Saturday, September 27, 2008

Caladiums in the sun?

I do a lot of garden by Trial and Error. I have had potted Caladium in the past and enjoyed the beautiful colors of the heart shaped leaves. I decided to give them a try this year growing them from roots up!
I showed you my and Lola's Canna beds a while back so today I will show you the Caladuim that I planted along with my Canna. They took much longer then I anticipated in popping up but in time, they made their appearance.

By this time I had realized I had made a mistake. This bed is located in full sun and that is fine for the Cannas but oh shoot, if only I had read the tag more clearly. Oops, the Caladuims like shade to part shade. Oh well, we will see what happens now as I am NOT going to move them. Trail and Error in course...

Well, just look at those Caladiums growing in the sun shine! My little friend Peter Cottontail has joined me in the garden since Spring. He lets me get close to him showing little fear of me. I have not seen him in a while. Hummm, I wonder where he has been? Here you see him helping me check in on the progress of the Caladiums.

As you can see, the plants produced these interesting pods. I was not sure what to think of them but kept my eye on them to see what would unfold.

Well, just lookie here, A Caladium bloom! I did not know they bloomed...
She was a bit strange looking but a little beauty indeed!

Caladiums are also known as Angel Wings, Heart of Jesus and Elephant Ears. I like the way the sun shines through the pretty red and green leaves.

They glow with the spot light of the sun showing their vibrant colors.
I found the Dew Drop on the leaves a thing of beauty while on a morning stroll.

I really am pleased with the way the Cannas stand tall behind the Caladiums. In time, this planter will become larger with more additions. The Saint was not too happy back in spring with me starting this new planter. Now he is enjoying the beauty with me although I am still waiting for him to admit I was right in creating this planter.

I usually take plant tags more seriously then I did this one but as you can see, even though the tag read: Plant in Shade to Part Shade, CALADIUMS IN THE SUN, may do well In the Garden...


  1. You're up early, Skeeter! Are the lawn care people (read spouses) ever happy when we add something for them to trim around? By the way, I even introduced the spouse to the video function on the camera, and he is having fun with it as you can see on my blog. So you enjoy the Forrest (Gump) too?

  2. Skeeter and Tina, you are on blotanical!!!!!

  3. Walk2write, Not up that early, just set the Scheduling of the post for 4:00 GA time. It is posted on TN time. So when it gets on here, it is 5:00 GA time instead of 4:00. Does that make sense? A bit difficult to explain but anyhow, I want to make sure early risers have something to peek at... Love that scheduling button! Yep, I am a Forrest Gump movie and restaurant fan. I go to the one in Charleston, SC when we get there for a visit...

    Fairegarden, thanks, we will have to check it out... Have a good weekend!

  4. My hubby isn't too thrilled when I create a new bed, but after it's all done he likes it. :) I didn't realize you could grow caladiums in full sun either Skeeter. And I've never had one blooms for me. Cool picture!

  5. Good Morning All,
    Skeeter, I have mine in part shade {morning sun only} but I have seen some around here that are in the sun. Go figure. I also have one that has bloomed. It's been in the soil for about 5 yrs. Everything around here is slow except the Cannas. lol
    I hope all have a very lovely day.

  6. Hi Skeeter, Not too many up here but that doesn't stop retailers from selling the bulb, and what a bulb! I did a double take!
    I've always wanted one, my home is very shaded, the colors are wonderful!
    Love the header.

  7. Perennialgardener, I goofed when planting them. I was distracted with a tonsillectomy this spring. lol. I did not realize my goof until they were popping up so I decided to just let them be and see what would happen. Ta Da, Caladiums growing fine in the sun!

    The Saint is not so crazy about new planters for two reasons, one I may ask for his help in creating it when the couch is feeling so soft to his behind. And two, he knows when I am out watering during this now going on 3 years drought, that he will be the one to hear me complain. Then the sprinkler system ideas start flowing. He runs at that point… I did see him watering this planter a few times when my back was turned. He really enjoyed the colors from this small planter… He also knows I have plans to enlarge this planter soon!

