Monday, September 22, 2008

An Interview by THE Blog "In the Garden" and a Wee Contest

Oftentimes when I write I write in a strictly straight to the point manner in a way that my mother says shows my 'intellect'. I think that showing any intelligence is a good thing, never a bad thing-but I guess it can be a bit boring on occasion. I like to teach and thus I share my experiences with others; which is teaching. Yes, that is what I do on here I think. One thing I learned awhile ago when learning about blogging is that you must find your voice and brand and stick with it. It is what comes natural and if folks like it, they read it, if not, that is fine too. Well today I am going outside of my intellect and voice and throwing caution to the wind. Today my blog, "In the Garden", is going to 'interview' me in honor of my Blogiversary this week. Yes, it is HARD to believe it has been one year since I began blogging, but it is the truth. All this week I will be talking of the blog, and perhaps a little of the garden; which is WHY the blog is here! I will look at myself and others and try to reflect in general on what this blog is, what it means to me, and what benefit it is to me. There MUST be a benefit of course! Otherwise why blog? Let me use a little creativity in my postings this week and quit trying to be so intellectual-though I warn you-it is my natural state and I really don't know how this week will pan out. Now, on to the interview by THE blog.

THE Blog: Why do you emphasize the word 'the' when referring to me as THE Blog?

Tina: Over the past year you have become such a big part of my life that you have grown very LARGE. Sometimes I feel you own me and not the other way around (in a good way of course). So, in order to let YOU know how I feel about you I chose to emphasize THE as in THE Blog.

THE Blog: Oh, okay I get it. Ha ha! Just how much time do you spend on working on me that I am so large?

Tina: I spend at least one to two hours a day and usually more depending on how many comments I answer and depending on how many OTHER blogs I comment on. On average I guess you might bump the time spent up to about 15-20 hours per week if I am preparing posts or uploading photos. I try to check in the morning, lunchtime, and prior to going to bed, depending on my schedule. I've gotten pretty good at my system, though it is still time consuming as Mr. Fix-it is wont to let me know.

THE Blog:
Wow! What do you mean comments? You mean those people coming here and leaving messages on your articles and posts?

Tina: Yes! You know what I mean. I started this blog to share and in sharing you learn. I learn when others share their experiences. I just could not tell you how valuable blogging has been for me to learn how to be a better gardener. Sharing should be a two way street. Just like relating in real life. We people can only do this by commenting on each other's blogs since oftentimes we are not within close proximity to one another. People visit you, and I visit their blogs and comment to let them know I have visited. If we didn't comment and I only wrote my notoriously long articles and posted pretty pictures without anyone talking by commenting, then sharing would be only a one way street. And who likes a one way street when sharing?? And how would I ever learn anything if we didn't talk? I tend to ask lots of questions and share my experiences not only on you, but on other blogs too. Oftentimes little tidbits stick with someone and the learning process takes hold. I love to learn! Probably why I am a career college student, but we'll just leave that part out of this interview!

THE Blog: Oh, I get it. Does everyone who visits here leave comments? And is that the most important part of me?

Comments are not the most important part of you, I like to talk with others and I also like the journal and photo album aspect of you. It is nice to look back at prior posts and see my grandson and son, to remember my a special post that made me cry with joy, to see the work I have done with the gardens and so on.

No, not everyone comments. Just like in everyday conversations not all folks will get to talk or even want to talk. It is kind of like Show and Tell when you were in elementary school. Half the class can show and tell today, and the other half tomorrow. All kids can talk if they wish to comment on the show, but they don't have too. It is the same way with blogs. Not all will want to talk at all, some only sometimes, and others all the time. Does that make sense?

THE Blog: Kind of, but since I didn't go to school and was only born one year ago, I don't really know about Show and Tell, but I'll take your word for it Tina.

Tina: Thanks!

THE Blog: Okay, now that I understand the commenting thing, what is with this Blogroll on my sidebar? I notice it pops up and shows other bloggers' posts and there seems to be a LOT of other blogs! This thing grows each day.

Tina: Ah yes, the Blogroll. I simply adore your Blogroll function. I add blogs I like to visit and who have a blogger who has established a two way communication with me to your blogroll. The blogroll shows me exactly when others post and what the subject is that particular day or time. It is a timesaver-truly! It is kind of long though and I am trying to be selective in choosing blogs for it. Blogs who are not on my blogroll will usually show up on the blog link on the bottom of your sidebar.

