Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fur Ball 2011

By SKEETER We left our Georgia Gardens for a bit to attend my hometown of Clarksville, Tennessee best annual party! The "Wags to Witches Fur Ball" is the largest benefit for the local Humane Society. Those volunteers sure know how to throw one awesome party. This years theme was Hollywood Horror. As you enter the Ballroom of the Riverview Inn, one is greeted by Pinhead of the movie "Hellraiser" . One cannot help but feel important walking down the red carpet of Hollywood.
Here you see poor Melanie Daniels being attacked by a flock of birds in the movie, "THE BIRDS"...
Who does not remember the scary shower scene of movie "Psycho". Thanks to this movie, I still have thoughts when in the shower and hearing a strange noise.
I wanted to skip my Senior Prom after seeing the movie "Carrie".
Each of these awesome horror movie scenes were set near delicious foods prepared by the American Culinary Federation of Clarksville, TN.
The food is worth the price of admission alone. Desserts are great as well with chocolate fountains and ghoul cakes! Yes, those cakes are edible.

Here is a short clip of one food area with the special effects. Watch out for Jason!The Silent Auction outside the ballroom is a big part of this event. Lots of items were donated for the event by local business as well as individuals. The Saint and I donated a Garden Caddy filled with goodies a gardener would enjoy.
There is something for everyone to bid on such as a Football helmet signed by the Tennessee Titans. A great gift for the football fan in the house. Art work, lamps, TV's, Gift Certificates, gift baskets of all types, etc were great bargain buys for Auction participants. This way, not only are you making a donation for the Humane Society, you are getting something in return! Some people get a bit of Christmas shopping with this auction! The Dance floor was not only decorated for kicking up our heels, which I did a lot of, it was the platform for the Costume contest as well.
Here you see "Foxy Brown" and Hunk, oh I mean "Hulk Hogan" vying in the Sexy Costume Contest. The women brought the roof down with cheer when Hulk ripped his top off. Sorry Foxy, maybe next year... I have fun creating a costume each year. I have used this dress above 2 times in the past as my basic costume. I stitch this and that to make a one of a kind costume. Nothing more embarrassing then going to a costume party dressed just like someone else. Urmp, and they are slimmer, LOL.

One year the dress was an asset as a Spider Witch and one year it helped me become a Gypsy. As you can see the Saint does not really partake in the costume portion of this event. He did go as a Cowboy once and he enjoyed wearing his hat, boots and belt buckle he acquired when we live in Texas so many years ago. I cannot complain as dressing up is not his thing. Our friends are determined he will dress up at some point. They think they can shame him into it. Ha, they don't know my Saint very well. LOL
. I had the idea to become a Black Widow Spider type gal. A trip to the Goodwill and I found this lacy blouse...A Crochet top that reminded me of spider webbing. I thought that would be perfect for the Hour Glass shape on a Black Widow Spider. It was tough to take the scissors to this top as it still had the tag on it from the purchased store. I paid a mere $3.75 for it at the Goodwill but someone had paid $20.00 for it and it had never been worn! There are some great bargains at the Goodwill store.I also found this cape to add to my costume. A trip to JoAnn Fabrics and I came home with lots of half priced netting with spiders in the material. Perfect for a Black Widow.

A stitch here, a bleeding finger there, some safety pens here and there and Voila. A Black Widow Costume like no other! I found an inexpensive simple hat at the Party Store and I added feathers, netting and a Spider to the side and created a fun Veiled hat. Accessories of Black Widow Glass and big necklace and I was complete! My goodness, they even got the Saint to smile in a picture!
I posted last week on how we had entered our Fur Girl Cheetah into the Pet Photo Contest portion of this fun event. I had no idea that our family and friends would help Cheetah earn the most donations collected by any single pet! There were 71 pet photos submitted to this contest. Our little Cheetah earned $691.00 in Votes and the title of MISS WAGS! The entire Photo Contest earned $5,727.00 for the Clarksville Humane Society! Now Miss Cheetah will be on the front of the Calendar with Mr Wags for their next fund raiser.