  8. Lola, I did not know it would return as a perennial next year! I thought it would die out in the winter because a potted one that I planted died and never returned. Hum, will be interesting to see. Maybe I have a special type that is considered a perennial and sun loving!

    Dawn, that is funny you say the bulbs are large as these were very tiny root looking things rather then bulbs! Hum, what do I have here? Apparently not your every day caladium...

    Tina thought it was time for an update hence the new header. I snapped that pic when preparing the butterfly post but chose another pic for the posting and look how pretty this one was! ha, oh well, showing its beauty now... lol

  9. Skeeter, What I saw was a large as a sweet onion, gray, and labeled elephant ear but it looked more like a elephant wart! No roots

  10. It looks like everyone is up early this morning! Even me, the stupid birds started their scolding, Skeeter's kitty got her up and I bet many of you also up early had a good reason! Don't you know we should sleep in on Saturday? At least this is my thought. The VCR is set to record HGTV.

    You all, Frances is feeling badly-do stop by and wish her a speedy recovery today. Now that was a long comment already!

    Skeeter, I love the caladiums. I remember when you and I were starting ours at the same time and could not figure out why they would not come up. Remember? I see yours not only came up but shine in the sun. I love those backlit pictures. You do such a good job with them and I thanks you for the butterfly picture for the header. And I had no idea they had these other names too. I like Dawn's description "Elephant Wart". Eww! ttyl

  11. Skeeter I have 3 pots of Caladiums on my deck and one in the ground in my flower garden out front. They are all in full sun!!!! They do fine, look great and have bloomed. They should winter over in FL and probably even in GA but here in ME we have to bring them in for the winter so I will bring them in along with my Freesias and Glads. I ordered mine from one of the cheapo catalogs (not a plant catalog) and paid next to nothing for them. They came as a very small sorta bulb looking thing with shoots of small roots. I am talking very small and when I planted them I wondered if they would do anything but have been great. The color has been exquisite.

  12. Wow! Amaizing...didn't know they bloomed or could grow in the sun.

  13. Elephant Wart, now that’s a vision. lol... Now that I think back, I believe I am confusing the Caladium with the Lily of the Valley, They were the funny looking things and I do believe the Caladiums were a tiny bulb… Ah, only 45 and the memory is leaving my body… lol…

    Tina, my Cheetah got me up early. She was pawing at the window blinds in the bedroom. I keep all binds in the rest of the house open during the night for the cats and she wanted the one in the bedroom open. argg, I was a mad mommy to her this am. I opened the windows in the sunroom and the fresh air got her attention so I could have gone back to bed but by then, heck I was awake.

    I will take my revenge on her as we are going to give them hair cuts as soon as I get off this thing. Just hoped on to see if we won the lottery because if we had, I will let someone else clip them! lol...

    Jean, I think I will leave them in the ground and see what happens. Our winters are pretty mild down here without regular hard freezes so maybe they will survive. I do love the colors and think that is why the Saint has been watering them as he too enjoys them...

    My little family, this is all new info to me as well! I had no idea and we will see if they will survive winter too...

  14. Walk2write, Great job on the video! A long one like that must have taken some time to load on the blog. i would never guess oil to be in Ill or IN... My new lesson for the day!

  15. Lovely planter, Skeeter. I've never tried caladium in the sun, and I've never had one bloom--do you supposed there's a connection? They're really pretty with the canna behind them.

    Your postings are showing up on Blotanical. YAY!

  16. My father-in-law lives in Lake Placid, FL, the Caladium Capital of the World. They have a sight-seeing tower and from there you see a sea of pink caladiums - with no shade in sight. I can't seem to make them work in my yard, but I really like your combo with the cannas.

