Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Butterflies and Mushrooms

Look who has joined me in my Georgia Gardens! On the new yellow Butterfly Bush no doubt.
I spotted 4 different Monarch Butterflies fluttering away at the Butterfly Bushes on Sunday.
On Monday, I spotted 3 of them. I don't know if these are the same flutterbugs or not. I am enjoying observing the beauties while I play in the garden on these glorious days of recent.
A bit of rain has fallen on our once drought stricken summer gardens. Thus the popping of odd mushrooms. This clump is in the Rock Garden nestled amongst the creeping Ivy and Perwinkle.
From this viewpoint, they look as those they are a water feature of bronze. I can see water trickling down from the various levels by using my imagination. Oh how I wish I knew if they were safe to eat or not. We have so many in the yard now that we could make many meals from the treats. But I will refrain for fear of poisoning myself. I will just enjoy looking at the BUTTERFLIES AND MUSHROOMS, In the Garden...
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  1. Lucky you to have the Monarchs, they were few here this year. It is amazing how a little rain can bring the toadstools to life.

  2. Beautiful monarchs. They are in a abundance this year for sure. At first I thought the first pic of mushrooms was a hydrangea bloom. They are rather interesting. I have no idea about what types are safe to eat or not either. It would be great if you could eat them.

  3. Good Morning everyone! Overcast and icky looking outside today. Waiting for the rain to arrive. Looking forward to it since I planted some things recently...

    Darla, I am so enjoying the Monarchs. They have such a long way to travel that I feel kind of sad for them. More rain on the way today so more toadstools to come…

    Tina, It was a year ago that we saw them in migration on the lake. No getting on the lake for us this year as it is too low for our comfort, sigh. I am happy to see them in the garden though and ever so happy they are on the butterfly bushes. Those bushes are true to their name! Ah, sautéed mushrooms, grilled mushrooms, mushroom gravy, the list goes on and on. If only we could safely eat them….

  4. Hi Skeeter, those are beautiful mushrooms, they look like flowers. And they chose the area they would be more obvious, with green background.

  5. With all the rain we have had ever since May we have had millions of mushrooms and I look at then wishfully. Maybe I should get a book on them and maybe id some safe ones. Yours are very pretty. A few of mine are pretty also. There are so many different kinds and some are very highly poision. Not worth the chance.

    Those Monarchs are so colorful and perfect that they look like real stained glass. My neighbor's Asters have been so full of them. One day I counted 14 on one plant. They are regal.

  6. The butterfly and the mushrooms are beautiful but it's your photos that make them that extra special. Many thanks. That was a visual feast, and almost a real one. I love mushrooms! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  7. I love mushrooms in the garden and those are so beautiful..I have not seen these before...and my lovely monarchs are now with you....they are so increible to watch...

  8. How wonderful that the butterflies are stopping by your garden on their journey. I hadn't seen a yellow butterfly bush - very pretty. Odd mushroom. I hate to see mushrooms in my garden. I am always afraid to touch them.

  9. Beautiful butterflies. Haven't seen any here. We have gotten a shower but due to have more hard rain tonight.
    I can envision the mushrooms as a water feature too. But, please don't eat. Woman died after eating mushrooms she picked at LBL. I sure wouldn't try. I do like them.
    DIL's mother back in hospital with respiration problems. She had been moved to neurological rehab last Thurs. Prayers appreciated.

  10. What a quick but charming post. I can just see water splashing down on your mushrooms.

  11. We have had some Monarchs in the garden a good bit this week, fun to see! I have had a few mushrooms popping up in the garden -- they always such interesting shapes and sizes.

  12. Although the mushrooms would be dubious gastromic treats, they are visual treats in your garden Skeeter!

    Love your yellow butterfly bush! I haven't seen one in that color before.