THE Blog: You visit more blogs than just those though Tina, how do you keep track of them and why aren't they on the blogroll?

Tina: I really wish I could add all blogs to my blogroll but it would not be practical. As it is the blogroll is rather large. It is so large that I have had to try to categorize the blogs into a few categories. First and foremost is my sister Dawn's blog, then the Tennessee blogs, then other blogs I like to visit. For blogs not listed here I can still visit them via the sidebar list, subscriptions, and through Blotanical. I do try to fave bloggers and their blogs not on the blogroll via Blotanical, though not as often as I'd like. Sigh, it is a time thing again and I have come to realize I simply cannot comment or read all blogs that are out there-very good ones too! So, I have to be somewhat choosy and I do try to include them all often and in the same way, some are on my blogroll and some are on Blotanical and even more are on others blogrolls that I visit so I can get updated from those blogs. A great feature indeed.

THE Blog: What is this Blotanical and how can you view other blogs and blogroll other blogs there?

Tina: Glad you asked! Blotanical is a directory of I guess about 1000 garden blogs. It has a feature on it that allows registered users to blogroll other registered users. It also has a feature where garden bloggers can interact in a common manner that is somewhat standardized. It has so many features that I can't possibly use them all. It is kind of like a big huge blog owned by this guy named Stuart. It also is not working right right now, but hopefully it will come back on line soon so ALL garden blogs can use its "one stop shop" features.

THE Blog: Okay, I get it about the comments and the blogroll and sharing and all. How do you judge your success?

Tina:Very good question! Very personal too but I will try to share. I LOVE each and every comment in your comment section but it is not totally how I judge whether or not you are successful. There are many readers who have never commented on here and who probably will never comment, and that is fine. If everyone who read commented, I would easily spend triple the time on you that I am already spending. I do have a few bench points I set for success though.

a) The first is in readership. I like to know people ARE really reading you and the comments are but one way to show me yes, folks are reading.

b) The second bench point is whether or not folks return for a second look and even a third look. This is sometimes fairly easy to determine and sometimes not. For commenters it is easy to determine if they return-they consistently leave comments. They either become regulars because they like it, or they go elsewhere. Not all commenters will become regulars, just like in real life. Each person has their tastes and you and I may not appeal to all readers each and every day, and that is perfectly acceptable! Don't feel bad about it as we cannot please everyone and have to do our own thing. Plus, like me, there are so many bloggers out there that they can't all visit and comment on all blogs! That to me is the beauty of blogging, we can be choosy and we can do as we like with blogging.

For readers who do not comment, I have a hard time determining if they return on a regular basis. I do use something called Sitemeter to track your stats and visitors-by location and referral only. Sitemeter does not disclose personal information. I cannot follow all locations and visits so I don't worry too much about readers that don't comment since I can't determine if they return unless they do comment. I do know some locations are regulars and assume someone from that area does return to read without talking. That is a good thing and makes me think that even if readers don't comment, they do like to read. Their visits count in the stats just like regular commenters and those visits add up to success.

THE Blog: What is up with the text "No blog awards or meme's please" on my sidebar?

Tina: Well this can be a sticky question. Amy touched upon the problems with blog awards and memes in a post she did quite a while and I won't rehash what she said but give you my take on blog awards and memes. I appreciate them and realize there are nothing but good thoughts sent the recipient's way from the giver, but blog awards (there are tons made up by many) are a bit distracting and intimidating to me and to my readers. Distracting because you not only have that much more to look at on your blog, but now you have to post about the award and give it away to other unsuspecting bloggers, who may or may not appreciate the gesture. This has been a common problem with many bloggers. So some of these bloggers have decided to just put it out there for whoever wants to participate in the award or meme. Well then what kind of award is it really if anyone can get it? I consider the awards to be memes; which are mainly chain letters. I never participated in these as a kid and don't with my email either, so I decided early on not to do so here.

