Friday, June 1, 2012

Welcome to Tiger Gardens-Enjoy Your Tour!


It is garden tour weekend and Tiger Gardens is on the tour this year so I thought I'd welcome you all (our virtual friends) with some views some of the live people will see when they visit Tiger Gardens tomorrow. The eagle above was a gift from my dear Uncle when he came to visit me last October. It is close to the road and one of the first things visitors will see upon entry to Tiger Gardens.

We have lots of American flags in the garden. The plants such as native beebalm (Monarda fistulosa) share equal billing with the daylilies this garden tour day.
More daylilies in the Northside Shrub Border.
Hydrangeas and astilbes cavort in the Greenhouse Garden.
More of the Greenhouse Garden, aka Non-Pool Garden.
The potAHger has been cleaned and readied for visitors. I need only dig some garlic (done!) and carrots to show folks just how easy it is to grow your own food.
The Sunny Perennial Border is looking mighty fine. Daylilies, annual rudbeckia (Gloriosa Daisies), veronica, coneflowers, hyssop and a few other plants are blooming for our visitors.
Sunny Perennial Border east end.
Some of the stars of the garden are the daylilies.



The pond with one of the koi looking on at the new floating duck. Can you see the orange colors on the left? There are two koi (Nissan and Datsun) hiding out under the water lily leaves.
View from the front door.

A toad I disturbed while cleaning up some logs in the garden. This was one huge toad who did not mind me working near him at all. 

If you would like tickets for the tour the cost is only $10. Children under 12 are free. Tickets can be purchased at any garden on the tour-including Tiger Gardens. The weather is forecast to be SPLENDID! When have we ever had temperatures  in the 70s for June?? So come on out and enjoy some gardens located in the Clarksville area. I've been working very hard in my garden readying it for you all and you would not believe the issues that get in the way of this job-that's another story. The hours of touring are from 9-3. I hope to see you all....

in the garden....

 There are six gardens on the tour. I have not visited them all but have visited one of my favorite gardens which also happens to be on the tour. My friend Angie's Garden. Previews of her garden from last month (it is now completely different this month because her daylilies are now in bloom) are found on this post. There are several posts on her garden so if you wish to see more just use the search bar to the right and type in Angie's Garden.

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  1. Tina, your garden looks fabulous. I actually thought the toad was a statue!!!! Really, really nice. Wish I could make the tour. Thanks for sharing bits and pieces of it via photos.

  2. Tina, your garden looks fantastic. I'm sorry I can't see it in person but loved your photo tour. All the best today.

  3. How exciting and you did a great job as your garden looks wonderful. Color, foliage, good things to eat, and whimsy. People are going to enjoy touring in the nice weather you are having.

    Have a great time ~ FlowerLady

  4. I had to laugh at you naming the Koi Nissan and Datsun. I had Datsuns for years and that is also why I had a Jeep too. The Nissan was not so good in the snow. My last Nissan was a 300ZX 50th Anniversary Edition, and I sold it four years ago in prime condition. I loved my sports cars, but thought it time to get more practical. Plus, my husband is a union worker and Chevy man. I took a lot of heat for not buying American. Your garden is beautiful and looks great for the tour. I bet people will be very happy seeing it. Love the toad photo. I never see them around here.

  5. Thanks for the virtual tour, Tina--wish I could make the trip to see it in person, but this is the next best thing! Everything looks lovely, and I'm sure your visitors are going to be delighted. Your pond looks so beautiful--all that hard work certainly paid off.

    Tell Skeeter I'll be back later to view the rest of the Fling photos. I've been taking advantage of the sunny days lately to try to get my own garden in order.

  6. Wow your pond is really looking great!! Now just relax and enjoy tomorrow.

  7. Everything looks so beautiful and ready for Feet and Eyes to enjoy! Thanks for the sneak peek you gave us today. Love those tall poles and birdhouses. A new addition as I have not seen them before. And cleaver you putting a vine assistance up the poles! I wish I could have been there for the tour but soon enough, I shall have my own personal tour. Will not be a nice 70 plus temp day but if I get hot, I shall put my feet into the pond. Hee hee…

    Rose, I shall see ya when I see ya on here girl… I have been spending way too much time on the computer since Fling and need to get back to the garden as well. Plus we are open for B&B business again this weekend…

    Everyone have a great weekend…

  8. So beautiful. Love the 2nd & 4th pics of lilies. The toad sure looks like it has been doing it's job. Your Koi pond is looking like it's been there for yrs.
    Sure wish I could make it for that wonderful tour & see your garden in person.
    Way to go girl.

  9. It's been fun following the wonderful progress you've made in your garden over the last several years. If your visitors only knew how much hard work and and planning have gone into it...Are you going to pass out business cards with your blog address on them? I bet the visitors would be interested in knowing all that goes into putting something together so fabulous. Great job, Tina and Mr. Fix-It!

  10. Thanks for posting your garden tour for those of us who can't travel to visit in person (someday)! Everything looks lovely, Tina. I'm sure your visitors will be delighted. Get ready to answer lots of questions! I love the names of your Koi!

    Have fun tomorrow! Isn't great that we're having a "real spring" with low humidity, rain, sunshine and pretty great temperatures?

  11. Tina the colors and that blue hydrangea...of course the daylilies are outstanding...I hope the deer keep away from mine so they can flower....wish I could be there for the tour...have fun!

  12. Can't go on the tour with my feet, but thoroughly enjoyed going with my eyes. Two interesting things: 1) while our gardens don't look alike at all and both are beautiful in their own way, we have many of the same things blooming. 2) while researching for my post, today, I was led to your August 12, 2009 blog entry about Sensitive ferns. I already follow your blog. Well, I thought it was interesting,

  13. In my attempt to read my blogs through Google Reader, I lost track of who I had and hadn't read yet. My internet was acting up last night.
    Your gardens look great, all ready for the tour!! I like how you put the blue bottles on rods (?) to have some color there. I don't have too many bottles, so this might be a good use of mine, where I can add to the cluster as I acquire more.

  14. Really fantastic, tina! The names of the koi made me laugh out! Your pond looks much more charming than before. I love the photo just below the pond. The hydrangeas, other pretty flowers and three bird houses are so lovely!

  15. I loved touring your wonderful garden. Great use of space and the blue bottles have definitely given me an idea.

  16. I really enjoyed the garden tour, it looks beautiful!

  17. Your garden looks great! I love the veronica and day lilies. The toad cracks me up. That is a lot of toad!!! Your garden must be completely bug-free.

  18. Love your garden. Looks like you don't have the problem with voles like I do. I like the brick in between the planting beds. I was thinking about getting some gravel for mine to see if that would pack down and make it harder for the creepy crawlers to maneuver.
    Wish I could see it in person.
    Happy Sunday