Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Color-Everywhere In the Garden

November Garden 166
I thought I'd display some of the wonderful colors plants can offer us in our gardens-sans blooms. This fall has been splendid and as I wander my garden I try ever so hard to appreciate every small thing my eyes take in-and it is a lot here. Mr. Fix-it says our garden is 'cluttered'. Those are just about fighting words but because I love him I tend to overlook that opinion and  just head to the garden for some solace. Here is some of what I see. 

The above shot is of Edgeworthia chyrsantha, aka Paperbush. It is a wonderful winter blooming shrub opening its fragrant buds in February or March. This is this shrub's second year in my gardens and this year it is doing much better since it has not been nibbled on by the evil dog, aka Lady Lou. That bud will stay looking good all winter even as the leaves turn yellow and fall from the bush.
November Garden 162
I added Panicum virgatum 'Northwinds' to my garden early this summer and wow on it. The form alone is what had me sold but just look at that fall color. It will stay upright and golden all winter long. This is a keeper grass and I plan to divide it up and spread it around next spring. This grass is unlike most ornamental grasses in that it likes a moist area. It is a warm season ornamental that provides all year long interest.
November Garden 161
The seedheads are quite pretty too.
November Garden 156


Amsonia hubrictii, aka Threadleaf Amsonia or dogbane, is one of my all time favorite perennials. If you do not grow this perennial run out and buy it soon. It takes a few years to get going but once it is going nicely it provides a stately presence in the garden. This perennial blooms in the spring with pale blue flowers, then provides structure in the form of beautiful green foliage all season long. Come fall that foliage will turn a straw gold and shine in the garden like a beacon. It grows in both sun and shade, dry or wet soil. I have been very happy that it self seeds regularly in my garden and so of course I dig the seedlings and spread them all around Tiger Gardens. This amsonia was also the Perennial Plant Association's Plant of the Year for 2011. This plant is hardy from Zones 4-9.
November Garden 137
Now this grass is my all time favorite grass. It is 'Adagio' Miscanthus sinensis. It is a grass that can take some shade and definitely some dry soil. It never fails to disappoint. This grass stays looking good throughout most of the winter. I cut mine down in the spring and don't enjoy that task but since it is all I do to this perennial I try not to begrudge that task too awfully much. This view is looking east from a vantage point on the north side of my home. This is part of my Foundation Bed gardens.
November Garden 128
Do you remember my Front Center Garden? It is a focal point garden from my home. This is the view I get from the porch and front windows in the living room when I look out toward the road. Believe it or not the highway is back behind these gardens. My house faces east so each of  these plants are backlit by the rising sun. The yellow and red small trees are unknown Japanese maple seedlings. What a delight they are! The lower growing red shrubs are oakleaf hydrangeas. They provide great color and structure that complements the Japanese maples.
November Garden 127

And here is a final view of one side of the garden. I am particularly fond of the bird bath and matching bird feeder. I tend to have lots of bird baths and bird feeders in my garden. I prefer the bird baths much more because I tell you the birds around here simply adore the bird baths. I will be tipping most of these ones over soon but I usually heat the concrete bird bath so I can enjoy the birds drinking in the winter. You'd be surprised at just how many birds come to drink when everything else is frozen. 

in the garden....

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  1. Tina ~ I love your grasses, but everything else is wonderful too. It is a delight to see what all is still blooming or growing in your gardens at this time of year.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


  2. I love your grasses and weeds Tina, especially the yellow ones. Our grasses are either perennially green or they just turn brown.

