Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bloggers Fling: North Carolina Arboretum

                                                             BY SKEETER 
Here we are still on Day 1 of the Garden Bloggers Fling! I feel like I have been talking about this day alone for a month, ha. There was so much to see on this first day that I decided to break it down into each garden having its own title. Winding down the day we visited the North Carolina Arboretum. (Click HERE to learn more about the NC Arboretum.) Of course, there is Art as above.
                                                               Lush Green.
                                                       More Lush Green.                                                    And more Lush Green.
                                   Large potted beauties.
                                   Beautiful Walk ways.
                                                         And Gardens within gardens.
          Bonsai Exhibits. Doesn't this scene look similar to the garden in the previous picture?
                  The Bonsai walk was most interesting.
 One can only wonder how old these could be as it takes years to create.
 Wild life was enjoying this garden as well. I looked into my Lizard book but could not seem to identify this lizard. Maybe a Fence Lizard?  
 This water was calling my name but the Saint would not allow me to soak my hot tired feet. 
 Stone work stairs and pathways lead one to a beautiful shade garden. 
                                 Sunny pathways are not to be forgotten. 
 The Quilt Garden was my favorite. Fresh Spring plantings of summer thriving plants will soon make a quilt of many colors. In this case, a Spool Pattern. I would love to go back and see this quilt pattern once all filled in with full blooms. 
 This is my Favorite view in the Garden.Can you see the quilt squares better now? 
 This would be a perfect spot to have a picnic on a sunny afternoon. I really did enjoy my time at the NORTH CAROLINA ARBORETUM, in the Garden...

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  1. Each of these gardens is wonderful. I loved the bonsai in this one, the view of the flower quilt, and the long view at the end with the mountains in the background. Aaaahhhh.

    I also loved the art pieces in the first photo. Wouldn't mind having 2-3 of those here. I wonder what they are made out of.

    Thanks again for sharing Skeeter.


  2. You captured it all wonderfully! I think those stone stairs have to be my favorite but this whole place was just too much fun! There was a LOT packed into our few days in Asheville for sure!

  3. Flowerlady, Here is a link to more on that artwork...

    Tina, One more post then we move on to Day 2...

  4. Blogger did not publish the post as it was written. Off centered captions and pics. Grrrrrrr...

  5. It was a fine garden! I took a hike on one of the trails with another blogger. In case I didn't say this sooner~it was a delight to meet you and the Saint! xogail

  6. Gail, I so wanted more time to spend in each garden. I must get back to Asheville again some day. Nice to finally meet you as well even though I feel like I knew you from the blog! Too bad we did not have more time to visit. So many people and so little visiting time as I prefer one on one chats then group settings. I must work on my issue with that for the next Fling visit! :-)

  7. Everything has been so wonderful. The quilt garden is really, really neat.You guys sure did pack a lot in 1 day. But guess what stands out to me in them all. None of them look as if they are handicap accessible The botanical gardens not too far from me is mostly handicap accessible and that is a great asset for so many of us "old" folks.

  8. There was so much to see, I missed the bonsai garden completely. Thanks for the tour. BTW, it sounds like you need to be a little more devilish to get around The Saint.

  9. You got to see so many amazing gardens and I like the rock and water features too. Thank you for sharing the tour. Sounds like the fling was fun. I even saw you on some other bloggers' sites!

  10. I love seeing all these photos of the arboretum since I went on the tree ID walk and didn't have a chance to see the more manicured gardens. It looks really beautiful.

  11. I really loved the arboretum. With very little time left, I ran from the visitor's center to see the bonsai which was the most beautiful display I have ever seen.

  12. Great shot of the quilt garden, Skeeter! I enjoyed our visit here, too; there was so much to see and do. Wish I'd had a little more time to visit the "Wicked Plants" exhibit inside which looked really interesting.

  13. Now see I would have had to have lingered over each of these areas...and of course there were limits to how long you could be there...but really what a gorgeous place...sorry I missed it and lucky folks in NC

  14. Now see I would have lingered over every area and that would not have been allowed since you had time limits for your trips...really what a gorgeous place and lucky folks in NC

  15. Sorry we missed the Bonsai walk, such interesting plantings. I love the Stipa grasses planted en mass, when the breeze blows, there is so much movement.