Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Guarding the Summer Garden

CeCe is the love of Jimmy's life. She has truly been his best friend, and protector. CeCe came into our lives in late 2003. Mr. Fix-it was still in Iraq when I picked CeCe up from the Montgomery Animal Control Facility. Mr. Fix-it jokes whenever he goes away he comes home to a new pet and never knows what to expect! He goes away on duty related business quite a bit, that must be why we tend to have a menagerie.

CeCe was supposedly a golden mix, but we believe she has way more Irish Setter in her. I named her after my twin daughters, Christine and Elizabeth. I thought the initials doubled would be cute. BJ is named after our boys, Brian and Jimmy. Poor CeCe did not have a good life prior to our adopting her. Now she is ever so spoiled and happy to be a part of the family. Here she thinks it is her duty to get into every picture I take, so I decided to use her mug to my advantage. Who doesn't love a sweet dog? And who else has a sweet dog who loves the garden?? I know many of you do because pets and gardeners just seem to go together for most (not all). And many of you post about your pets. I enjoy all the pets....

in the garden....


  1. Awww, she's cute, I'm a dog person and I love 'em all!

  2. Tina, I always think of your CeCe as the laughing dog. In every photo, she looks to me like she's laughing. Give her a hug and tell her she has online fans.

  3. Dawn and Marnie, She has been such a sweet dog and I'll give her a hug for sure!

  4. She is a cute one. :) No dogs here just cats. One inside one and someone else's that has adopted us recently. We only see him every now and then but he's very comfortable here!

  5. CeCe is adorable! We have just one dog at the moment--my daughter's spoiled Pomeranian, Coconut, who loves to go outside with me when I garden. He thinks he's much bigger than he is--he has terrorized all the squirrels so none dare come too close to the house!

  6. Rose-My little girl Bella allow loves to chase the squirrels, poor thing. Dawn use to have trouble with chipmunks in her house and yard, one day a couple winters ago we were up there and Bella was chasing a little chipmunk. Dawn egged her on to catch it thinking she never would, she did!! Luckily listens fairly well and when I told her to drop it she did. I was very upset and so was Bella for having to let it go!
    Mom-Regardless of what Cece is for a mix I have always liked her very much and think she is a great girl and lucky to have a great family now.

  7. Something was wrong with that chipmunk, either Bella shocked out of the pile of leaves it was hidden in or it was born that way, I suspect the last one.
    I think every dog likes to terrorize the squirrels, the ones up here like to run circles down the tree trunks in front of the waiting dog, then sit high on a branch and scold. My dog will track them from tree to tree because they have spent a life time teasing him. Good for us not one has fallen.

  8. What a beautiful dog CeCe is Tina. They become attached to us so quickly & I couldn't imagine my life without my pets. :)

  9. CeCe is such a gentle and great dog and am glad you saved her. She looks like she has more setter in her.

    Christy!! When did Auntie Dawn become Dawn???

  10. Tina, you know how I feel about all critters. I Love them all! Well, the squirrels at on my poop list right now…

    One has cracked the code in how to get to the bird feeder around the stovepipe baffle! We have not had one squirrel on that feeder in about 5 years and now one has figured out a way! One of two things. Either this squirrel is a super jumper and is jumping from a far away tree or he is climbing down a low branch (which now hangs above due to summer growth) and is falling below to the top of the feeder. I have been sitting by the window for over an hour waiting to see the route but with no luck. I think they are on to me and watching me through the windows... They dont know it yet but I WILL Win this battle.... LOL...

  11. Dave, Gotta love the kitties. They do a good service. I see a nice big dog for those girls at some point.

    Rose, A Pomeranian terrorizing the squirrels? That must be a sight! Good job! Spoiled or not.

    Christine, I hope Bella catches a chipmunk here. I will look the other way. Orkin and Hurricane are not doing their job lately. Congrats on your new job. Take it one day at a time.

    Dawn, Lucky Tartarus he hasn't caught one yet! Squirrels seem like they would be fighters though I am sure Tartarus would win in the end.

    Raquel, Yes, pets are cute. Your beagle looks just like my mother's dog. The big Youtube sensation this morning features a beagle. All beagle lovers should check it out. The today show showed it and it was funny! Smart dog it was!

