Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reaching out for Charity

Here I am in my Georgia Garden standing under the tall Banana Tree. Thus far, the cool Fall nights have not harmed this beauty. Soon, she will be cut to the ground by the Saint. I normally over winter a baby plant in the house but this year, the tree and 2 babies will remain in the ground. I have yet to have a banana survive the winter in my gardens so it will be interesting to see if this one will return next year.
We welcome many different animals in our garden. This picture shows a young Buck and 2 fawns getting a drink out of a birdbath during our summer drought.
CoCo Bean belongs to our neighbors but comes to visit us in the garden. She was a stray that came out of the woods just like our 2 Fur Babies came to us. I just love this baby's beautiful Blue Eyes.
Harley does not trot freely in our gardens but has been known to bring his owner over for a visit at times.
Zip, well what can I say about this little fella. He is our buddy and drops by often to visit us in the gardens and even has sleep-overs with us. He loves to roll around in the green grass. Here you see him at a nearby lake we took him to visit while in our care.
The newest visitor to our gardens is Lilo. He is still a bit shy at times but here you see him enjoying our brick wall in the gardens.
I have shown you OJ many times before on this blog. He is a sweet boy that loves to explore our gardens and get himself rubbed as we sit on the swing. He also showed up as a stray from the woods behind our homes.
This past weekend, we had our first fire going in the living room. It was a bit nippy outside and we decided a fire would be nice. Here you see The Saint with our Fur Baby Sheba napping in his lap. The Girls love the warmth of the fire and a nice soft lap. The Saint rarely smiles when I have the camera in my hands but as you can see, he is very happy in this picture. The love of an animal can get him to smile every time.
As you can see, Animals are a big part of our every day life. From the wild critters in our gardens to the domesticated ones we call our very own, we love animals. We take great strides to keep harmony with all animals (even pesky squirrels) in the garden. I cannot imagine our life without some type of animal in it.

Since 2007, in late October, the Clarksville Humane Society puts on an awesome event. This event is called the "Wags to Witches Fur Ball Bash" We leave our Georgia Gardens each year for the drive to Tennessee to attend the Fur Ball. It is the biggest fund raiser for the group and we have a blast at it each year. I have been busy working on my costume the past week.

A portion of the Fur Ball is a Pet Photo Contest. We have never entered one of our girls in the contest as we normally vote on some one else's beautiful Furry Friend. This year, we decided to enter one of our girls. Above you see the entry photo of our Cheetah kitty. Our pets are lucky and have the best in life from a warm lap to plenty of food for their belly's.

Not all domesticated animals are so lucky. So today I am Reaching out in the name of Charity to ask for your Vote for Cheetah. Voting for Cheetah will be a donation for the Needy Animals of my beloved hometown of Clarksville, Tennessee. $1.00 equals 1 vote. The winners will receive prizes (which I plan to pass onto another event) and a spot in the 2012 Calendar, which is yet another charity event. So if you have a buck or two or feel the need to donate to a wonderful cause, please go to the CLARKSVILLE HUMANE SOCIETY Website and Vote for Cheetah Birdsong as Miss Wags!

Today, I am REACHING OUT FOR CHARITY, In the Garden...
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  1. Goście z drugiego zdjęcia są szczególnie wspaniali. Też kocham zwierzęta. Pozdrawiam

  2. Such a sweet post and one near and dear to your heart I know! I hope Cheetah wins and the Wags to Witches raises tons of money for the fur babies. There are so many who don't have that warm lap and nice cozy home and no food. It makes me so sad. Good luck! Have a safe trip up here too.

  3. Good Chilly Morning to all. I am going to have a busy day today!

    M-K Girl, Yes, we are so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty in our gardens in the form of animals! They bring us such joy...

    Giga, Not sure what you said but Thank You for the comment...

    Tina, Oh yes, you know how we love our animals. You too have your share of animal stories. They do bring such wonder to our life. I am sure Tiger Gardens will never be without some type of fur flying as well... See ya soon...

  4. CoCO does have pretty eyes. All the vistors are very nice. Have fun at the ball!! I know you will.

  5. Be safe. Hope Cheetah wins. You do have some pretty visitors.
    The neighbor use to have a fur baby that looked like Morris. He would come over to visit me if he saw me outside. Sadly, I don't know what happened to him.

  6. Oh Skeeter, I was so happy to see this post. I was reading about the Wags to Witches event here and immediately thought ......wonder if we'd see our Skeeter!!!! Hey girls -I do read when I get a chance but cross country season has been keeping us very busy this year with two runners. Have a great night everyone! Ciao

  7. What a wonderful charity event to be part of! And I love the photos of your furry friends! The black cat is such a beauty! By the way, I am fascinated with your banana tree. I could probably have one here. How might one obtain a small banana tree?

  8. Ooops, I posted that comment before I was finished with what I wanted to say! I am amazed at the wonderful shot you were able to get of the buck and two fawns drinking from your birdbath! What an incredible picture! And thanks for commenting on my blog, also. Have a wonderful time in TN!

  9. You've made such a welcoming garden & home for all your furry visitors.

  10. Jean, Those eyes are so crystal clear. She is a sweet little gal and wants nothing but belly rubs. We love all the critters. I will have a ball at the ball...

    Lola, Thanks, Our Skeeter kitties daddy was a big Morris kitty. He was the apartment complex slug as he hung around and was fed by many out their back doors. That is how I ended up with Skeeter. He met up with Mama Kitty which was also a Apartment complex slug and they left me a gift on my porch. Hee hee..
    Anonymous, I knew you were reading when you could get to it. I totally understand that you have a busy life girl. The kiddos keep you on the road and running. You just enjoy them little ones while they are little. Soon they will not be so little. Growing like weeds in a garden those kiddos. I'll try to get by but it may not happen this go round as I have a full schedule with meeting up with a high school friend, meeting newest addition to my family, etc. But there is always the next trip in Dec...

    Marie, Hum, Arizona may enjoy a Banana tree but mine seems to like the water and humidity so may not do so well out there. I have seen them in the Garden Centers here but acquired mine as a gift of a baby from a Mother Tree that called Tennessee home. My parents passed it along to us. Check with your local garden centers and see if they carry them or if they will do well in your area. I would send you a baby plant but not sure of the agriculture issues with sending a plant out west. See what you can find out and let me know more….

    Everyone have a Great Weekend and Watch for Gobblins…

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  12. Racquel, We love our animals and try to do our best to live in harmony with them all. Yes, even the snakes....

  13. Such a wonderful cause. You can see how you love animals by the photos you take and your descriptions of these fine critters. I love the first picture. We rarely see bucks except during mating season. Lots of love in your garden for sure!!

  14. All your "visitors" are adorable, Skeeter, and it's wonderful that you've welcomed them into your garden. Good luck to Miss Cheetah! I hope there are lots of votes for all the candidates; definitely a worthy cause for those not so fortunate to have as nice a home as your fur babies do.

  15. Love the banana plant--are you gonna mulch it? I also like wild life and strays. SHeba and OJ are so cute!! As is the rest of your furry crew. A friend fosters feral kittens for the Humane Society here and plays Santa Paws at a fund raiser each year! :)