Memes also are a way to increase one's statistics and comments. I feel if I wanted to comment on a blog then I would do so without a meme. So I think it is a bit hypocritical to do so just for a meme if I have never visited that blog or commented on that blog before. Remember, I said I like two way communication and memes don't usually foster two way communication. What happens is both the blogger who started the meme and the visiting blogger who comments on the meme gets a bit of a higher traffic count for that day or week or whatever, but no two way communication. If you normally visit and comment on that blog, then great! Go for it! Any one I talk to regularly and who starts a meme and may like me to report back on a posting they have done, I am willing to do so, but not to a blogger I don't normally comment on. And I don't expect this to happen on my blog either. I want people to comment here because they want to talk and not just get exposure. I may have made a mistake in popularity by choosing not to participate in memes and awards, but again, blogging is a personal choice and I have to be true to me for it to be fun. I like conversation and getting to know the bloggers and this does not seem to happen on many memes where the conversation does not continue past that one day. I have opted out because of it.

Blog awards are a bit intimidating. As a brand new blogger I was cowed by visiting blogs that had TONS of blog awards. I thought wow! This must be an awesome person and awesome blog and what am I doing blogging or even visiting?
I was intimidated for sure. Then my next thought was how can I get awards? Yes, it is true. Now that I know how awards are awarded, I am not so cowed anymore and made the choice not to post any on my blog. One year of blogging has increased my confidence level tremendously and I realize that for me to continue blogging, I have to be true to myself and realize blogging is NOT about competing with other blogs for awards and readers and comments. No, it is about relating and talking and sharing with others who have the same values, likes dislikes, and ideas as me. If our experiences here at "In the Garden" can help others, then we are successful. Otherwise it doesn't work-and that is okay! There are more than enough people to go around for another 10,000 garden blogs! Never fear, readers will come regardless of the awards and memes. Skeeter helped me tremendously on clarifying my point of view and I am sticking to it. Sometimes you just need a sounding board and I have talked to a few readers about this situation. I hope all understand my point of view.

THE Blog: Why are there no advertisements on here? They are kind of colorful and look neat.

Tina: Yes, advertisements are neat, but kind of distracting too. The same as memes and awards. I blog to talk and share so advertisements were never an option. Loyal readers like it like that. Though, if I thought there was real money to be made in advertisements on my blog, I would consult with Skeeter and loyal readers, and MAYBE consider advertisements, but for now and the foreseeable future-no ads. Sorry!

THE Blog: It is a very nice change for you and for me when Skeeter, Dawn or even Christine post. Is this why you added contributors to me Tina?

Tina: Yes, partly. The other part of it is that I really needed a bit a break and I felt others who did not want the responsibility of a blog would like guesting on here with the added benefit of me taking a break. Now don't get me wrong, I would work every
day and maintain you but having other contributors has been a super great thing for me and for you too! And for the readers!!!! They get to read THREE bloggers while visiting JUST one blog! We get to hear about Maine and Georgia and all sorts of different points of view. Different points of view is a good thing-even if they aren't my point of view. Laugh! And Skeeter and Dawn usually comment on others blogs so it is almost like a three for one on here. One comment on here could possibly result in three comments back to the blogger who comments. Not always and that should not be why folks comment here, but a nice side line if it does because most (if not all) bloggers like comments. Dawn has quite a following on her blog, and Skeeter herself is a one woman super-de-duper blogger who comments on many blogs she likes. These are all blogs where she has established communication with the blogger. I think Skeeter and I are a bit alike in the manner.

THE Blog: Why do we post every single day at a predetermined time? What is up with that? It seems like an awful lot of work and I'd like a break sometime.

Tina: You'd like a break! HA! I think it is important to post daily because "In the Garden" (you blog!) is kind of like a morning garden fix that fits right in with the newspaper. Plus, much of my military training has carried over to you. I am used to being regular, dependable, loyal, and on time-usually o'darkthirty in the morning-hence the 0500 role call for "In the Garden" posts. Skeeter and Dawn oblige all on their own. They like it regular and so I have found a pattern that I plan to stick least for now. It may change later but I have played with this idea for a while and still time goes on and posts come regularly. Are you sure you don't write your own posts???? And just pull the pretty garden pictures (even the vomit one) from my computer's hard drive Mr. Blog?

THE Blog: Oh no! Never! You bloggers are responsible for all these posts. By the way, are you going to share the stats with our readers? I don't know much about other blogs but we have a lot of folks visiting us here and commenting too.

I am not totally sure as yet. I have tallied up the comments and posts but we'll see about sharing stats later this week-can I sleep on it?

THE Blog: Yeah sure.

THE Blog: Do you have any regrets or anything you would've done differently with me?