Mr Wags is a little cat name Bruce that has cancer and a short time left on his life. Click HERE to read his story. We were so glad he won his category. He earned $467.00 in vote's thus the first time ever for Cats to be both Mr and Miss Wags! CATS RULED the night. At least that night anyway.

I am happy that Miss Cheetah won as there are times that Black Cats are pushed aside by fear and superstition. Our two beautiful Black Cats have done nothing but bring joy into our home and life. So forget all the negative things you have heard about Black Cats. They are just silly myths...

I have yet to hear the total amount raised at this awesome event but will post when I know myself. All I can say is, it was a lot of hard work by a wonderful group of volunteers and the place was crawling with laughter and good memories and donations made. I would say another success as in the past 4 years!

Tomorrow, I shall get back In the Garden...

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  1. Love your costumes through the years.

    Congrats on your little black sweetie named Cheetah bringing in all the donations, and for winning Miss Wag.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


  2. Good Morning everyone! The sun is out and soon I shall be out as well. I need to remove all the Halloween decorations and see what is going on in the garden. That Rye Grass needs a trim also. Plus time to bring in the houseplants.

    Flowerlady, we are so happy that Cheetah collected so many donations for the Needy Animals. She and our Sheba kitty have such a good life and we think all fur babies deserve such luck. Anything we can do to help the awesome volunteers that give so much of their time is worth it...

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun for a good cause! Carla

  4. Kudos to all the hard workers, people that donate and the folks that attend. Take a big bow folks a you all deserve it!!! Also Cheetah!! She should also win next year if you enter that Halloween picture of her.

    As alway Skeeter your costume was great.

  5. Congratulations Skeeter -you're not only an amazing garden gal -you're a super pet mama:) Costume was awesome as usual!!! Hope to see you next time you're up this way. Ciao!

  6. Congrats to Cheetah!!

    Love your Halloween costume and pix.

  7. Great commentary on the ball! I feel like I attended. Super happy about Cheetah too! Awesome costume as usual! Ha on Mark. He'll never dress up. It just wouldn't be him to go back on his principles. He looked great too btw.

  8. Thanks everyone. It was a fun event and worth the drive up for it...

    I spend the day loading pictures and then took down all the Halloween Decorations in the woods and on the front porch. Pain in the rump to take down those spider webs. LOL...

    The Saint and I took a walk and then sat in the swing for our cool down. The butterfly bushes are still going strong as are the Angel Trumpet. The smelly one has about 50 blooms on it right now. Tina, your hand me down has about 4 on it. Late bloomer this year. This weekend we shall cut the nanner and do some more yard chores. The Rye Grass looks awesome! But the yard needs mowing...

    Everyone have a great evening...

  9. Wow, what a costume, Skeeter! You are so talented to put all these pieces together in such a creative way. This event looks like so much fun, and it's great it was so successful in raising funds for the Humane Society.

    Congratulations to Cheetah--she's such a beauty that she deserves to be a calendar girl!

  10. Delightful event! What fun! I loved reading about it and seeing the costumes! And I loved your costumes, especially that very creative Black Widow Spider.

  11. Skeeter girl this was amazing and I would have missed it if you hadn't pointed me in the right direction so a BIG thank you !
    You looked fantastic girl and you had such a great imagnation to put this costume together : ) I would love to go like that too !
    A total CAT night is purrrfect !!
    Cheeta is gorgeous and I can't imagine people still thinking badly of black cats .. how can they be so stupid ?
    I am glad for Mr.Wags he looked adorable in his suite and tie with his buddy there : ) ..
    Wags to Witches is just too cute for the title .. we could use a little more imagination like that for an event here .. I might even think of going if it were to be ? LOL
    Thanks again girl for letting me know .. I haven't been feeling all that great so I have missed many a post from my favourite blogs.
    Joy : )