it beautiful color but the scent on the yellow is outstanding. Its scent carries all over the gardens and I just love it. The neighbor that gave it to us called it the “Stinky Plant”. I was afraid of what that meant but now I know their version of stinky means highly scented.Imagine someone calling this a stinky plant…..

    Lola, My Angels are in full sun and it was 100 plus all summer long. I cant imagine it getting too much sun but with Florida sun, it may be different. I gave them lots of water this summer as they kept wilting from the drought. Sorry you are loosing your only shade tree. When we took our two big oaks down, we lost tons of shade but we feared loosing the house more so then the wonderful shade. Keep an eye on it and have it removed before it falls on its own or you could be in trouble. Wish we lived near you as we would take it down for you! We have great experience in tree removal, even close to the house. Love those rental machines…

    M-K Girl, I had never seen the Angel Trumpets until Tina posted about them a few years ago. Then she passed along a pink one to me. I love the thing with its large blooms. I do consider myself an observant person. I seem to notice things that others do not at times. I had often said I would make a good Surveillance Person. Hee hee…

    Monica, I find it interesting what I read in research about plants and animals. From observation, I find the research does not always agree with what we see with our own eyes. The willow oaks in my yard produce acorns every year. Now keep in mind these are really large oaks so I can only assume fairly old since they are slow growers. Maybe the older oaks produce. I have not researched the willow oaks at all. What I know about them comes from living with them around me. Hum, now you have me thinking…

    Darla, over wintering a plant in my greenhouse would be great but the only problem with that is, I don’t have a green house! LOL, We have you confused today girl. Tina is the one with an awesome greenhouse. I wish I had one but no such luck for me. Maybe some day. Oh yes, the sound of falling acorns, pinecones, ect on the tin roof of the garage, shed and boat shelter are normal this time of year. The ones in the picture, I collected from the driveway. I wish the pesky squirrels would collect them as quickly as they fall then I would not have to remove them with the blower…

  8. That is a really big difference in the size of the acorns.

  9. Very interesting! I'm going to have to look at the acorns around here, as we've been in drought, too. Never thought about the relationship between the size of the acorns, either. Love your Angel Trumpet! Beautiful.

  10. this post makes me think how there are winners and losers in drought. The weather is changing - the next drought is inevitable, we just don't know exactly when. I love those Angels trumpets, don't they get dizzy?

  11. The "Trumpets" do APPEAR happy! I don't have any oaks close to me here at the house....Saw some along with some buckeyes in another place, but didn't think about size. (I picked up some buckeyes which appear quite normal though). Our walnut tree that was so heavy with walnuts has hardly any this year. But I think that is "normal" - good year followed by "bad" year...

  12. I could send you some really big acorns. We've got zillions this year. I even fell in the yard skidding on a carpet of the.....

  13. Its amazing how drought can have that snowball effect. Our drought killed bushes and made the veg garden sparse. Plants bloomed little or not at all. But the fall cooler weather and rain has brought on a resurgence that is wonderful...

  14. I hope smaller acorns doesn't mean the squirrels will be looking for something else to eat, too! Lovely blooms on your Angel's Trumpet.

  15. Sorry to hear how hard the drought was this year on your trees and shrubs Skeeter. That yellow Angel Trumpet is a glorious victory though! :)