Monday, June 18, 2012

Bloggers Fling: Biltmore

 In the afternoon hours of Day Two of the Bloggers Spring Fling, we found our self at Biltmore Gardens.
 We entered the Gardens to find some beautiful Rose's.
 Some were very large.
 While some were smaller.
 Is this one bush or several clumped together? I do not know as I did not investigate closer.
 I liked this grouping.
  I got me a smooch after snapping this picture! I could not resist as it was the perfect setting.
 Two of my favorite colors together. Purple and Gold.
 Lets go inside shall we...
 Ah, such neat things found within.
 Lush Tropicals.
 To be surrounded by this beauty year round would be wonderful.

Mr. Robin was not fazed by the many people wandering around his bath.
 We were in total AWE over the size of this Weeping Atlas Cedar Tree! I was dwarfed by the size.
Behind the Cedar I spotted something. Do you see it?
Ah, there is Peter Cottontail.
 I must have asked Tina about half a dozen times the name of this tree in bloom!
 She was happy to inform me it is a Kousa Dogwood! She pointed out the raspberry type center of the bloom.

The Saint became dwarfed by this Beech Tree. Believe to be 100 years old.
 Views of Biltmore House were framed by Green in this area of the gardens.
 I want so badly to see that arbor of wisteria in full bloom!
 The Blue Ridge Mountains make for a wonderful backdrop at Biltmore. 
 We thought we had spotted a bear! Na, just a fur baby taking a walk with daddy.
 The Saint and I wonder if our 2 Japanese Maples will become this large some day.
 Red Brick was the choice of Biltmore Gardens.
 Walking on the outskirts of the Formal Gardens we came upon a spectacular view.
 Zooming in a bit.
 And a bit more.

We kept seeing this vine climbing way high into the trees. They formed trees them self and we never did find out what this was. Did anyone else notice this and have an answer for us?
 The Saint spotted this way across the valley below. Thank you Zoom Lens for bringing it closer to us.
 Looks like snow on the ground. Maybe some type of Fringe Plant???
We had a nice treat of sipping Champagne compliments of Biltmore! They were so gracious to be a Sponsor for the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling. (Click HERE to find out more about Public Gardens through Explore Asheville)

 We had a wonderful time at BILTMORE, In the Garden...
Photograph compliments of Pam Penick of Digging

We ended the day with a wonderful dinner at the Masonic Temple and Ice Cream from The Hop!

 Pam Penick of Digging, got us together for  a Group picture of the Bloggers that hung around for a little talk on Blogging. Many people were missing in this photo as there were Close to 90 Bloggers attend the event. Tina and I have been marked with an arrow. 

What a perfect ending to a perfect Day...


  1. It was indeed a good day and there was so much to see and do too! It was pretty smart of Pam to get everyone together for that shot such a shame not everyone is there but there were just so many! I think I had champagne or wine everyday of the fling and that is most unusual for me! I keep thinking maybe that vine was an akebia but I never did research it. Good shots of you and the Saint! I missed the wisteria arbor somehow.

  2. As always in read the fling posts, WOW!! I love the wistera arbor and what all is in front of it. Just so very beautiful.

  3. Tina, it was up to the left of where the Beech Tree was located. I think you were still with us at that point. The Saint and I walked under it so I assume you did as well but maybe you did not. There were statues along the walk against the wall with ferns and others fun stuff growing out of the wall... The Wall was up against the Tea House Garden....

  4. Jean, It was all such a "WOW" factor the entire trip. I am almost finished with the Fling. Wow, it has taken me a long time to get it all posted...

  5. Loved your photos -- especially the robin in the birdbath. I'll get to my Fling posting one of these days!

  6. Great pics, Skeeter. I felt I was there with you to see all this magnificent beauty. That wisteria arbor would be something else in full bloom. Loved the pics of you & the Saint.

  7. Thanks for making the trip to Asheville. We at Biltmore loved hosting you and all the other bloggers. Yes, you must come back to see the wisteria in bloom!!

    Happy Summer,

    LeeAnn Donnelly

  8. Incredible photos! Thanks so much for sharing such great shots of the gardens (and people).

  9. Skeeter you certainly captured the Biltmore...I love the formal gardens and that rose is waht I am trying to achieve...maybe in a few years...great group shot!

  10. I have been busy digging holes and putting plants into the ground today! Whew, luckily, not much humidity in the air. But more plants to go and the humidity is around the corner. I am running out of time. LOL....

    Dirt Diaries, I have put all postings on hold until I finish the Fling Gardens. They were all so unique in their own way that I felt a post on each was deserved. Two to go then I can get back to talking about my gardens. And a lot has happened to it since the Fling…

    Lola, I so wanted to share each garden with those that could not make this trip. Thanks to your kind words today, I feel like I have been doing a good job of sharing with yall. Two more gardens to go though…

    LeeAnn, Thank you so much for the sponsorship from Biltmore! It was so wonderful and yes, we do plan to get back to Biltmore once again. You are not that far from us and we would be crazy to not make that trip during spring. I cannot wait to see the Tulips and Wisteria. Again, Thank you!!!

    Cameron, I snapped way more pics then posted but I had to draw the line at some point. LOL. I loved this garden and wish I had more time to see every inch of it. Sitting and visiting with Bloggers took some time away from the gardens but that is something I would not trade for any garden. I shall make it back to Biltmore to explore more some day…

  11. Skeeter, you captured some great pictures in this post. I love that Japanese Maple, have a picture of it too. That Beech is amazing. Really glad we got to go to the Biltmore, what an amazing place.