    Mom, Yes, we've concluded CeCe is more setter than golden. If she were golden she would have the face turning white like BJ. No such luck. Just a bit on her muzzle like Linky. That is ok. She is Jimmy's girl and has been a good friend to him.

    Skeeter, They are on to you for sure! Set up a tape recorder and maybe you can catch it. I bet it is jumping and that hanging limb has helped. Gotta get the chainsaw AND the shotgun out:)

  12. Hi Tina, your CeCe has the sweetest face I have ever seen. You can just tell what a gentle good dog she is. Being cared for by loving people makes all the difference too.

    I am working on my veggie post for tomorrow posting if I can get it done by then and will link to you. It is better for me to be sometime a little after bloom day than a specific day. I might send you a photo of the mystery plant, it is probably just a weed, but is pretty.

  13. Frances, Hi there! CeCe is sweet for sure. That turkey of your grandson look pretty sweet too.

    We are doing the veggie update on Saturday, the 20th. NO NEED to link to me at all! This was not what it was about. Just an idea to have bloggers post on a standard day about veggies. No linking or back commenting necessary. It is for our readers to know what to expect on the veggies and when to tune in if that is their forte. Can't wait to see yours. Especially the garlic. I learn so much from you. Do send me a picture of the mystery plant. I would love to see but I bet if you can't id it, neither can I. Gail is pretty good with those mysteries though.

  14. CeCe is a cutie pie. I've always loved golden retrievers. How awesome that you name your pets after your children. CeCe looks like the sweetest girl ever!

  15. Tina,

    Great dog story! I often wonder how dogs react when their boys grow up and go off to school or other big adventures? I guess that is still a few years off!

    I understand that rescue dogs are loyal beyond belief. My son's rescue is just the happiest dog I have ever met!She adores him! Now my cat...well, he totally loves me, in his very cat fashion!


  16. DP, She really is a sweetie. Very docile-much needed with a teenaged boy. BJ and Link don't put up with him at all, just CeCe.

    Gail, My oldest son moved off and left his doggie Link. Link is fine but I am sure he'd love to be with Brian. Brian misses him way more than Link misses Brian though (shh don't tell my son!) I hope Jimmy takes CeCe with him when he becomes a BIG computer game designer (his aspiration in life). Your kitty must like you like a queen in true kitty fashion-much different than dogs!

  17. Hi, Tina--I loved the picture of CeCe and the story about her name. Ranunculus was a rescue dog, too--the Shelter thought someone was trying to make him a guard dog, which he certainly isn't. He's most likely a German Shepherd/American Staffordshire mix (I hate to use the p-b word), and he's the gentlest creature in the world--as the squirrles and deer have been quick to figure out.

    I won't have much to offer for veggie day--Salix ate all the fruit and the peppers got pretty bedraggled when we were in Norway--but I'll get something up! (It will be easier than Bloom Day . . .)

  18. Mimi-I have no idea why and when, but I do the same to Terri-Lynn all the time and no one has called me on it yet until now! They will forever and always be my Aunties!


  19. I'm so glad she has a better life now.
    My aunt got a lovely from precious friends not to long ago.

  20. CeCe sure looks as though she would love you to death & kisses--lick you all over. But now she's guarding the garden. I love the way you use rocks to border your gardens. They look so natural.
    Funny Mr Fix-it coming home not knowing what to expect. My Mister never knew if he would find the trees in the same place when he came home. I was always moving things till I got them where I thought they looked best. In my eyes anyway. He never said anything. Just smile.

  21. Cosmo, I love your dog's name. I also love the plant as well.

    Christy, Ok, we'll say I did not look the other way. The only critters these guys catch are voles and moles and that is rarely so Bella will be ok.

    Stacy, They are fun as you know with yours!

    Sarah, It is very noble to rescue pets and I know your aunt's is very grateful.

    Lola, Your mister was a keeper!

  22. Tina ~ I loved the way you named your pets after you children's names.
    Cece looks like such a sweetie!

  23. Thanks Cindy! We got lucky with both of our rescue dogs that they are sweet. And I thought the dogs names were pretty clever. I almost never think up things like that but got a good name out of this.