Thursday, November 3, 2011

Silver Bells

Tuesday, I was walking up the driveway into my Georgia Woods to remove the Halloween Decorations. Suddenly a strong sweet scent caught my nose. Ah, what a sweet smell. I was thinking that maybe a fabric softener scent from laundry was in the air. I kept walking past the Silverberrys we planted back in 2008. Hum, they are growing like weeds and doing well.

Tina posted about these bushes some time ago and after her report on them, I just knew they would do well in this area of our land. Click HERE to read Tina's post...
The Saint and I started on a walk and again, I had that scent take over my nose. That is when he spotted blooms on the Silverberrys! I had forgotten that Tina said they would have tiny blooms full of sweetness.
They are the cutest little blooms and pack a big punch on the Smell-O-Meter. The blooms have tiny spots as do the underside of the leaves. Kind of difficult to tell the leaf from the bloom to the left.
The top of the leaves are a glossy bright green with some silver touches.
I love these bushes as they are doing exactly what Tina said they would do for me. Thrive! They enjoy the shade most of the day with some afternoon setting sun in the summer. They do not seem to be bothered by our hot drought summers here in Georgia. I have never fertilized them or anything more then sprinkle some water on them a time or two. They are tough bushes to say the least. I have yet to spot any berrys on them but I just may not be looking at the right time for them. I have no idea if this is the first year for the blooms or not. They are located in an area we do not frequent. They have only been in place for 3 years but are already hiding the ugly yard next door. These are my working bushes as they do a job for me (hide the ugly) and I some times forget about them. I will not forget them now with that sweet smell in the air! With Christmas just around the corner, the tiny blooms remind me of the song SILVERBELLS, In the Garden...

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  1. Excellent, just the kind of plant I love, will research to see if I can get one here.

  2. As a plant they look very modest but anything that blooms this late in the year and with such powerful scent must be a keeper!

  3. What a sweet shrub that gives you beauty, scent and hides the ugly. Enjoy.


  4. I don't think Michigan has your shrub, silverbells. It looks like its name. I love plants.

  5. So glad they are working well for you. Of course I kind of knew they would since they do the same for me in my garden. I simply adore these. They are Eleagnus pungens-not to be confused with eleagnus umbellata an invasive cousin. I have never seen berries on mine and am sure they don't get them. That scent is so awesome though and people always wonder where it comes from since the flowers are so small and don't stand out it's easy to forget about them. They've grown well too!

  6. A cultivar of them is 'Fruitlandii' and they grow well sun or shade in wind, drought, you name it. But voles do like to eat them so you have to watch out for them. No pests. Birds love nesting in the thorny branches. This is also known as thorny eleagnus.

  7. Good Morning everyone! More sun in the sky and I am eating it up...

    Becc, They are wonderful bushes but be warned, they grow quickly…

    Tanya, These bushes are doing the job I had planned for them and the scent in the air is just an awesome bonus…

    Flowerlady, Yes, the perfect bush for making a fence and the scent is heavenly…

    Peggy, Actually, the plant is called Silverberry. I just titled the post bells with their shape and Christmas around the corner. This plant is hardy to -10 degrees so not sure it would return in your neck of the woods…

    Tina, you scare me talking about the Voles liking them. Yikes, girl we have a yard full of Moles, thus Voles. But they do not seem to be in that area for some reason. Crossing fingers, knocking on wood, standing on one foot jumping while facing West, hey what ever it takes to keep them away. LOL. The tag for these reads; Ebbing’s Silverberry, Elaeagnus x ebbingei. A hybrid I think. Tag also says full sun which mine do not receive. Arid dry soil, hardy to -10, bloom in fall to winter, fruits in spring and will grow 10 x 10. I will have to remember to keep an eye on them in spring for the berrys…

    Everyone have a great day!

  8. Oh they are so very pretty. Once in a while we go below -10 here but I just might have to push the limit and give them a try. I have a 10ft high Honeysuckle that is going to have to be replaced and this sounds like just the right plant to replace i with. I have already written the name down. Now the problem is to have it when I need it. I seem to misplace things a lot. Those senior moments happen more and more!!

  9. Now I'm wondering if this grows wild in our back woods............hmmmm

  10. Jean, Give them a try! I too misplace notes and it is way too early in my life to start doing that. Sigh. I am not nearly as organized as I was in the past. Dont know why as Being Organized always came natural to me. Lord help me in my next 40 years…

    Darla, Wikipedia site says that the E. Pungens and E. Unbellata are category 2 invasive in Florida. They were introduced to North America.

    Read more here:

  11. That would be a delight. Sure wish I had room for them here. I do need something that doesn't need constant care.

  12. I love any bush that surprises me with a sweet scent! I need to find me one of those. Carla

  13. They sound like a wonderful all around good plant with the added bonus of a wonderful scent...

  14. Lola, Wish you had room for one, they are awesome carefree bushes...

    Carla, they would do great where you live! Hunt one down as the scent is worth the effort of digging a hole...

    Donna, yes indeed. A bonus with the sweetness in the air...

    Everyone have a great evening...

  15. reading this post I thought when will we get smell-technology to complement the pics. In the meantime i have to imagine it from your words, thanks for a sweet imagining.

  16. Gorgeous plant and glad it is doing double duty by providing you some privacy from your neighbor as well as produce pretty fragrant blooms. :)

  17. Catmint, I bet that technology is just around the corner! LOL...

    Raquel, An awesome barrier and I think I shall add more in the future...

  18. How lovely to be greeted with a sweet fragrance as you walk along the drive. Funny that it is the same scent as a fabric softener! I don't know this plant, but it sounds intriguing.