  3. Beautiful fall color! I love P virgatum 'Northwind'. It's now replaced all the miscanthus in my garden. gail

  4. I love the colours of the garden sans-blooms.

  5. I have never heard of most of those grasses, but they are gorgeous. What's clutter anyway? Not to me, it's beautiful.

  6. Very pretty color here Tina. Love the view from your home...For Mr. Fix It, it's not cluttered, it's crowdscaping, :)

  7. The blooms usually steal the spotlight so it's nice to see the foliage and the greens getting attention.

  8. So pretty Tina--I love the front center garden best I think. You used the term "cluttered"--I always tell people that my garden is rather cluttered, however it is that cottage garden look that I strive for. Your garden is a living example of my dream of the perfect cottage..."cluttered" Thank you for always sharing it!
    Blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving season.

  9. Oh so many pretties but the seedheads on the grass are just stunning. Love em.

  10. Wow on the difference of your gardens in these pictures! They look like totally different gardens to my eyes! Amazing how the same looks different from season to season... Enjoy the colors while they are with you as they will soon go to sleep for the winter. Ouch, Winter is a scary word for me....

    Time for leaf removal for the second day in a row.... Grrrrrrr. not my favorite but I do like the trees so a sacrifice for me to have trees....

  11. You have some amazing color, Tina! I love all the grasses, but I was especially happy to see the Amsonia and to hear it takes awhile to establish. I planted one small plant this summer, and it's looking pretty puny. I'm hoping now it will do better in the future. I do have the amsonia T., which is more mature, and I love it.

    Glad to hear my husband isn't the only one who occasionally grumbles about having "too much" in the garden:)

  12. I have two paperbushes, one planted this spring and one this fall. The spring plant has tiny leaves which are all curling up and falling off. The fall plant has larger tropical looking leaves which are just starting to turn a little yellow like your photo. Have you experienced any differences?

  13. Hi everyone! I am currently out of town but just checking in. Thanks for all your comments. I see the clutter issue pleases most of us and the husbands-well they have their toys so they can't begrudge us our can they?

    Flowerlady, Thank you and you too!

    Andrea, Glad you like them!

    Gail, Oh I still love my miscanthus but that 'Northwind' sure is a keeper!

    Cathy, I am having trouble commenting on your blog so will check in when I get back home.

    Peggy, We think alike!

    Darla, Crowdscaping-love it!

    Sarah, Yes indeed those blooms can be overrated anyhow.

    Linda, That's my style too! We are kindred spirits! I like other styles of gardening but must have the cottage aka natural aka wild look too!

    Mom, They are the coolest!

    Skeeter, Rake some for me too!

    Rose, It takes a long time but I actually thought yours was pretty big. I have the Amsonia T as well but it is not looking good this time of the year though in spring it is nice.

    Okay, talk to you all later!

  14. Carolyn, I have only the one paperbush and it was planted spring 2010 and that year it was almost entirely eaten by the dog though it still managed to bloom this spring. This is one bounce back happy shrub when in a good spot. For my garden that is shade near the house in clay. This year I moved it and it has bounced back beautifully. I bet yours will too but you'll know quick enough next spring when you can move it if need be.

  15. I love 'Northwinds' ~ I'm going to look for that grass next spring. I don't have any Amsonia either ~ can you believe it? The fall color and form is absolutely gorgeous.

    I struggle keeping a balance in my garden between aesthetically pleasing & incorporating all the cool garden objects I like. I would take offense if someone called it cluttered but I think there is a tipping point!

  16. Love your Fall garden Tina. I have the Adagio & it provided me a few "blooms" this Fall. I do like the North winds, must get one since I've seen a pic of yours. Sadly my other grasses have not made it {except for Karly Rose}. That tells me what will survive in this heat.
    Angel trumpets {1 in pot, 1 in ground} have not done anything. Boo Hoo.

  17. Beautiful grasses and plants! Such lovely fall color!

  18. Tina beautiful grasses and that front garden is so pretty...glad to have found your FB page too!!

  19. WOW! Your fall garden looks so gorgeous! I'm so happy to find your yellow maple leaves shining gold beautifully along with red ones in the sun this autumn again! It makes me want to write a haiku.
    I have never seen "North winds" nor the Amasonia before. They are really something!!