Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Amsonia Seedheads and Money Plant Seedheads

Amsonia Hubrichtii seedheads on the plant.

It looks like it will be a good year for self seeders such as Amsonia hubrichtii and other self seeders like Lunaria annua, aka Money Plant.
Lunaria annua with river oats in the background (those seeds won't be ready for another month or so)

Other plants I have been collecting seeds from include: 'Pesche's' marigolds, columbine, Love in a Mist, larkspur, rose campion, and cleome. I will be saving some seed for seed swaps and for sowing in the garden in the fall. 
I can't tell you how happy I am about self seeders!
in the garden...

Are you collecting some seeds too?

Don't forget to check out my little dog on the sidebar. He will sit, play with a ball and follow the mouse icon around for you. Boy, the things that can least they do me! 

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  1. Money plant is one plant I don't have in my garden, but I noticed them in so many of the North Carolina gardens we visited. I think those seedpods are so interesting. I've collected a few poppy seeds already, but that's about it. If we have another winter like the past one, I won't need to--the birds or the wind planted a lot of seeds for me this year:)

  2. I really need to replenish my milkweed. The monarchs haven’t been in my garden the past two years. I like to confuse your little dog by tossing everything at one time. LOL

  3. The little dog is cute. Love the treat one. I have an interactive thingy that I will send you as I bet you would do good with. It is picking countries by landing a plane in the right country. Between all your knowledge and being in so many different countries, I think you might like it.

  4. I am collecting Poppy, Cleome and 4 O'Clocks for now...

    The dog is funny and yes, I have been playing with the little fella....

  5. With all this rain I doubt there will be any seed collecting. I did get a few 4'oclock's before it all started. I really like the money plant. I had one from N.C. but sadly it has died out. Sure would like to get another start of it. I haven't played the game yet. But will try later.

  6. I was pulling larkspur this week, but just shucked the seed pod onto the ground. That seems to work better for me with larkspur. Same with nigella, though I'm saving seeds to give to my cousins.

    I had a SEED THIEF! Since our neighborhood has video surveillance, I know who it was. I had left ONE rose campion to use for seed collecting and this man took all of the seeds and remaining blooms and cut off all of my orange crocosmia blooms! Couldn't believe he did that! Not a neighbor, but a person who saw us out to lunch that day and knew we weren't home and knew where we lived and came by here while we were lunching. I'm not doing anything about it, but that was just crazy!

  7. Now that I've had volunteer tomatoes, peppers, nasturtiums, mustard greens, calendula, and some sort of to be determined squash, I'm wondering how doable a completely perennial/self-seeding garden really is. Of course I won't have tomatoes until September and who knows with the peppers. But the possibility is appealing. : )

  8. I am trying get time to save more seeds..I usually sow the columbine ones around for sure and swamp milkweed...

  9. I need to start collecting some seeds, my Amsonia is putting off some fun seed heads too. Also need to collect some of the baptista seeds.

  10. No seed saving, but seed tossing of foxglove and forget-me-nots. I got a kick out of your sidebar dog, I made him fetch the bone.

  11. Self seeders. I learn something new every time I pop by your blog. And they look pretty, too. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  12. The money plant is cool. I'm trying to collect seeds. The birds have beaten me to some.