  17. Hi Skeeter, your planter looks so pretty! I love caladiums. I have to bring them in. They won't survive our zone 5 winters. Cannas can't stay outside here either.

    In some places I've seen they say Cannas are hardy through zone 8b, and other places say only through zone 10. I hope yours make it over the winter.

  18. Cosmo, I am not sure if there is a connection or not but just maybe. I thought they would perk up the color of the Canna by being in the front. I am happy with the way it all turned out but the planter is too small so it will grow soon... Thanks!

    Wicked Gardener, I would love to see the sea of pink beauties in FL. There must be a certain type that can take the sun and I reckon I have them!

    Garden Girl, I have never had them return before so it will be interesting to see if they survive our mild winter here. I know Canna's are perrenial because our neighbors have some and they dont do any yard work so they stay in the ground. Such pretty plants in such an ugly yard. I want to steal them and put them in my yard where they would be enjoyed... tee hee... I would never do such a thing but I can think it. LOL…

    The Saint and I just gave the kitties fur cuts and it was a tough job this go-round. The Queen of “Sheba” decided to be our problem child. She wiggled and even hissed at us for the first time ever! Ah, so much fun that we are headed to the little place down the street for a jumbo Margarita while they have nap time… LOL

  19. very nice planting especially as it is filling in. my sis, meems
    @hoe and shovel grows a tons of these. i think she has alot of interesting info on them too. you might want to check her out.

  20. well it looks like they did well in the sun anyway!!!! the flower almost resembles a skumnk cabbage!!

  21. Marmee, thanks, I will check it out. i do hope in time the cannas and caladium produce more. That is, if the caladium survive the winter...

    Thru pink curtains, They did do well in the sun and with a drought also! Times like this is when Trail and Error is fun. Skumnk caggabe, I assume that to be the ornamental cabbage we see in landscaping during the fall...???....

  22. Skunk cabbage is beautiful, it only thrives in wetter land and sprouts late spring. The only time it smells is when it's chopped or distrubed in some way. Big leaves in a tier.

  23. Skeeter, some Caladiums can take more sun than others. They are trying to hybridize them so they can take more sun. Mine that has bloomed is in more sun than any of the others. The others are in mid morning sun only. They do good.
    What in the world is skunk cabbage?
    Have a safe & lovely night All.

  24. Our caladiums have never bloomed! I may try your experiment next season. They look nice and healthy. How much sun do they get?

  25. Skeeter - It's good to see they can take the sun - they are gorgeous with your cannas.

  26. Dawn, if skunk cabbage likes moisture, we will not see it in GA with this drought.. lol... Tina tells me it is not found in TN so I bet it is not found in the south. I will keep my eyes open for it the next time we are in the TN Mountains during the spring as they may have it.

    That is kind of what I am thinking too Lola. Lots of plant breeders seem to be playing with them therefore making them different then we have always known a plant to be... I like this discovery though...

    Dave, I have never timed the sun in that area but I am guessing at least 6 hours or so and the hottest time of the day also. I was good about keeping water on it also. If nothing else got water this summer, they did! New planter you know and being close to the faucet was an asset also...

    Thanks Cindy, I do think the canna and caladium worked well together...

  27. Your caladiums seem to like the sun! Mine took forever to pop through the soil--I thought they weren't going to make it at all. But I've never seen one bloom before!

  28. Rose, I was on the verge of taking the bulbs out of the ground and returning them to the store! They took way too long to pop out of the ground. But were worth the wait once they arrived...

  29. These are beautiful! I always wondered what they were named -- I bought one that ran wild in my planter and have lots of little roots going on in vases around the kitchen. Glad I saw this -- it tells me a bit more about them!

    I don't know if this is your Pink Saturday post (though it works!) but thanks for stopping by to visit my blog Saturday, too!

  30. I am not a Pink Saturday poster but Dawn (C & G Design) which post here on the first Saturday of each month is... Anyway, I am glad I this posting today on Pink Saturday for you!