Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Spooky Weekend

My Georgia Woods are full of goblins again this year. The friendly type of course.
The Saint spotted a scary sight on our front porch though. This Insect was sucking the life out of a Bee. Yikes, that was scary but most interesting as well. Thanks to Randy, I was able to identify this vampire type insect as a Robberfly. Ironically, he posted about one within days of us seeing this one.


I hope this video works. They seem to load in a strange manner for me these days. I was walking into the gardens and heard a strange sound. I went towards the sound and this is what I spotted.
YIKES! Another scary event happening right before my eyes! A Praying Mantis was sucking the life out of a Gypsy Moth! It was real eerie to say the least but again, I found this most interesting and watched until night fall. They were on a Cleome bloom.
This photograph did not turn out as I had envisioned. I was trying to capture the full moon outside the window and Cheetah high up on the Monkey Tree at the same time. This is the scary shot I ended up getting just before kitty jumped to the floor.

These few things should get you ready for a HAPPY SPOOKY WEEKEND, In the Garden...

Note: Cheetah kitty is bringing in a good hunk of money for the Humane Society with her photo entry. Thanks to those of you that contributed to the cause...

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  1. Great timing for finding these spooky happenings in your gardens!

  2. Very cool on the spooky thing! I like that video very much. Great catch. Cheetah is perfect in the shot! I checked on her dollars and she is doing well indeed. Hope you had a safe trip and have fun at the ball.

  3. Fun spooky post. The last photo is a gem.

  4. Creepy Skeeter! Those robberflies are very creepy in the garden. We have them floating around all the time. I know they eat the bad bugs but they sure seem like they would like to expand their palate to another species...

  5. Ha ha I think the shot of Cheetah turned out perfectly for a Halloween post. His look of apprehension plus his eyes look like twin moons. lol Great shot of the Robberfly. I love your yard decorations!

  6. Those pictures sure were a good capture. The sucking bugs are very gross and interesting at the same time. Does anyone but me wonder how that can be? Strange. OMG on the one of the fur ball and the moon. That is a perfect picture for Halloween. That if the one you need to use next year. How could someone not vote for that? Great shot!

  7. I forgot but tell Uncle Rick to have a good and safe trip back home.

  8. Pretty spooky coincidences to see these vampire bugs on this of all kitty!!

  9. Hey all, I am having an awesome time in Tennessee with my family and meeting up with friends. Tiger Gardens is on my list for tomorrow!

    Jean, I chatted a bit with Uncle Rick yesterday while thinking he was Mr Fixit! He and I got a kick out of that one. LOL...

    Everyone have a great Safe Weekend...

  10. love all these scary things, but am relieved to hear the sinister looking goblins are friendly.

  11. Not pretty, but not everything in the garden is. At least it is appropriate for Halloween.

  12. Lots of spooky goings on at your house, Skeeter. Hope you have a ghoulishly good time on Halloween!