Tina: Yes, I would do two things differently if I had a chance to do it all again. The first is the fact I used my name with my url when I switched you over to blogger from the ftp website. The Internet is a big world and using my name puts me out there in it a bit more than I'd like to be. When I blogged you through the ftp website it was a community thing and my real name was required as a pseudo would not have been acceptable. Once I switched I could've made myself more anonymous like many bloggers do, but it is too late now. That is the first thing I would change.

The second thing I would change would be your name. "In the Garden" is a great name! So great that many other blogs have this name. I have contemplated changing it but for today, that is not an option. "In the Garden" is your name forever but I have added TN to your name in Blotanical in order to differentiate you from the other two listed "In the Garden" blogs. I am not sure what I would name you if I could do it over but it would be different I can assure you.

THE Blog: Hmmmm, that leaves many possibilities! Okay, you didn't mention your regrets?

Tina: I have a few regrets. I regret if I have ever offended anyone when commenting on their blog or when responding to a comment on my blog. I regret if I have made someone have to moderate my comments or not post my comments at all. I can bet over the past year I have easily commented more than 1000 times, not including the responses on my blog. This is a lot of commenting and it is possible something could've been misconstrued at some point. Sometimes I can be too honest and too outspoken, but it is me and I have to be me! As much as I blog it would be difficult to be someone else-wouldn't it? Those are my only regrets with blogging. Such is life.

THE Blog: I think we all have regrets in all we do at some point or another, so don't worry about it Tina. Okay, what have you learned from blogging?

Tina: How much time to you have?? Oh goodness, can we save this for another day? I have already used up my allotted time today.

The Blog: Okay, I guess so-since I really don't have any choice! You are after all the blogger and own me-not the other way around and we need to work on downgrading "the" as in THE Blog. Okay?

Tina: Already done.

Thanks for humoring me and reading along on this long interview. I will continue with some more Blogiversary posts this week-once I recuperate from this interview! I promise there are some short ones and some pictures and some 'intellectual' ones too:)

If you are still with me-great! We are not finished yet, see a contest below.

Regular readers of "In the Garden" know we post frequently, very frequently. Can you guess how many posts we have published over the past year as of today? I will give you a hint, it is MORE than 365. The person who comes closest to guessing the number or who gets it right, AND comments first will receive a $10 gift card to Wal-Mart OR a custom made marker stone, your choice. I will post the answer in Friday's post, so be sure to check back. Remember, if more than one person gets it right, only the FIRST commenter on here with the right answer or closest to the answer will get the card or marker stone. Thanks! And good luck! P.S. Even if you have never commented here, feel free to comment since you are at least reading! Should be interesting and I have NO idea what kind of answers folks will come up with-so let the counting begin!

in the garden....


  1. Wow Tina, that is a record breaker, multi volume novel you have written there LOL! But I hung on every word and loved it. Many many congrats on your one year anniversary, well done, lady! I won't hazard a guess on your number of posts since I already have a prized marker, thank you again, but you are a blogging machine!
    Happy to be able to call you my friend,

  2. Congratulations on your One Year Blogaversary! (sp?) Like Frances, I hung in there & read your mini novel today. lol It was a interesting post today and I enjoyed it. I'm guessing 400 posts? By the way you've never offended me in the least. :)

  3. Whew, that was long but cute. Since I have dashboard look-see I won't guess but if I did, I would not be close, I don't do well with the count of jelly beans in the jar.
    Be nice to see who wins, these are fun contest.

  4. Tina,

    Hey this was a great post! Thorough and entertaining.
    Happy blog-anniversary. That is fantastic and over 365 posts! guess! I think you told me the number you posted! Does it feel like a year?


  5. mom- I am to lazy and don't feel well today so I did not read the whole thing, but what I did read was really cute. Congrats on the year of blogging. I know you love it. And I am going to guess 390. Figure a couple times a month there is an extra post.

  6. Tina, First congrats on you first year. I'm finding this very interesting. As a relatively new blogger, I really appreciate the nuts and bolts advise. For example Blogroll. I tried it, deleted it, tried it again. I've checked out four or five sitemeters. I'd like to ask you how you installed yours--did you put it in a 'gadget'?

    Great advise so far.
    Thanks Tina

  7. tina i know what you mean about THE blog. it can be comsuming. we went camping this weekend and no electronics were allowed(not that they wouldv'e worked anyway). i wasn't sure if i would have withdraws but i managed. happy anniversary!
    i will say 425 posts?

