Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunglasses for You My Dear?

My friend Phil found this LARGE praying mantis in his garden recently. He was quite surprised it was so large, hence the sunglasses to show the scale of the insect.

Do you suppose it is a female who just had a big meal? Rose over at A Prairie Rose Garden just posted quite a picture of two praying mantises. Skeeter also posted a great picture of some praying mantises. It must be their season. They look to be quite big too. Are they super insects now? Or just eating well?

in the garden....


  1. Hi Tina, so funny, HA. I think the females get very large this time of year as they prepare to lay the egg cases after mating and eating the male for extra vitamins.


  2. I know our insects are eating well! We are having 'skeets again! Everyone figures being a wet year....we started with so many more insects for the larger insects to feast on.
    I think it's neat to compare the size with another item. So cool.

  3. Morning Tina, we had a huge one like that on the glass door to the shop the other morning. Don't know why she left the bushes to sit on the door.

    I would love to see one eating an insect. Is that too macabre?

  4. Frances, I am thinking the males have lots of vitamins for the gals:)

    Dawn, Phil was in awe, so much so he had to put his sunglasses down there for something to compare it to. I haven't seen any praying mantises, just stick bugs. Wonder why?

    Marnie, No, I don't think showing one eating an insect is too macabre. If folks don't want to read or see it, they just click out. I think it would be cool. Poor things though!

  5. I haven't seen any that large in my garden this year Tina. At least you know you have some help eliminating all the bad bugs. He is a massive one!

  6. Now if every generation gets bigger/taller like it does in my family, then I might start to worry!

  7. That's great having the sunglasses to compare his/her size too!

  8. I have also seen large mantises and like Dawn said the skeets are back and big as all get out also and boy oh boy are they ever mean. Don't think I have ever seen them so mean. And tomorrow is October!!

  9. wow she/he is a beaut. having the mantis around is always a good thing helping keep down the bad bug population.

  10. I have always been intrigued by the Preying Mantis. I think they are the model for lots of Sci-Fi movies with those great big eyes and turning head! A bit scary to see large ones though…

  11. That's amazing...it's always good to have praying mantids in the garden. Incredible creatures!

  12. PG, They do seem rather large this year. In addition to eating their mates maybe the wet spring brought about many bugs-if so-praying mantis eat away!

    Linda, I am thinking it is a female as they seem to be way larger than the males-in fact-I am betting the males can fit right inside which might be where her mate is!

    Walk2Write, We will ALL worry at that point for sure!

    Cindy, I think Phil thought no one would believe him how big this thing was.

    Mom, We have skeeters too-too many! Urgh! Not as big as yours in Maine though. Thank goodness! Of course I think the mosquito must be the Maine state bird-not the chickadee:)

    Marmee, I hope they are eating the bad bugs. I hadn't visited Meems blog in a long time but used to talk with her a bit. She has a lovely blog and garden and I think it great she got you blogging too.

    Skeeter, Isn't there a movie with ginormous praying mantises? I can see it for sure! It would be one I'd like to watch, corny I know but I like that Sci fi. Jimmy tells me starting tomorrow he is watching Sci fi every day this month due to the Halloween fest. I am glad he does not have nightmares.

    Parsec, I think all bugs are incredible. I can't figure how something so small can have all the necessary parts to live, move, breathe and eat. btw, you really should take off your shoes and wade in that icy cold-just once!

  13. WOW, A big one. Haven't seen any here in my garden this yr.

  14. I am totally digging these Mantis posts! That one is huge. If you want to see creepy Mantis photos, check out The Deep Middle. (Sorry I don't know how to make functioning links.) He's got photos of a Mantis chomping on a bee.

  15. This one looks like the one I posted a week ago on our patio doors; great idea to put the sunglasses there for a size perspective. This must be the year for mantises; I've seen so many. I agree the male must contain lots of vitamins and protein to make these females so large:)

  16. We found one at work the other day. It wasn't as big. They do seem to be everywhere.

  17. Yikes--I appreciate what they do for the garden, but I don't think I want to run into any bug that's as big as my face . . .

    Sorry my commenting has been sporadic--it's that whole work thing--

    I saw the comment from your mom and sister, so I guess they made it through Kyle ok--I hope they liked the rain even if it did bring mosquitos (I've been scratching all day myself).

  18. He's a big boy! I haven't seen one of these in ages! Wonder why??

  19. I don't think I've ever seen one of those in real life. Just in photos. And you get a bit of everything in humid East Texas. Have to check into that...

  20. Must be eating well! They are welcome in my garden anytime!

  21. Lola, That makes two of us. I haven't seen any either and I am not sure why.

    MMD, Yup, I saw those pictures. I guess it is a bit macabre seeing another live thing meet its demise like that, but great shots.

    Rose, Yup, I linked to that post as that is such an awesome picture with both mantises there. Must've been something seeing it in person.

    Sarah, Everywhere but at my place as I haven't seen any. Clarksville might need to send me some.

    Cosmo, I had been missing you and figured it was work. It is NO problem, you must take care of work. Happy to see you whenever you drop by. Mom and Dawn made it thru-you are most kind to think of them. They will love it!

    Meadowview Thymes, I don't know why you haven't seen any mantises. I haven't seen any. Could be we are not looking in the right places? Not sure.

    Brenda, Never seen a mantis in real life? You must keep an eye out as they are pretty neat. I haven't seen any this year but as a child I loved them. Especially the ugly fact they eat their mate. That seems to fascinate kids, at least it did me growing up in a Women's Lib kind of nation that I did.

    Dave, Mine too but I haven't seen any here. Got any in Colombia?