Friday, October 7, 2011

A Few Flowers For October Color

Tiger Gardens is doing very well this fall due to the nice rains we received in September, warm days, and cooler nights. Here are a few blooms from the gardens I find noteworthy this fall. 

'Autumn Chiffon' is one of two Encore azaleas that I have posted on before. The post titled 'Encore Azaleas Not So Encore' is a very popular post in early spring. When I see all the searches (from my Sitemeter)  related to Encore azaleas not doing well I have to smile because I know I am not the only gardener in the same boat with having trouble with Encore azaleas being hardy as promised. I have found the solution to their hardiness problems-plant them in the spring in a protected spot and give them a few years to settle in. Both of my Encore 'Autumn Chiffons' are putting out more blooms this fall than they did in the spring. Azaleas in the fall are a very nice treat.
'Sunny' knockout roses in their very sunny yellow color look fabulous next to the 'Black and Blue' salvia. This color combination works well even though yellow and blue are not complementary colors they do brighten one another in a bold manner. 
Turtlehead is always a lovely fall bloomer. Some years see it looking better than others but the individual blooms always look good even if the plant is not as stellar as I'd like it to be.
Great Blue Lobelia is a great fall bloomer and self seeds heavily in my garden. Love it!
Mums are always a welcomed addition to the fall garden. You simply cannot go wrong with mums but must be careful siting them since there is such a wide range of types, sizes and colors.
'The Fairy' polyantha rose is getting its second wind. This is a must have rose for all cottage gardens. It can't be killed and is rarely bothered by diseases. Its pink color goes well with almost all other plants in the garden. Its one downfall is all the thorns. Please disregard the obvious blackspot on the foliage. This fall has been a bit wet and hot and cool; which is a great combination for pathogens. Lots of things are black-not just the rose. Normally 'The Fairy' is not bothered by disease. If it is, I never really notice because this shrub keeps its leaves all season and looks better than most roses. 
This last picture is not of a bloom at all but is just to show you one of my two favorite small trees (crepe myrtles are the other one). Can you see why I love Japanese maples? This one pictured above is sited in front of my home on the eastern side. Here it is backlit by the rising sun each morning and makes quite a show for me from inside of the house. And to think this is not even the fall color! The colors of these small trees sometimes astounds me. 

How is fall looking in your garden and what are some of your favorite fall color plants? 

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  1. Tina,
    Everything looks wonderful. I'm afraid this year has been a year of neglect for my garden, but next year will be a better year. :-)

  2. What a gorgeous azalea, Tina, and how nice to have one blooming in the fall. You have lots of lovely color still going on in your garden. The Japanese maple is one of my favorites--I can't wait for my teeny little seedling to get this big.

  3. I have been noticing all the beautiful blooming encores here in GA recently. McCorkles Sale has tons of them but I have passed them up thus far. I think the next sale may have me coming home with a couple of them.

    Your rose, wow, I need to get my knockout into the ground and today!

    Love that maple and on the crepes, the new Red Roosters leaves are turning a bright red now.

    Fall is always late here so we are not seeing too much color just yet...

    Everyone have a great weekend!

  4. Encore azaleas? WHAAAAT?! It's hard enough to get decent spring blooms here in MI; afaik we do not have Encores. Also, the colors of azaleas are much more vibrant in warmer climates. Love your lobelia! :)

  5. The first picture is just stunning, love it. Fall is very late here. We have a a few recent cold nights but still no real color in the leaves yet.

  6. Autumn Chiffon - what a beautiful name. Love the yellow rose with the black and blue salvia. And I'm glad to hear you rave about The Fairy. I'm planning on adding her to my garden. I've heard such good things about her.

  7. Fall is a beautiful time in the garden as you have demonstrated.

  8. Fall sure is looking good in your garden. We're hoping the approaching cold front brings us some rain this weekend to give those flowers a boost!

  9. Really happy to find those plants beautifully in bloom on your blog again this fall. They are like my old friends. It is still a mystery to me that your azaleas bloom in autumn. Lucky you! The back-lit maple leaves look like jewels!

  10. Beautiful Fall bloomers Tina! I love my Turtlehead, Toadlily, Beautyberry, Dwarf Irises and even the hardy Mums for color at this time of the year. :)

  11. Tina so much color for you. Mine is waning fast especially with the 2 frosts we had. Azaleas just don't do well for me so to see these again is a wonderful surprise.

  12. Tina, you know we don't have autumn here. I am wondering whether even the juvenile maples change their colors too in autumn! I am thinking that maybe they first must reach a certain size or age before they shed their leaves in fall.

  13. Andrea, Most all of my J. maples were planted as 2 foot tall seedlings and they would change color each fall. This J. maple I pictured is just now turning a deep maroon. Others will change to orange or yellow. I did not know the Phillipines does not have an autumn. I am not too good with tropical areas. I've only visited one tropical area and that was for a mere few days. I am ashamed to admit I just don't know much about tropical areas. I am learning though.

  14. I love azaleas and wish we had the climate and soil type that favors them.... Your are beautiful. :)

  15. The Encore azaleas sounds interesting...blooming this late in the season, I like that.
    Mums are always a winner.
    Glad to see your October colors.

  16. love all the photos but my favourite is the Japanese maple. I don't always like these trees because often I think they're in the wrong spot but in front of the rising sun, and with that lantern like object on the left, in the middle of a little clearing, I think it looks perfect. It's spring here of course, so your question isn't really relevant!

  17. Your encore Azalea is beautiful Tina. I bought an Azalea this spring but I am skeptical about its hardiness here. If I'd known, I might have searched out an encore variety. Anything that blooms twice is fabulous.
    I'm glad you've gotten some rain. It's been really sparse here and we need some too. Your JM looks great. I'm hoping to add more if I can find sites ~ they do not like full sun, right? The fall colors are hard to beat for sure.