Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mr. Fix-it and the Jimster's Vacation Trip

This past summer saw some adventure for the Ramsey family in the form of a big road trip first to Florida then to Maine, back to Florida then home to Tennessee. I have to tip my hat to my wonderful husband who voluntarily drove my uncle to Maine for a visit with family-sans me since I was scheduled to work. The trip to Florida where my uncle lives is at least a 12 hour drive. We decided to break up the trip and take a little vacation time for Mr. Fix-it and the Jimster. And boy did they have fun! The above shot was taken prior to departure to Florida and the big father-son experience.
A cabin was rented near Panama City Florida and Mr. Fix-it and the Jimster settled in for a few days.
They were busy for those days and got sunburned riding the Sea Screamer. The Sea Screamer is a boat that guarantees up close and personal experiences with the dolphins in Florida. And the trip did not disappoint!
Here's the teenager himself-all red like a lobster since the sun was very strong in Florida (sunscreen was used but too much sun even with sunscreen can burn your skin). See that sort of smile? That is good for teens!
Mr. Fix-it and the Jimster did a few other things besides ride on the Sea Screamer and they had a fantastic time. I think they'd both agree the siting and touching of a dolphin was the highlight of their vacation. Not to mention the great father-son time. Mr. Fix-it was on leave from his military career and this was Jimmy's last summer before college-a momentous time in any teen's life for sure. After their trip to Panama City the next stop will be near Orlando and on to Maine with Uncle Rick....

in the garden....

Friday's post will be on our after Maine trip to one of Florida's sunny famous gardens set in an amusement park. What is the name of that amusement park? Can anyone guess a famous garden with an amusement park?
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  1. Disney World? Bush Gardens? Looks like they had a grand time. The FL. sun can be brutal on your skin...

  2. What a GREAT adventure for both at this time in their lives. It looks like they had a wonderful time, and the dolphin experience must have been thrilling.

    Yes, the FL sun can cook you in no time, especially if you are not used to it.


  3. Looks like they had a grand time! When we fish at the beach and dolphins get playfully close, we know that all the fish has swim to another place. Dolphins are so friendly, like company very much.

  4. Darla, You got it! Busch Gardens!

  5. I was going to guess Epcot, they have some huge greenhouses there to stock the park. Busch gardens is probably good too though, I've been to the one in VA but not FL. Looks like thy had fun!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Jimmy sure has changed since we saw him in February. He is such a handsome young man. Thanks for your sweet comments about Carson. I don't know about this spring and Ashville. If you can, let me know which blog has information about it. I would love to check it out. Carla

  7. What a wonderful Father Son trip! I see that the Jimster still does not like wearing shoes! LOL... He no longer looks like a child Tina, He is a man! Has it been that long since I have seen him in person? Time does fly...

    That sunburn will creep up on one if not really careful. Sun screen must come out before the red starts to show...

    Calling for colder night temps so Time to get the house plants inside today. Time is running out for me....

  8. You can really see the father-son resemblance in these marvelous double portraits.

  9. Great memories for your family Tina. :)

  10. The dolphins would also have been my fav. When we were at Bush Gardens we went on the safari tour and the giraffes would not leave us alone. They just wanted to give us many, many kisses and they have a very long and thick tongue!
    I am an animal lover and have always enjoy giraffes when at a zoo but did not care much for all those kisses.

  11. Looks like they had a great time! How wonderful that Dad and Son got to spend this time together--as you well know, Tina, once they go off to college, it is harder and harder to find time like this.

    Looking forward to reading about Busch Gardens--I've never been there.

  12. Looks like a great vacation adventure. Fun in the sun is always worth the redness, at least until the next day.

  13. Father/son bonding in the great outdoors. Just great.

  14. Sorry for you Tina to be left out. I wonder if Florida sun is already that hot, then our sun is considered hell, haha! The park i surely would love to visit in Florida is the Everglades, it is always in my fancy dream places to visit.

  15. Thanks for sharing, these are great times. So happy dad and son enjoyed the vacation. Ciao!

  16. it's lovely to see father - son quality time.

  17. It is amazing how quickly our children grow up. My son just turned 13 and it is blowing my mind. It is great that your husband got this opportunity to spend some good bonding time with him son. He won't regret it.
    Fun photos!

  18. Tina,
    What an awesome trip taken by the two guys! I know they had a blast and I enjoyed seeing the pictures. We were stationed in NW Florida and spent many days in Panama City many years ago. It's a lot of fun! Please thank Mr. Fix It for his service! And all the best to the grad headed to college! This really was the perfect time for their trip together!

    I am really hoping to get a picture of that hawk!!!! Thanks so much for your comments!