Thursday, November 17, 2011

Unwanted Visitor named Jack Frost

I normally enjoy visitors to my Georgia Garden. We were out of our gardens for 4 days recently and upon our return, I suspect we had an unwanted visitor. How do I know this, well, just look at the above picture which is how we left our gardens. Cypress and Cardinal Vine so thick on the Swing Arbor that it looks like a tree! Coleus beaming brightly below.
Coleus before we left...
All Coleus when we returned.
Cypress and Cardinal Vine before we left...
Cypress and Cardinal Vine when we returned.
Canna before we left...
Canna when we returned.
Angelona Serena before we left...
Angelona Serena when we returned.
Zinnia before we left...
Zinnia, when we returned.
Tina's Angel, before we left...
Tina's Angel when we returned. Sigh, she had just started to bloom for me.
The scented Angel before we left...
The Angel when we returned.
It was as if someone had stripped all the leaves off this plant!
Look at the big tall Banana Tree to the right before we left...
Poor Banana Tree after we returned. Notice how the baby survived while protected under the larger leaves of the tree.
Some Elephants Ears (not all) showed damage from our visitor. No doubt in my mind that while we were gone, we had an UNWANTED VISITOR NAMED JACK FROST, In the Garden....
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  1. He has been slowly making his rounds sprinkling ambien here and there...

  2. He came through Tennessee a couple weeks ago. Not a very friendly visitor is he? ;)

  3. Sunny and windy today and much cooler then the past few days. We have gone from the 80's to the 60's. Love these Fall days....

    Darla, Oh yes, Kind of like the Luna Moth...

    Dave, One visitor I do not like to drop by my gardens....

  4. You got hit harder than us in Tennessee! Such a sad time of the year to see all the mature plants felled by Jack Frost-Freeze!

  5. Yup you sure did have an unwanted vistor. You must have had a hard frost. We have had a few light frosts but not a hard one yet. We have been breaking records with the warm weather.

  6. Wow, he wasn't a nice guest that's for sure.

    It is still dang warm and humid down here. It almost feels like summer again especially with the humidity.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  7. Oh dear it sure did a number to your plants. Maybe some will spring back.

  8. Oh, doesn't it just break your heart!

  9. Absolutely you did..I can see the sad faces on the leaves and blooms as their was interrupted in the garden for this year... :(

  10. Oh Skeeter, I am so sorry about the fate of your garden plants. They really look so pathetic and i can't imagine the volume of work you will have in removing the left-overs. I particularly sympathize with the Datura, which just started to bloom beautifully for you, and then just suffered immensely at its prime.

  11. Ouch. That sure was an unwanted visitor. I feel for you.
    We were supposed to have one too but the temps only got to 36 one night. Warmer, but tonight is cooling off a bit.

  12. Looks like Jack has been up to his usual mischief in your garden, too. So sorry you were away and didn't have time to save a few of these, especially the pretty Angel's Trumpet.

  13. Oh how sad. I'm always shocked when sudden weather changes damage plants. But I've never had a garden change quite as suddenly and dramatically as yours has. We are very mild here with bees on the flowers still.

  14. It was tough to see such a drastic change in the garden. It must have been a really heavy frost to have done so much damage. But such is life for a plant in the garden...