  8. Very creative Tina! I'm generally with you on the award stuff but it is nice to be recognized sometimes. Sort of a pat on the back. I don't like the memes where people name your blog and you feel obligated to do stuff. Things like Carol at May Dreams are good though where it is a purely voluntary basis. My Guess will be 438! I know on my blog I've already done 420 or so, some are not published so I'm adding a few more posts onto yours since you started a month before I did.

  9. Good morning all!

    Frances, I promise the rest of these posts are much shorter. This took a lot of time indeed. I am honored to call you a friend too. I haven't forgotten your kind invite to view your garden and meet you. I was so excited and am ever so happy to have seen Faire Garden in person. This takes a leap of faith not all will do, and I appreciate it all!

    PG, You are too kind and I always look forward to hearing from you each day. Glad you took a gander and guessed. I will post the answer on Friday. Thanks for hanging in there. In my other life I was surely a writer.

    Dawn, Yes, long indeed but it all needed to go there. I never was good with guessing jellybeans either and kind of see this contest as something like that. A shot in the dark. But I gave a hint! Can't wait to see all the guesses and how it pans out and what the winner chooses-cash or marker stone. Hmmmm.

    Gail, Yes very thorough. I wanted to get my views out there and thought this would be an appropriate way. Just my views. Does it feel like a year. No. It really does not. It seems to me like folks like Frances and Dave have been blogging way longer in our little group. Probably because of the ftp thing for me at first. Here's to next year for us all!

    Christinelynn, Good morning to my oldest daughter (only by one minute but it still counts!) A lot to read for sure. I have your guess tallied. I can say all guesses have been very good! Have a great day!

    Marnie, No guess on the number of posts? You still have time. I hope this post has helped some new bloggers. I have gained some experience in my year of blogging but so many start out with a big bang like you did. I think that a key facet is in doing like you and many other bloggers (not really me) is to comment on other blogs you like and do it frequently. I didn't add this in to the post but the rest of my observations may be helpful to some. I wish I had had some help when I started. I searched high and low for information on garden blogs and that is what finally brought me to this stage. Sitemeter. Ah, that needs a post all by itself. Yes, I did install it as a gadget under third party html. I love Sitemeter because it is so user friendly. Many bloggers use this one and I discovered it through Frances' blog. Blogging is like this, we learn from one another. I also use a few others to include: Feedburner, My Blog Log, and Go Stats. Feedburner is obviously the feed manager I use and they have an account section that gives info. My blog log is a Yahoo email thing. And finally Go Stats was an alternative to Sitemeter when they decided to migrate all new accounts to a new and improved site that required a credit card. All have a bit of different information but Sitemeter is the best and I am glad they stopped the migration!

    Marmee, Thanks for recognizing THE and sharing your experience too. Blogging can be addicting and sometimes you just have to say enough is enough! And not let it consume you. I do love it but have to balance things out in my life and sometimes the blog gets too much-like you know. So glad you survived camping and I KNOW the blog was fine without you, though it is hard to convince you of that I am sure:) I have your guess tallied and it is a great guess. Check back Friday for the answer. It is killing me not to post it today but we shall wait until then.

  10. Tina, thanks for the tip on the sitemeter. I've learned a lot from reading your blog. I couldn't agree more about leaving comments. What we have achieved is a real sense of community. We almost feel we know one and other. IMHO, that is what makes it special. We are talking to friends.

  11. Thanks for coming by and leaving me a comment. I did read this WHOLE thing, I love what you had to say!!I'm going to go with 386. Laurie

  12. aaaah. Dawn...I was a bit confused. lol. Well, thanks for leaving me a Laurie

  13. Dave, Pats on the back are nice for sure! You are doing a GREAT job! Will that work? I have your guess tallied.

    Marnie, The sense of community is what I like best, truly! Glad you are a part of it!

    Laurie, Your vote has been counted and if you win you will sure qualify-confused or not. It is easy to do when bloggers have more than one blog. For Dawn she has two so it is a guess as to which one is her primary. We'll figure out a way to fix that. The crafting blogs are a totally different community than garden blogs but honestly, crafts tie in with gardening purrrrfectly. Glad you dropped by no matter the reason and read my book:)

  14. It is such a joy to read! The interview is so funny too.
    I'll guess 392 for the amount of blog post.

  15. Very long but very cute and full of information.

    As far as the guess goes.... You said "we" but not sure if you meant the ones with Skeeter, Dawn and Christy or just with "the blog". If total I say 380.

