Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shadows and Colors


As I stroll around my Georgia Gardens, OJ kitty from next door came by to visit. He insisted I stop strolling about and sit on the swing with him. I am always up for a swing on a beautiful day.
I had my camera with me so we decided to snap pictures of what we could see while relaxing on the swing. To our front we could see the woods are showing color although not as pretty as in years past. I am sure the Summer Drought is totally to blame. But still rather pretty don't you think?
To our left a bit, we see Angel Trumpets still putting on a show. The Cypress tree is starting to bronze up a bit. We can also see Elephant ears, Butterfly bush and Perwinkle. Off into the distant, we see Dogwoods in bright reds.
The Perwinkle plants in this garden were all volunteers this year. I just love plants that will reseed for me.
Looking over our left shoulder, we see Canna and more Butterfly bushes.

Eyes forward and a bit to the right and upward, we see a beautiful blue sky. Also the Angel Garden breaking up the grassy yard.

Zooming in a bit, we can see the Angel Trumpet that Tina passed along to me is finally blooming! Below the angel are a statue, Lily, Perwinkle, Salvia and Sage.

Zooming in a bit more, we can see the 3 blooms on the Angel. This makes a total of 5 blooms on a plant which gave me hundreds of blooms last year. Hum, baffled by that one as I gave this beauty plenty of water so we cannot blame the drought on few blooms.

To our right is blocked by the greenery of the Cypress Vine on the swing frame. Looking into the distance, we can see the Beach Planter to the left and the Elephant Ears I planted back in late June to the right. This is the crinkled type ear and I don't know the name as it was a gift. I can only hope she returns next year. I have plans for her to distract from that ugly Electric Meter. I also see a Garden Hose which shall need to go to the shed for winter at some point. Hum, I see a plant that has yet found its way into the ground also. Gee, I should have been digging a hole today instead of sitting on the swing. Na, I enjoyed my swing time...
Looking over our right shoulder, I see Iris and Coleus.
Looking behind us, we see Canna, Elephant Ears, Zinnia and Gazania.
The sun was beaming through the Canna and I liked the way it made this leaf glow.
The leaf of this Elephant Ear was glowing as well.

Looking down, I can see the Rye Grass is doing well in our lawn.
In this picture, you can see where our once beautiful Crepe Myrtle once stood. Sigh, after too much pruning by the previous homeowners she succumb to the damage over time. All that remains is a round circle of pine straw. Sprigs are already popping up from the area and next year, this will more then likely become a larger garden.

As I say goodbye to my friend OJ, I walk away but cannot help but stop, turn around and take one more glance of the beautiful crisp day. Filled with SHADOWS AND COLORS, In the Garden...
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  1. Skeeter you have beautiful views from your swing. So timely as Gail from Clay and Limestone posted about taking time to sit in your garden.

  2. I could sit and swing with you all day long here! So much to look at in your yard. My eye immediately caught your huge angel trumpet in the second picture. Awesome color and beauty and the lawn looks great too!!

  3. Great post! I enjoyed the tour! You inspire me!

  4. Thanks for an inspiring post. I love to sit in my swing {if I could get to it} & look at all the beauty of nature. Guess I need to move my Angel Trumpet, 3 yrs in same spot & not knee high {no blooms either}.

  5. What lovely views you have there with wonderful colors and cool shadows and a sweet friend to keep you company.

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  6. Good morning everyone. It is going to be a beautiful day here in GA close to 80 degrees with glorious sun shine so I must blog less and play in the garden more. Forgive me...

    Darla, We spend most of our time working in the garden and forget to sit and smell the rose’s at times. Yesterday, I sat and took it all in….

    Tina, No you could not girl. You would be up pulling weeds as soon as you spotted them. LOL, just like I normally do. Having OJ at my side wanting lubbins, kept me at bay. You may be on to something with the fertilizer. I never fertilize anything but I probably should start doing that as I am loosing luster to some items over time…

    Stacy, I am so happy to inspire! I find such inspiration on blogs and that is just one of the reasons I enjoy blogging so much. I get such ideas and incorporate them into my own gardens, with my touches of course, I would never totally copy anyones idea…

    Lola, Do you fertilize your trumpets? Tina and I were on email a bit ago and she mentioned Fertilizing them as they like the food! I shall give them a treat next spring and hopefully, they will perk back up for me…

    Flowerlady, Views, Colors, Shadows and a Friend. What more could a gal ask for, right? I was in my own little heaven yesterday….

  7. OJ does not look happy in the first picture, he was wanting the loving instead of his picture taken. Funny.

    Looks like very good color to me. New England is noted for the excellent color but yours is much better than ours this year. I have never seen a year with so little color and some are blaming it on too much rain. Sometimes ya just can not win!!

  8. Skeeter, I love the views in your garden. Thanks for sharing! Carla

  9. Skeeter, I don't use chemicals. Maybe some natural would help next Spring. 1 is in ground & 1 in planter. Will try.

  10. What beautiful views! OJ was smart to make you sit for a while and enjoy the scenery. The angels trumpet in the first pic (well, first after OJ) is gorgeous! Why oh why did I pull mine up? Oh, yes - I planted it in a spot too small! Well, I'll just have to get another! Yours is lovely.

  11. Beautiful fall garden and I love the light through those leaves too...gorgeous

  12. Thanks for the comments all. I have been in the garden again today and this time working on a new project. Of course little yellow fella came by and I had to stop what I was doing and sit on a garden bench with him. I was glad when the Saint got home as he helped me dig out roots. Although, he gave OJ more rubbins then dig roots.

    Everyone have a great evening...

  13. Great pictures of such beauty! I love colored leaves in the fall -but I don't care for the cooler temps, lol. Take care! Ciao

  14. Skeeter, I so enjoyed this time on the swing with you and OJ. You have so much color left in your garden--it's so pretty! I came home yesterday after being away for a week and discovered all the trees have finally lost their leaves. I think we're on our way to winter here very soon.

  15. lovely garden pics and that pussy cat is so-o-o-o photogenic.

  16. Skeeter,

    I loved your time sitting on the swing with your cat and enjoying the fall views of your garden. I really love the sun shining through the leaves. It is always a little sad in late fall when you see things go to sleep for the winter, or even lose things and wonder if the re-seeding will happen in spring!

    I am finally "getting it" about the way you and Tina post. I'm sorry I wished you well on a tonsilitis attck that was three years old! :-) Anyway, thank you so much for your comments on my blog! I do worry about the hawk, but hope I can strike a good balance between feeding the birds and seeing him! Your rabbit story was sad. Yes, nature has to be nature. I do understand that, but if the hawk ever gets a bird while I'm watching, I know I will be mortified! Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks again!