Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blue Ridge Mountain View

The Saint and I left our Georgia Gardens over the weekend for an unexpected trip to Virginia. Some times, those are the best trips. As was this one. When we go to visit The Saints family, we go different routes to keep the drive fun. This trip, we decided to take the mountains so we could leaf peep along the way. I was shocked as to how much color remained in the trees as I assumed most color would be long gone by now. I believe I snapped this shot in North Carolina.
All pictures were taken from a moving car as we did not take the time to stop and play along the way. Oh yeah, I think I could live in that house nestled amongst the beauty.
The sun was helping the colors to pop!
As we climbed the mountain, the color was less and less with bare trees.
One of our favorite places along this drive; The horse farms at the foot of the mountains.
I tried my best to snap a picture with the beautiful white fences in view but no such luck. The white fences go for miles and miles but on a two lane winding road with no pull over spots.
This picture gives a great example of why the name Blue Ridge Mountains.
I so enjoy driving straight towards such sights as this.
Even the roadside had a view for us while on this trip. We returned home yesterday to a temp of 78 degrees! I enjoyed our beautiful drive by the BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS, but cannot wait to get back, In the Garden...

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  1. It's fairly warm on this side of the pond as well... I really feel that the timing of and temperature of seasons is changing. Winters are starting to get colder, summers wetter and while spring comes earlier, winter comes later. Do you feel the same about Georgia/the US?

  2. Thank you for that breathtaking little trip through the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was all beautiful.

    It's very warm down here too. Was in the low 80's yesterday but felt like it was 87. We had a little rain over night.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Welcome back! That is a nice trip with lots of color indeed. It's so neat you take different routes to keep the trip interesting.

  4. Blue Ridge Mountains are just gorgeous!! I asked on your last post, I believe, if you would like some forget me not seeds?

  5. What a lovely trip through the Blue Mountains.

  6. Great pics, Skeeter. Thanks for taking us along for the trip.
    Glad you are back safe.

  7. Good Morning all, it was a quick trip and filled with beauty and worth the drive to see the Saints sisters face of surprise on her 50th Birthday!

    Darla, an email is on the way...

    Going to be 83 degrees today and I see some damage from a visit of Jack Frost while away. The Banana, Canna and others took a beating. I must get into the garden today for some much needed attention....

    Everyone have a great day!

  8. Looks like a very pretty drive. Oh to be 50.........

  9. So glad that you had such a nice trip. The Blue Ridge Mountains are beautiful this time of year. Carla

  10. Good evening all, I had a productive day in the garden but ran out of time with these darn early night falls. Grrrr, I do not like daylight savings time. What does it save anyway? LOL....

    Now time to rest my body for more work tomorrow...

  11. Tanya, Nothing about our weather can be considered normal. LOL, Here in GA we have early Springs and late Falls which is normal. This past Spring was hotter then normal and last winter was colder then normal. But nothing seems to be the same from year to year in this part of the country. We need rain as we are in a drought again. It seems in the 11 years we have called Georgia home, we have had mostly drought years. I would say about 8 years have been with little rain. I have lost count but drought seems to be a normal thing around here now....

  12. what wonderful country you live in - reminds me of woody guthrie's this land is my land ...

  13. I love those impromptu trips for the sheer joy of the scenery...wonderful images!!

  14. Simply beautiful, Skeeter! Sometimes impromptu trips are the most fun of all; hope you had a great time.