  16. Congratulations, Tina on your one-year blogiversary! I was going to take just a couple minutes to read a blog or two while waiting for the washer to finish, but I couldn't stop reading. I appreciate your frankness and all your insightful thoughts about blogging.
    I couldn't agree with you more about blogging being a two-way street. I don't remember when I first started coming here, but I know you commented on my blog first. Then I came for a visit, and now I come every day! I admire you for posting every day--I couldn't--but I see that military training coming through:) You are a faithful commenter on so many blogs, not just mine, which is partly why you have such a faithful readership.
    I'll take a stab at guessing the number of posts--395.
    Wishing you many more days/years of blogging and looking forward to the rest of the week's posts.


  17. Sarah, Thank you so much for that! I got your guess. Check back Friday.

    Mom, Lots of info. Probably too much! Yes, total posts including Dawn and Skeeter. I will break it all down on Friday. I got your number. It is interesting seeing all the guesses-and they are quite good too!

    Rose, Thank you so much! Being frank can maybe turn some folks off. It is a bad trait at times but hey, it is me and I am have to be honest for what it is worth. I do comment on many blogs and am very loyal-one of my best traits-or so I've been told. Communication is key to me and you always respond so I enjoy your blog so much along with many others. It helps you are fairly close too and we can relate with plants. btw, I liked the picture of the mantids today. You take great up close shots. I have your guess tallied-stay tuned for Friday and do send me your address so I can get some cleome seeds in the mail. Can't guarantee the color since they hybridize so freely, but mostly pinks, magenta, whites, and a combination. Here's to many more days of blogging though we may at some point slow down.

  18. Tina, I have to come back and make a comment on the frankness and honesty. Of you 4 girls, you and Joanne are probably the most frank but I know all 4 of you are very honest and I know I was quite the stickle on that when you were growing up so I guess I won that battle. My favorite expression for you 4 girls and then the grandkids for trying to explain how important honesty is was "If you murder someone, I will support you as long as you tell the truth".
    In my huble opinion you have nothing without honesty.

    I also forgot to tell you CONGRATS on 1 great year before. GREAT JOB!!!

  19. Yup Mom, We all learned the honesty lesson the hard way. It is important! I am trying to teach the little Jimster the same thing and he is pretty good. Still consequences for bad behavior even if you are honest.

  20. This is a cute posting Tina. It is hard to believe it has been a year since you started this blog! Wow, time does fly when you are having fun!

    I wish I could read and comment on more blogs then I do but it is so time consuming and I have a bit of an addictive personality so I must be careful with blogging. It will take over my life if I am not careful! LOL.

    I am grateful to you for asking me to post topics along with you as it gives me an outlet to chat with others which have similar interest. Plus keeps me from becoming a computer addict by creating my own blog! LOL.

    Congrats on one year of wonderful topics filled with great knowledge and chit chat with much more to come!

  21. Thanks Skeeter! You have made blogging all the more pleasurable for your friendship and great SUPER comments! You have been here since day one and I'd tell you how much it means to me if I could put it into words without getting all teary eyed.

  22. Happy Blogiversary!
    I like the unique way of celebration.

    Note:new blog address

  23. Donna, I did not get your new blog address. Did you move? If so, just email it to me and I'll update the link. Thanks for dropping by.

  24. That was a great read. I agree with everything you said. Great minds do think a lot you know!

    I love you guys because you were the first to post on my blog when I had just about given up that anyone ever would. I came to visit and then you came over to see me. : ) I was so happy! That's when I got it. It is a community. Not just put it on and hope someone finds it.

    The magic number is 365 spelled backwards...563 is my guess. : )

  25. Tina, what a great idea! If my blog could talk (like a fly on the wall), it would probably not be as kind to me as yours is. Congrats on your one-year celebration. You are one special person!

  26. Eve, You are too kind. Glad you agree with everything my little blog had to say (and me too:) I like to talk to new bloggers very much. I remember how discouraged I was (thankfully I had Skeeter and a few others came along), and I understand! You do a good job of talking too and obviously blogging is reciprocal in many ways. At least for me. I am very glad you came by that first time and I found you. I always visit commenters to start a conversation and see where it goes. Sometimes nowhere, then sometimes a community; which seems to be the way. Gail was just saying to me what a great community we all have here. So nice to know one. Glad you are in it. I have your guess. Good luck.

