Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Seeds and a Mystery Plant


I have mentioned before how I do not have luck when scattering seeds in my Georgia Gardens. Last year, I scattered many packets and containers of seed with little to no luck. I decided to try a different route this year. The plan was to add plants instead. Seedlings started to pop up before I got around to finding plants for this area. As you can see the only seeds to work for me is Black-eyed Susan. When everything else fails, they always shine.
This plant starting popping up as well. The Saint and I argue if it is a weed or plant that came from the seed packets. I told him to keep his hands off it as I wanted to see what would happen.
It is a very tall plant standing about 4 feet tall. It has branched off and has yellow blooms on the top of each branch.
It has very large green leaves and is healthy and happy even during these hot drought conditions.
The yellow blooms come and go daily. 
It has fuzzy buds.
Japanese Beetle and Aphids like it.
Here is a yellow bloom. Sorry so dark but as I said, the blooms come and go quickly. I spotted this bloom in the evening.
A pretty little bloom.
Do any of you know the name of this plant? Or Weed?
It is enjoying the Susan's, Lily, Gladiola and Balloon Flower.
Only 3 Gladiola's came back this year. Either the Vole's got them or the bulbs do not like to return with our mild winters.
Susan mingles with Balloon Flower, SEEDS AND A MYSTERY PLANT, In the Garden...
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  1. I don't know the mystery plant, but tell the Saint that it is only a weed if the gardener does not want it.

  2. Skeeter, It's a member of the oenothera/ evening primrose family. It's often a seed in seed packets. Wowzer, your Susans are way ahead of ours! gail

  3. The evening primrose can get invasive, it does choke out other plants. We have it in an area that it's "allowed" to grow..other than that, it gets plucked and tossed.

  4. Ha! Ha! @ Les! That was funny! Your flowers are lovely. I hardly EVER can grow things from seed. Looks like you are doing pretty well this year.

  5. I have the same primrose here in my gardens. I leave it alone and it pretty much stays put-it's in the shade. I love it when it blooms as those sweet yellow flowers have a slight scent. Like you said it is green and not fazed by much. The Susans can't be beat!

  6. I have a plant or two that I've guarded to see if they are "anything"....Usually, they don't turn out to be. I'm going out to see if I've been nurturing an evening primrose by any chance!

  7. I see you have your mystery ID'ed. I have had minimal success with seeds too. All those wonderful seed packets from the Fling.....planted, some came up and then disappeared. :-( Love the full bed with all those Black-eyed Susans!

  8. I cant help you in the ID. So, scattering seeds all over can bring surprises. Lovely!

  9. Les, Yes indeed! Only a weed if you do not want it. I told him to keep his paws off the plant and look, I am right! It is a plant and not a weed....

    Gail, Thanks for the ID on this interesting plant. Evening, hum, that may be why I don’t see the blooms in action. They must bloom in the evening hours such as the blooms I caught in action. Gee, our Susans were way ahead of schedule this year. Early Spring and hot temps had them blooming a while back…

    Darla, That is why the Saint wanted to pluck it. It is so large! But thus far, keeping to its self but if it self seeds in this area, that will not be a good thing. Knowing this plant now, I shall keep it at bay where not wanted…

    Randy, the only seeds that seem to like me are the Susans! Not much more though and it is depressing as I have tried over and over again to go the cheap route and scatter seeds. I end up wasting my money. But I do enjoy Susan as she seems to enjoy me…

    Tina, as large at it was becoming and the size of those leaves, I was thinking some kind of Tobacco! Ha, how funny would that have been to have tobacco in my flower garden. Then there is the Flowering Tobacco you have but it is not so large. I shall keep this one around for now…

    Rebecca, I do this sort of thing often. I don’t like to pull something that looks healthy unless I know it to be a weed to me. There is one more that I am keeping my eye on as well. It popped up in the gravel under the boat shed and I transplanted it to this area. We shall see what it is in time…

    Janet, I did not plant any of the Fling seeds as I thought it was too late with our high temps. I am going to scatter them this fall and see if they come up next year. Maybe we will have more rain next year to help them along too…

  10. Bangchik and Kakdah, Yes, so many surprises with seed scattering! But mostly sadness for me as I dont have luck with seed sowing. But now I have a new plant from seed!

  11. I also "save" things that I do not know but they always end up being a weed. Glad you got some flowers.

  12. You sure are lucky with the "new" plant. It sure is pretty. Just watch that it don't overtake your garden. I had a strange plant come up a couple yrs ago but found out it was invasive when it started to have "beans" come on it. My new neighbor had planted wild seeds in his new garden area and it was mostly this plant. I noticed the other day he had one of these plants. I hope he gets rid of it before it has beans to reseed.

  13. Sounds like you got an ID. The susans are very nice. I'd be happy with them around.

  14. Your black-eyed susans look wonderful!

  15. I have a similar plant, Skeeter, but no yellow blooms yet that I've noticed. If those appear, now I'll know what they are! My biggest problem with planting seeds is that I often don't know what the seedlings look like and accidentally hoe them out. I do know zinnias, cosmos, and marigolds, though--they're all great plants to start from seed in the garden.

  16. wonderful mystery flower...and my goodness those susans are stunning