    Walk2write, You raise a lot of questions. Just how would your blog interview you I wonder? Hmmm. Got me intrigued for sure. Thanks for the congrats and THANKS for the kind comment. Are you going to guess the number of posts? Give it a try. Who knows, you might get it.

  27. Great post Tina. I really hung on every word trying to learn something. Before I knew nothing about blogs. Thanks to your explanation I think I understand it a little better even though I have a long way to go. I have learned so much from you. I appreciate honest straight forward answers to questions I ask. I also believe in being only way in your life--not wishy-washy. A person is never happy if they try to satisfy others. Be true only to thy self. I would like to think that is the way I am, some people don't seem to like my approach to life in general.
    My guess would be about 450.

  28. I forgot to wish you a HAPPY FIRST YEAR. Way to go girl.

  29. Thank you so much Lola! You have been right here almost from the beginning and I have really enjoyed getting to know you. I hope someday you can come back here to visit and do drop by! Being true to ones self is most important, and something I do sometimes struggle with, but I am only human. As are we all. I have your guess tallied. I will let everyone know on Friday. Can hardly wait! I thought there would be more guesses though. Maybe if I offered like $100 people would probably be all over it. I know $10 is not that much, but $10 is still $10! 2 gallons of gas for sure.

  30. Tina it's not the prize I'm interested in, it's the tally. I am so curious as to how many you have really done. I bet all will be surprised.

  31. Tina, I will guess 480. You were wondering what my blog would say to me? Probably something like: "Get off your rear-end and get outside! We need more material, and you need some fresh air. And don't come back until you have something interesting! If you don't have anything good to say, then don't say anything at all!" It keeps me motivated, kind of like a mom or a drill sergeant.

  32. If my blog interviewed me, first question would be, "why are you always BEHIND?" What a great idea--and an even better execution. I love reflective pieces, and yours was both informative and entertaining. A great way to mark your anniversary week. I don't know whether you've hit "Guru" status on Blotanical yet--but you are to me! Congrats, Cosmo

  33. If my blog interviewed me, first question would be, "why are you always BEHIND?" What a great idea--and an even better execution. I love reflective pieces, and yours was both informative and entertaining. A great way to mark your anniversary week. I don't know whether you've hit "Guru" status on Blotanical yet--but you are to me! Congrats, Cosmo

  34. Lola, So far all guesses are pretty good. Surprise yes!

    Walk2write and Cosmos, You both have something in common-the blog says to work some more! lol! Mine says work less! lol! We should trade!

    Cosmo, You are too too kind. You will be surprised to know I have like a grand total of 537 points on Blotanical. Barely a Patron Blotanist and I tried VERY hard to get that only so I could add more faves. It is a nice function but not one I use an awful lot. Even less now that my blog does not show. Being a Guru to folks like you is what keeps me going. Thanks for making my day!

  35. Corn-gradge-u-layshuns Ms. Tina!
    You're definitely a prolific blogger. ;~)

    My guess: 462 posts.

  36. TC, Thanks! Good thing I read phoenitically as you did a great job spelling it out. Yup, even all by myself I am a pretty prolific blogger. In my defense Dawn and Skeeter have helped:) We are probably going to run out of space on Blogger one of these days. Probably an unheard of thing, but who knows. You really have us writing a LOT! Got your vote and thanks!

  37. This is a very cool post, Tina - you are so upfront with the reasoned explanations for the decisions you made while setting up and arranging your blog! It's full of good clear information for the newer bloggers, too.

    You post many more times a week than I do...maybe 410 posts? I end up reading 4 or 5 at once, trying to catch up and am sooo glad I didn't miss this one.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  38. Annie, I never thought this post might help new bloggers, but if it does then that is good. I would've have liked to come across one like it when I started so it probably would help. I have your guess tallied. 410 is a good guess. You and everyone have done so well!

  39. Hi Tina! This is a great post. I bet you had a lot of fun writing it. Blogs do take on a life of their own and even though we own them sometimes it does feel the other way around. Happy Belated Blogiversary!

  40. Thanks Cindy! I hope it wasn't too over the top but it was fun to write indeed! Tiring too.